Epic Cycling on Ice

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    Epic Cycling on Ice
    Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome bike with circular saws instead of wheels that can easily ride on ice - icуcycle 😂
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    1. Bobby Roe

      First time I've seen ur channel, I subscribed first 10 seconds into the video, keep it up 👍🏼

    2. Jeff Lemaster

      Pretty cool but..... let’s see you try lava next time

    3. dazai osamu

      И вчем смысл если надо чтобы лед резало

    4. daan ieuhejh

      how about spike tires?

    5. Beau Tadlock

      Engineers gotta engineer

    6. kimsungyup1

      zzzzzzz oh my god! you are gineus!

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    8. Poulita Khalf

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    9. TZ Cross

      idk why but this was so satisfying to watch

    10. Yeet McLovin

      Im 90% sure that that they make bicycle tires for these conditions with out the risk of turning you into some mess out of Final Destination

    11. sup


    12. ツR0lkx

      That's soo cool, but not when it falls on you

    13. DrGrand

      Yo very cool man, keep it up!

    14. Toivo Koli

      Why did he make metal tires, why didnt he just buy stud tires( or what ever they are)

    15. Ayush Nanaware

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    16. Mohit Singh


    17. Unknown 01 Stop Staring Me

      What am i even looking at?

    18. tgdx hdxu

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    19. Максим Ковальский

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    23. Kira

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    24. piotr Jankowski

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    25. Mr. T Rex

      It's not a little dangerous ? No...

    26. Harsh Singharia


    27. GDan69

      How to die in a sporty way

    28. Ниоо Ролит


    29. Valdes

      Очень не здорового смотрится! Очень большая вероятность ,что Идея говно, автор идио́т!

    30. maRky

      Its just a big ol' pizza cuttah'

    31. Марат Гаджимурадов


    32. EnergetiG


    33. M Y

      Totally over engineered. I dont knoz what you do for a living for you certainly arent an engineer. That metal was always too thin to ride on. You never needed sharp edges in the first place. You could have just taken out the tires and then attach metal plates on the rim. Its that simple.

    34. BoyZ GaminG

      Woww view nya 63jt

    35. Akash gaming


    36. J B

      Dragons Den here we come

    37. A Beehive

      This is just real life snake when on ice

    38. A Aa

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    39. Дмитрий Барсуков

      Яйцами случайно соскочить на это колесо. Даже думать об этом не хочется...

    40. abd-animation 22

      Video start at 5:00

    41. O Heard

      Für so ein scheiß 63 Mio. Respect. Das gönne ich dir. 😂👍🏼

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    43. millyyen

      slips off the seat, butt cheeks have been parted


      Very nice 👍

    45. Levi vinod Kumar

      No panchar. No air..😁😄😂

    46. Robert Ritchie

      Just talk to the ice speedway guys... Those spiked tyres can cause some serious damage

    47. Jackson shiew

      What if your foot slips and gets caught up in the back wheel.

    48. mr wip

      These comments remind me of a Tiktok comment section

    49. A Ш

      у кого-то много свободного времени

    50. Robin S

      The construction itself is impressive, but the final product looks way too dangerous.

    51. Manish Singh


    52. Manish Singh


    53. Ahdi w24

      😊 wow

    54. winzxp

      mans just modded a whole bike perfect for icy conditions, bust a wheelie on em boi

    55. GuiltfulTuna

      Why the fuck are there so many dislikes.

    56. مايكل مايكل

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      1. مايكل مايكل


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    58. Mr. nur

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    59. WolfGamesLetsPlay

      My mom : Bikes are that hard to ride The bikes :

    60. Manoj Goyal


    61. Manoj Goyal


    62. Woki

      А этим велосипедом можно пиццу резать ?

    63. To3 Go

      4:36 front cycle tooth is reversed...

    64. Ronit

      - Or you can simply fit ice tyres on your cycle....

    65. Narjik Newman

      He makes it look Easy AF lol

    66. L B

      Let stop a secound and ask “ If this guy fall of the bikes chair for any reason bumps and etc will he potentially cut his balls off?”

    67. Ramiro Javier Galindo Orozco

      El bro quería morir en el 4:30 y recordó que youtube no le monetizaría el vídeo si hacía eso.

    68. Ronit

      How to make cycles tyre last longer? Google :Pump up the tyre to the correct pressure and ... Binge :

    69. Zak2splashy

      One day this is gonna have a billion views and our next generation are gonna call us braindead

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      Me: Now i can go to school in winter.

    73. Crafts idea

      I wonder if this car can go on the highway?

    74. Drakul Mihawk

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    75. Dika Mafulloh

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    76. Dika Mafulloh

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    77. Jocker

      Okay, just don't step on someone's foot with that.


      Nice video

    79. TheSonicseduction

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    80. Erich Laasen

      Guess this guy forgot to take his medicine the day this idea kicked his head :)))

    81. Sio Immortale

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    82. Iván Galarza

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    83. Chen Ganlin

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    93. No Name

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    95. Rasulbek Matnazarov

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    99. Spirit wolf

      Has anyone made you the question: Why?

    100. HI-MAN sharma

      He is a mechanic Or Cyclist 😂😂😂