England v Australia - Highlights | Maxwell Hits Stunning Century | 3rd Royal London ODI 2020

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    1. Joker

      I don't know why he is not playing good for kxlp

    2. Atharva Kadam

      Here's a dialogue between Glenn Maxwell and Ball... Maxwell- I'll just swing the bat... Ball- Don't worry I'll go myself outside the boundary...😂😂 It's just a joke.. Please don't take this seriously...🙏

    3. Atharva Kadam

      AUSTRALIA's powerful fast bowling trio- Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins and Josh Hazelwood....

    4. Mahashankar Mishra

      Carey looks like cute cat whent he makes century

    5. kabir uddin

      Aus playing 11 for odi should be Warner, finch, smith, maxwell , carey, marsh, stoinis, starc, Cummins, Richardson/Hazelwood , adam zampa. Remove labuschagne, and add smith

    6. Mitchell Finch

      Australia win this match

    7. Ayesha Shabbir


    8. pooja prabha

      Brilliant Australia

    9. GOD DHONI

      KXIP owners are in ICU

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    11. cricket highlights every match daily basis


    12. Cricket 4ever

      No ball of jofra archer was man point of the game

    13. Cricket 4ever

      All england batsman or bowler have ability to hit six

    14. Nathan Wales

      Go Australia

    15. Siddharth Srivastava

      Aus is the team to win most odi series in eng this decade 🔥. 2013,2015 and 2020. Aussies also retained the Ashes. They are very dominant in English conditions

    16. Arnav Pusande

      Carey and Maxwell centuries=🙏🙏 Rohit Sharma 264=Let me introduce myself 😎

    17. Jackie Asina

      Was a match W:HA:TS:A:PP App, U$ +61:7*5*3:1:9*2:0#2^4 CONTACT U$ WICKR ID F*o*o*d:2:7 W:e:e:d* C:o:k:e* p:i:lls* S:h:a:r:d* H:am:m:er* M:e:th* o:x:y*


      Starc yorker was wonderful

    19. Nawfel Rashid

      2nd t 20 century against england

    20. Pheonix Squid9

      i dont know whats happening

    21. 548 Nilesh Tiwari

      I am here after Maxwell scored 0 and made continuously discontinuity in bis performance Worst player in Ipl but star for Australia

    22. Poonam Hatwal


    23. Harry Flashman

      This site should be in Hindi

    24. Haniful Islam Remon

      Australia won the odi

    25. Lankeswar Kumar

      David warner Aaron finch Steve smith Marnus labisane Alex carey Marcus stoinis Nathan coulter nile Mitchel starc Pat cummins Josh hazlewood Adam zampa

    26. Sunita Yadav

      Amazing game turning partnership


      Fun fact no one noticed that zampa took 10 wickets in odi series

      1. Sarat Senapati

        And he is a flop in rcb😂😭🙄

      2. cd n

        I do. The most wickets by an Australian spinner in a 3 match odi series.

    28. Sharma Parth

      I love maxwell

    29. Vraj Parekh

      Maxi is back. 👇


      Maxwell Alex Carey carried the ausies to victory


      Is it just me or maxwell loves playing Hardik pandya shots


      Sam and Tom Curran r the future of england


      Something gotta practice is the reverse sweep


      Bairstow is the one of the best pull shot players in the world maybe even better than Dhawan


      Bairstow is incredible at the pull shot he plays it beautifully


      England’s touch is so delicate and smart


      Jony my fav🥰🥰🥰🥰


      Maxiwell is legend of the Australia

    39. Sharma Parth

      Maxwell's 112 with 11 sixes and 9 fours

    40. Karamjit kaur Shallue


    41. Harpreet Singh


    42. Shubham Sharma

      paprom.info/block/v/eWyyoLV_2oeB1oo.html Mohammad rizwan amazing catch of anwar ali.. National t20 2020

    43. Christopher Sewell


    44. Christopher Sewell

      The pub beer meal $2,000

    45. Christopher Sewell

      Go to closes Bathurst foods $1000

    46. Yash The Boss

      And Jonny Bairstow may your parents RIP

    47. Yash The Boss

      And Jonny Bairstow may your parents RIP

    48. Yash The Boss

      8:47 To Eoin Morgan--- Did archer replace your jersey with his own hehe

    49. Altmash Khan

      Maxwell pls yahi game khelo king11punjub ke liye

    50. Gangadhar royal

      Archar in match spoile that australia win

    51. HITS HITS

      आपको हर प्रकार का मैच देखने के लिए यहां पर मिलेगा paprom.info/block/v/n3fFoJthl62Sk6g.html

    52. Abhishek Sharma

      After giving catch on a no ball.. carey carried himself to 100, and that's brilliant ❤❤❤❤

    53. Ashish Tiwari

      Warner Finch Smith Labuschane Carey Maxwell Stoinis Cummins Starc Hazelwood Zampa perfect Odi and t20 11 for aus I am giving this comment in midway of ipl 2020

    54. Captain Coffee Cake

      The more I watch cricket the less sense it makes... looks like someone tried to explain how to play baseball without words or sounds and that how they decided how to play cricket.

    55. Sachin Gupta

      See how wonderful is to watch these matches without crowd noise addition like ipl.

    56. Utpal Dutta

      Good win Australia well done 👍👍👍👍

    57. Rijit Singha

      This is the real maxwell .. I dont know what has happened to him in this ipl.. So sad and disappointing.. If Maxwell could play like this kxip would've in a so much good position.

      1. Cricket Ko Fan

        He should play at4

      2. Prithvi Gill

        @『ANG尺AZ父 कर्ण』 no nothing's wrong with the captain. Its the middle order

      3. Ultimate titanium gaming YT

        p paramita but this time its same to kxip

      4. p paramita

        @Ani764 yes he did see his stance

      5. PAAPE GAMER!!

        yess bro

    58. technical gamer

      It is caution for every team to not take Australia like team lightly any moment . otherwise they may pay you for it

      1. cd n

        @technical gamer this series. And the 2019 odi series.

      2. technical gamer

        It depends

      3. technical gamer

        @cd n if it will be like this they would have to pay for it sometime

      4. cd n

        India and England does.

    59. Jet Spear

      Came back here to see how did he performed so good with this stance but is failing miserably in IPL 2020

      1. cd n

        @PHYSICS GYAN SAYADHRI TUTUORAIL his role is similar to Ab, maybe he should.


        @cd n he should copy ab devillers perfect stance

      3. cd n

        Low bounce. His old stance left him vulnerable to short ball, the new one are specifically made to counter that. However on conditions that are low bounce doesn't work, his old stance might work.


      Missing Maxi Entertainment in ipl we all are waiting for maxi show please come back #Bigshow🔥🔥

    61. Orko Bhaduri

      According to me, Morgan deserves more credit than mad Max and Carey, for had he not given the last over to rashid, the result may have been very different

    62. Sufiyan Tiger

      Maxwell is a game changer he can do anything

    63. mahi 07

      Mashallah Bhai sahab bahut khoob khele so much for your cricket team

    64. mahi 07

      Jo mere comments ko like kar rahe hai allah unhen tarakki ata kare 🕋❤️❤️❤️🕋🕋🕋🕋🌹🌹🌹

    65. Muhammad Atif

      Maxwell. No words ❤️❤️❤️

    66. sai smith

      స్మిత్ అన్న లేని లోటు స్పష్టంగా కనిపిస్తుంది

    67. Nyanthung Yanthan

      2020 IPL Maxwell played worst performance in Kings X1 Punjab

      1. YASH KUMAR

        He doesn't need to prove anything....he's doing great for his nation....we will in the T20 world cup.... what's there in a domestic league....

    68. Malik Imran

      Starc hero

    69. Bush Bumkin

      i taughht it was video game

    70. Jimmie Sanni

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    71. Souragvs Vs

      Maxwell smashed century

    72. K 4 RECORDS

      Thug life of rahul dravid 😎😎😎 paprom.info/block/v/bnudZauom6OkvqA.html

    73. Hassan Raza

      Ache bowling

    74. Hassan g0ndal


    75. Fred Durst

      Starc to open the bowling and close the batting

    76. Khushi Ruhela

      Aussies are a talented time

    77. Interesting Stories for Kids


    78. Ali Jutt


    79. Ram Prasad

      Morgan was wearing Archer's sweater

    80. Ram Prasad

      Why Australia are the best? Because they plan well in advance and execute plans. They dropped Hazlewood and Pattinson from WC 2019 for Ashes. They never over use Mitchell Starc. He never plays IPL. Never gets overused.

    81. fakrul islam

      Wonderful win Australia

    82. Sanjay NL Abinesh


    83. Curtis Bennett

      I much prefer rugby buy I'm trying to understand this.

    84. Curtis Bennett

      Being from the states, I'm still trying to understand the game. How this is scored is a total mystery to me. How can I learn about it?

    85. Bilal Abdullah

      Never write off Aussies. They can comeback from ANY SITUATION.

    86. Jonny b_good

      Yes, that partnership changed takes the game away from England, but see Maxwell remains anxious though he hasn't had any doubt about his batting prowess, but he seem to be in a hurry to chase it down but look how Carey responds to the situation he remained calm throughout his stay there, showed no urgency but plays accordingly that doesn't mean that he has some lesser ability to hit the ball but because he was determined not to throw his wicket ,he know they are going good this is a good partnership in running, just need to control the nerve , have patience and can win easily if they keep their partnership intact, now that's a cool stuff, these kind of players are very intuitive and very calculative about their game.

      1. cd n

        Not really. It was Maxwell role to attack while Carey support him.

    87. Mir Khalid Nichari

      That's called the real ODi

    88. Artho Ahmed

      Ohhh stark 😵

    89. Hamza Dawood

      When were your next match

      1. cd n

        Australia got India next. And England probably got India as well.

    90. Alok Gupta

      maxwell batting starts at 10:33 , Thank me later because I saved your 3 minutes.

    91. praveen kante

      One of the Best Match I've ever seen! No crowd,no over noise. Just listening to ball and bat and players clearly! I think this is how they used to play decades ago and it's really nice

    92. Aqib Ali

      What is this?last over handed over to spinner.adil rasheed had a very average performance against pak in t 20 also.giving lot of sixes.why morgan chose spinner in last over despite the fact that pacers were not doing bad at all that time.especially more confusion when we know that overs of some pacers still left

    93. Anish Tripathy

      8:48 - Why is Morgan wearing Archer's jersey????

    94. Suganya Madhavan

      what an innings from the three. out standing innings

    95. Space TV Urdu

      8:48 archer or Morgan?🤭

      1. Manaal Imran

        The fielder was Morgan, But he wore Jersey of Archer

    96. Avin Bhaktha

      who noticed someones jersey says archer on it when archer is bowling

    97. Rajesh Singh

      Aaj ipl mein bhi bairstow aise hi out hua

    98. suzi Manipur


    99. Sneha's Kitchen

      David Warner's Favorite Dish paprom.info/block/v/bH6db9GWqaGF2Zw.html

    100. Muhammad Abdullah

      What a great match☺☺☺☺