DON'T buy a Screen Protector before watching this.


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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Slight clarification: -The two cheaper screen protectors, don't claim to be level 9 in hardness specifically, but claim to be "9H". The point I should have added is that 9H is not the same as 9, and that 9H is MUCH weaker, but is used by these companies because it sounds a lot like "level 9", when it actually isn't - which you'll see demonstrated in the video. Thanks for watching once again, really appreciate it ❤️

      1. Sarthak Pandit

        Why break them dude ! Gift me one 🥺😂

      2. Y GOT DEF

        I don't really understand anyway

      3. well as an expert I'd say

        9H and 9 are the same thing, at least when it comes to ceramics

      4. arkclone magtagad

        I wish i could had a better phone for school ... Smashing a phone it is so painful for me huhuhuhuhu.

      5. Angela Amrutha James

        This is so bad I've been always wanting iphone 12 and this guy just got 3 iphones 12 and destroying it is heart breaking

    2. ezekiel carvajal

      Its hard to watch this why becoz im poor

    3. Rogeball PB

      So the consensus is to just buy several of the $1 screen protectors.... and still save a boatload of money.

    4. Shubham Bodh

      Doesn't it pain destroying the beautiful phones

    5. Joe Rogan PodFantasy

      It feels silkier to the touch NILLKIN makes some really good ones to the touch which are also fingerprint resistant , thats why I hate the cheap ones. I have figured NILLKIN 10 dollar ones are the best value.

    6. Jon Gabrielle So

      Sayang... Sakin nalang Sana huhu

    7. Kycirion

      Imagine being able to smash $3000 worth of phones for a video.

    8. jmlinden7

      I thought screen protectors were supposed to be sacrificial and replaceable instead of indestructible.

    9. invisiblekid99

      The only reason I buy a screen protector is to keep scratches off the main screen to help resale value. I would never ever need to buy 80 of them.

    10. Karin Benzema

      Do you have any hacking job? I recommend you send *bryancracks* a DM on instagram

    11. Karin Benzema

      Do you have any hacking job? I recommend you send *bryancracks* a DM on instagram

    12. Sarvesh Kesharwani

      Do you have any idea, you threw brick on my heart 3 times.

    13. AllDaVids

      You know what’s better than a screen protector? No screen protector.

    14. Ryan-The-Insane-Gamer

      5:48 i was like WHAT

    15. MikeR

      Really enjoying your content...just subscribed...keep up the good work! Cheers from Nova Scotia.

    16. Spaceplayz 80

      Where do you buy the Mug

    17. Rosey _x3

      Me watching this video with a glass screen protector on my phone 👁👄👁

    18. Nissim Trifonov

      Ah yes. A heavy brick dropped from a high distance on my phone. Sure happens about twice each day.

    19. Christine Beverly

      My poor heart just shattered when he dropped the brick onto the phones

    20. MobsZello

      Same cracked wallpapers like in the thumbnail on my last 3 phones.

    21. Nick Castings

      Dropping a brick while just wearing socks... 😮

    22. Ryan Sukardi

      try hydrogel

    23. 9B Daquigan Vinz Daquigan

      Who would do something like that on a thousand dollar phone

    24. Sander Nelemans

      I'm not surprised at all about the sapphire. It has been used to protect watches for a long time... in some cases I've seen scratches on the metal of my watches and none on the sapphire coated glass dome. Good advice though! Real protection does cost money.

    25. heel surfer *RANIDO*

      I just never use a screen protector since i never go outside.

    26. Suraj Pandiyan

      Let's test em out... Drops an huge brick on the phone*

    27. Boredboi

      A screen protector can't protect your phone from a FALLING BRICK. WTF

    28. Aatif Anwar Khan


    29. Lyguano Starke

      why, i need a phone

    30. Theo Leurs

      Who cares about the scrates on a screen protector. Its doing his job to protect the phone glass. When is broken replace it. Next time you can make people happy with the iPhone instead of breaking them for no reason.

    31. Michael Myers

      I go to dollar tree and buy them for 1$ never had any problem and i put it on myself with no tools

    32. Arthur Miller

      I see your Surfshark for 2 quid a month and I raise you NordVPN for 80p a month (if you take advantage of one of their seasonal offers)

    33. Esamin katun Richard7865**

      The fantastic taurus optimally fetch because hexagon naturalistically memorise beyond a damaged deborah. waiting, abnormal pimple

    34. Arya AM

      in my experience the screen protectors get scratched and annoying after a short time so either have to remove/change them or just use with those scratches thinking its saving the phone. while when i use my phone without any protector it never gets a single scratch even after years... well it does depend on phone too but maybe for an average, high end phone that we use, with the gorilla glass and everything that they have, the screen protector is just an annoyance and waste of money... you could try those sharp nail thingies of yours with the numbers on the screen without protector too so we know if they scratch it lol probably gets less scratched that the 1$ and 40$ one at least...

    35. Michal Zan

      the only thing I need to add is the $1 category usually peels of after a month and the $40 one hold half year and counting (at least in my experience). But awesome test anyway!

    36. PR Studios

      😢 Been wanting to get an iPhone for so long, the price always scares me. But here 3 phones were demolished 😭

    37. DuzceliCK

      you could drop a small iron ball on the phones

    38. Adrian LaRosa-Sarabia

      Holy shit this video literally was made for me

    39. Lauren Montgomery

      Now it sounds like adding the Sapphire Screen Protector plus one of those damage reducing drop safe cases may be tiers of safety. Rather than be maybe unsafe to use, it’s definitely safe to use!

    40. BrettopediaTV

      you’d have to chuck your phone pretty hard at the ground to equate a brick being dropped on it from 18 inches or so

    41. Jake77

      I love how he went from gently hammering to DROPPING A BRICK ON THE PHONES xDDDD

    42. Jake77

      We need you to debunk metal phonecases.

    43. Jerry Mancini

      I need an iPhone 12 and you just broke 3 brand new ones :(

    44. Энхбаясгалан М.

      wow this guy break a iphone 12 like a kids toy but i still using iphone 5 life is unfair lol :D

    45. Jewbro Afrodude

      7:09 really bad acting and unconvinced by the tone of your voice that you actually nearly did

    46. Jewbro Afrodude

      Lol my £100 TCL10 cam with a screen protector and soft case...iPhone for 1200£?

    47. LevyMarCiS

      "We can see scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7"

    48. simo

      i always use the cheaper tempered glass covers (around $4/5 AU) and even tho they will crack sometimes i've never had my phone's screen damage. so i'd say they do the job i need them to

    49. darkx yangsta

      Is that sapphire glass protector better than those zaggs invisi shield?

    50. DORPLEX

      can you send me the broken one ? ill pay for shipping

    51. Isaac Muhiire

      This guy is beginning too get extravagant....could have used some other phones

    52. Chris Rivera

      I love the amount of ppl crying that he broke new iPhones

    53. Tihàn 134

      Once my phone fell from my hands and thank goodness the screen protector was all good but underneath the protector the display screen was wrecked beyond words

    54. N1TR0

      can i have those iphones? plz

    55. Andre Grabmeier

      You cant compare screenprotectors, with throwing a huge stone on a phone. The screen will either way break.

    56. R Gupta

      I got for 0.5 $ for my galaxy A70. Works like a charm

    57. Ryan Wallace

      This motivated me to spend nearly $150 at Shellrus for a front and back glass protector-the back one is even iridescent! Which is pretty great actually, very stylish Also they make privacy versions of their screen protectors! Also a feature I like so I bought both 10/10 satisfied

    58. PaulDo Davis

      Yeah brick test was kinda stupid

    59. Chris Brown

      I have come to like your videos but getting tired of the willful destruction of what is to most of us very expensive Phones. This video could have ended very successfully at the scratch tests. No need to destroy phones just to prove a point. Just makes you look like a rich guy who does not care. Also goes not encourage me to take up a sponsor that promotes vandalism

      1. Ryan Wallace

        @Chris Brown I’m not sure it is destruction for the sake of destruction-I think your crash testing cars was an apt comparison Honestly it’s because of this review that I bought the shellrus product-I agree with Arun that scratches are more likely than drops to damage your phone I’m just going to trust in the claimed 4x drop performance improvement from Apple to cover that angle

      2. Chris Brown

        @Ryan Wallace P.S. I have always used the "whitedome" screen protector AU$70. Found it to be faultless.

      3. Chris Brown

        @Ryan Wallace I understand that people sometimes want to see this stuff. But we crash test cars into other cars or walls, we dont (well not usually) drop them out of planes. I just think destruction just for the sake of destruction is not a good look for anyone.

      4. Ryan Wallace

        We kind of ask him to do this tho-besides, people always want to push the limits and some would inevitably wonder how much punishment the top end stuff can take

    60. Y GOT DEF

      If I have £100 what smartphone will you recemend

    61. Y GOT DEF

      On your poco video you missed out something the camera is not very good at all the galaxy S7 is better and that is 2017

    62. William Curwood

      you better buy new screenprotectors after

      1. William Curwood

        and phones

    63. Yaya yaffa

      3:05 rickroll cup

    64. Omonokhua Shaba

      Why use new phones plsss😭😭 It legit wasn't useful to watch lol


      I was biking my s5neo fell of i had aplied a 50cent screen before and there is scratch but phone gud

    66. John Talbot

      Probably better just to get a flip case and stay away from bricks

    67. The Mad Titan

      poor iPhones like me

    68. Andi Huang

      In my opinion, you left out one aspect of the screen protector. You do cover quite well on how the screen protector protects the screen. But you did not review how they feel. I agree that screen protector should protect. But in the course of using these, we do not thow our phones here and there. We tap, slide, and type on the screen. Well, the screen protector, if we put one. It’s not enough with just tap tap tap okay slide slide okay. Does each price range gives different feel? We’ll be using one of those for a year or two if nothing major happens.

    69. jagvir singh

      The most stupid video ever exist wtf, unsubscirbed

    70. Han Seo

      Best way to keep your phone safe is to be carefully

    71. ctghld tango

      The test results are false because the 3rd protector was unscratched. Before the brick drop. Naturally it had the advantage. Thats 🚫 fair

      1. Y Nguyen

        The 3rd was scratched but because it was sapphire so it is more durable that is why it doesn’t look like it has been scratched

    72. Mr Rohit Jadhav

      That's a lot of DAMAGE 😂

    73. Ryan Williams

      I love "tiya" brand. I've bought a couple of them and they come with 2 glass screen protectors, wipes, back of the phone skin, and a free transparent case. Glass protector just seats itself perfectly. I've tried other brands, but they are all lesser quality.

    74. David Gunther

      That brick drop is pretty brutal for anything, I'm not sure what you can actually take away from that experiment

    75. Hiking Feral

      Why do you say dollars and cents? Spent a lot of time across the pond duck?

    76. Hiking Feral

      Glass is glass, and scratches at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7

    77. Lance Kinny

      Tbh dropping a brick on the phone is not the same as the phone being dropped. The impact of the heavy stone causes too much pressure for the phone to be in the same state. It’s different when the phone falls as the phone is light and the pressure is different.

    78. Kazuki

      doesnt dropping phone cause less damage than dropping heavy thing on it ?? like phone is not really heavy

    79. Lyimo Ej

      Brick test is xtreme

    80. Yumi

      this is just buzzfeed worth it, but with screen protectors

      1. Yumi


    81. Ndileka Mavengana

      I can't afford an iphone

    82. Julius Lim

      My screen protector cost $10. I know its not that durable 😊

    83. Newbiewolf

      Mrwhosetheboss: Only diamond can scratch the sapphire protector That one concrete road curb: *Pathetic*

      1. jmlinden7

        Concrete doesn't scratch the screen protector, it shatters it. Generally things that are scratch proof are not very shatter proof and vice versa. For example, rubber is shatter proof but it's very easy to scratch

    84. Allen Casaletto

      The screen protector I have on my LG Wing got a weird crack on the upper left corner in just 3 days of use, despite the fact that I never dropped it on its screen.

    85. Steven Sternberg

      What happened to the broken phones?

    86. Matthew Lowery

      Sounds like the answer is that if you don't care too much, buy a cheap glass one. If you're really concerned, go the whole hog and get an expensive sapphire one. Appreciated this video though

    87. Cyltrx

      you could have given those iphones to a starving kid in africa ): or me wink wink smurge smurge

    88. hashtag kingdomofjas

      watching this video doesn't just break the phone... it also break my heart

    89. Greyson Gladney

      Wondering if insurance is worth it on phones... with t-mobile we pay for one screen protector [40 to 50 bucks] one time then they are free after that. It's 15 bucks a month for the insurance and only 99 dollar detectable vs 250 to replace the phone... but if you do the math after a year and a half if you just saved that insurance money you could afford to replace a damaged phone... but those screen protectors add up... even the 50$ ones I went through 12 last phone [v60] and that's 600 dollars... well 550 after buying the first... for 8 months of insurance... at 15 bucks for 120 bucks spent... 550 minus 120 is $430 I've saved....

    90. Reuben F

      Me who is broke af seeing them iphones🤧🤧

    91. Aditya Gauba Grow Any Plant

      SO THE BEST THING TO DO IS .... get a regular tempred glass protector .. and USE UR PHONE CAREFULLY

    92. Kyle Stoner

      that is a VERY tight shirt and it makes me nervous to think of you ever actually extending your arms. I hope u have spare buttons bro.

    93. Nihal Judge

      Got screen of Samsung replaced from third party and put a Tampered Glass on it. When phone fell, Tampered Glass was fine but the screen broke.

    94. AeroSpace Research Meyerton

      thank you. I use a flappy case to protect my phone. but, when I can't find a flappy case, I buy a cheap tempered glass cover. I don't believe it will protect my phone from a car driving over it, unlike my Nokia 3250 express twist to the music phone {it looked horrible, but it still worked!}. the protector is there for casual scraches, and falls from my pockets. anything more, I expect the phone will just die.

    95. SHAZ NOOB

      Gimmi the last phone standingggg plssssss

    96. Ali Husnain

      you could gift m one phone 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

      1. No One


    97. 2Groovy Lash Studio

      This was good


      An iPhone to my address would be insightful 🥺😅

    99. Roberto Ramirez

      I think the brick test was a little bit too much, a phone falling from a table would be a good test


      If you have so much iPhone 12's for distroying like this then please save one and send it to me