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    Thousands of years into the future, there are no more humans. Only robots live in the mechanical metropolis, "Eden 3". Or so they thought...
    One day, two farming robots find a young human girl in the city. The decision they make will change everything...
    Eden, the first Netflix Japanese Original Anime, presented by director Yasuhiro Irie (Fullmetal Alchemist), and concept designer Toshihiro Kawamoto (Cowboy Bebop).
    Coming globally in 2021, only on Netflix!
    SUBSCRIBE: bit.ly/29qBUt7
    About Netflix:
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    Eden | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

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    1. H · 43 years ago · but it's

      it feels weird watching anime in 60fps, it looks like a videogame, it is stunningly beautiful though

    2. bahmat

      I'm not watching this until after a few weeks after release. I can already tell this is going to be a massive feels trip and l don't think my heart can take it without preparation.

    3. Nostalgic inquisitor

      It's CG..... I have to think twice before watching it

    4. Thomaskh7

      this looks like it was made by the people who made that "5 Numbers" anime movie thing

    5. Yang Fire

      Full metal and cowboy bebop creators this might be excellent.

    6. Michael Stewart

      If this premise interests you, there’s a great manga named Heart Gear that everyone should be reading. Amazing art.

    7. Human Being

      Man, I am getting some mad wondla vibes

    8. Vandoeun Long

      netflix has some good original animes, minus the cuties pedowood fiasco.

    9. Karl Darwin

      H next category: Robot.

    10. Gonzo Lee


    11. Anh Nguyen

      You got me at the "Directed by Yasuhiro Irie FMB".

    12. Ján Krnáč

      Why reposting trailer?

    13. Lucifer

      Will Adam and Eve be there?

    14. afam afam

      this trailer make me remember of a song name shelter...depressing time i guess

    15. Uttaran Ghosal

      I am wait to see this movie . trailer is great🎅🎅🎅😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😁😁🤖🤖🤖🤖

    16. P0c R0c

      Netflix, why aren't you showing love to Great Pretender🤔?

    17. Adham Gaber

      it's not similar but i still got deca dence vibes

    18. Smug Frog

      This CG is quite ugly

    19. mal

      so sick of this 3d anime hybrid style

    20. Ahmad Raza


    21. Ambersand Boyland

      That animation is terrifyingly smooth!

    22. PlayingGamesToday

      This reminds me of an anime called 'Kurogane Communication' which was also about a little girl who was raised by robots.

    23. Cup'a K by Cathy K

      Looks like it could be a really lovely warm story about a girl on a journey to understand why she is and maybe save other people who are at Eden 3?? I absolutely want to watch it. Though the trailer came extremely early. May is pretty far

    24. monika kavaliunaite

      What's up with all netflix anime being cgi? I like it and the style is pretty, but i've noticed that all 3 anime made by netflix (Ajin, Beaststar, Eden) are made with cgi. Can't be coincidence. Does it save money or something? Well whatever the reason this anime seems really interesting and promising

    25. Gonzalez Gonzalez Axel Yahir

      Is there a chance that in the not too distant future, they will put the new Violet Evergarden movie? Both on Netflix Latin America, and in the United States

    26. Beerbottles123

      Nier - Anime-ata

    27. Anuri Philemonフィレモン

      this is me seeing the girl and shouting studio ghibli

    28. KingLattice

      My gut tells me that this is going to start cheerful then become emotional with a tear jerker ending. Please don't be depressing

    29. Vim

      Gay, anime is gay, why is this in my que?

    30. Kate Kay

      OMG looks pretty intense 😃

    31. Grazy Mota

      😮 adorei

    32. Shortleaf Media

      may 2021?? why advertise it now and get me all excited. that's basically a year away😭

    33. Виктор Омай

      будет хентай версия?

    34. Gairuntee

      Not of fan of this computer generated looking animation style. Anybody know what it's called?

    35. hi im justin

      This is the worst animation style

    36. Arigat - O

      Wasn’t a trailer for this released months ago? Or am I just having deja vu?

    37. AquilaStriker

      Reminds me of Somali and the Forest Spirit

    38. Emmanuel Menthos F AYUSTE

      So basically Netflix is a place where all the anime studio unites old to new

    39. Silvio LM Nascimento

      Have a VERY nice Ghibli vibe. The story and animation look great. You can really say the 'teaser' earned the tittle. Can't wait to see it!

    40. Toki Longsmokes

      Netflix is killing the Anime game.

    41. Thang Vu

      Raised by wolves -- but animated and bubbly.

    42. Korewu Ash

      Star Wars... -_-

    43. Kartik Sharma

      I want shelter as its main theme... Netflix you listenin ?!

    44. TheStantriX98

      1:29 the ost, my boy Kevin is so freaking cool as always

    45. Capn' Loader

      Not interested in watching a giant cutscene. Hard pass.

    46. Gamer Biasa

      The CG really good

    47. Sasha Alex

      Really didnt want to see this trailer so early....

    48. Erfan Andriyanto

      this mean zero one lose against eden

    49. MrCrazybadbastard

      Netflix really loves those CG animes...

    50. Jermiah Russell

      Yes its back!!

    51. snir sudri

      the new Zelda looks kinda weird

    52. ASTONISH

      Why I feel like I’ve seen this before?

    53. Desemba


    54. Kristian Polanco

      Is this movie gonna be in English dubbed?

    55. Kristian Polanco


    56. Miguel A. Rubio

      I really think this anime was the "Heart Gear" manga adaptation

    57. stud banda


    58. Sgt. Bilby

      1. Bring "You Animal!" to the USA 2. Give us Season 2 of Buddy Thunderstruck already for christ sake

    59. Locke the Superman

      Another Netflix invasion ( a huge cash throw ) to Japanimation...

    60. Ian Fant

      This piques my interest. I will tune in.

    61. AAddicted GGamer

      Is this going to be dubbed

    62. Chris Schwab

      Can someone give japanese studio the memo f**k cgi yours truly everyone

    63. nevermore

      The director is interesting but the cgi kinda meh

    64. Arald A


    65. happy

      I'm getting Kurogane Communication vibes

    66. Ee6 Heuw


    67. Dave Woodham

      Sorry Netflix but Amazon prime is looking better you lost what u had and now make rubish

    68. Dave Woodham

      Come on make something better with like supernatural or anything else least it and about dragons

    69. Rikiya Sorato

      Why do I feel like I've read or seen this before??? Not because the animation style is similar to Ni no Kuni..... But from somewhere else..... Is this based on a manga??????


      Raised by Weeaboos

    71. Rahul Rajput

      Already start loving Sara🧡

    72. The3ril

      Netflix please yaar Hindi me dub karo!

    73. Jake K

      Looks interesting... That's a wait!

    74. Premchand Bala

      I'm only heere for the soundract by the legend himself_ Kevin Penkin

    75. Adyan

      "Or so they thought" Me:Is that you Emma?

    76. Adyan

      The new gen of anime is taking one step ahead with 3-d animation.

      1. ` ʼ

        Was always a thing already, always looked like shit too. One that comes to mind is "ajin", i did like the premise of that show though.

    77. Mhao Yeager ZqpyAFfDpG

      Looks goooood

    78. MorningStar • _

      Is this glitch in matrix or is this re-upload?

    79. Railstar1976

      This is almost exactly the premise of an earlier anime called Kurogane Communication. It was really very good, but underappreciated. I wonder if it inspired this show or had some of the same writers? I'll have to go look it up unless someone on here knows the deal.

    80. ShadowRealmZ

      this give very early 2000 feels

    81. Chandan JATAV

      Some stories just fits better with cg animation

    82. Chris

      Monsters Inc with robots in a nutshell.

    83. Brovus Marillian

      I'm getting tired of anime being made with 2d looks but 3d animation. Its not right.

    84. Sk

      Aint no way im watchin this

    85. Rush Maverick

      the art style of this anime reminds me of a more refined and simple version of the current art style that Rooster Teeth uses for RWBY.

    86. Mikael Fernando

      Monster inc.

    87. Kudi Bliss

      Had me at "Director of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood..."

    88. Cygnus Sky

      i'm just curious. if there is no human, why are the robot picking apples?

      1. Janmejay Singh

        @Cygnus Sky Different nutritional values, but depending on the ideal ratio, can be mixed together into a beautiful goopy fertilizer

      2. Cygnus Sky

        @Janmejay Singh oh, i never thought about that. Thank you. So apples, and leaves are the same now

      3. Janmejay Singh

        ​@SURYADEEP SINH Well, apples can be used as Fertilizer to make the earth more fertile (and help in regenerating the flora), and in the process the generated methane can provide additional electricity to power up the Robots. As a bonus, some can probably be fed to the animals that may still be alive


        @Janmejay Singh wtf

      5. Janmejay Singh


    89. Lexa Love1cupcake

      Monsters Inc. look a little different-


      This gave me Wall-e feeling...there are no more plants...or so they thought...😊

    91. James Lawner

      Is no one realizing how similar this is to Monsters Inc. as well?

    92. INFJ Elphaba Supporter

      This looks too much like a videogame for me lol

    93. M

      When will you guys put Naruto Shippuden? :)

    94. Kal AstraSastra

      Not a fan of 3D anime since they move weird from their 2D counterparts.

    95. Nuno Negi

      Waiting fot the gameplay. Is this for Ps3?

    96. Renegade 4Life

      Theres a manga almost exactly like this so is this its anime or no ?

    97. Rynne Navarro

      Its like ''I am mother'' but the robots that took care of her aren't evil.

    98. ahmed essa

      I don't like the CGI look of the characters

    99. D.milly Daniel


    100. theophile tixier

      didn't this trailer come out a long time ago ?