Dolly Parton's Christmas on The Square starring Christine Baranski | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Have a Holly Dolly #Christmas2020 with this Netflix holiday musical featuring 14 original songs by #DollyParton.
    Christmas On The Square follows small town "Scrooge" Regina Fuller (Christine Baranski) as she's visited by a rhinestone-bedazzled angel (Dolly) who guides her on a musical journey of redemption. Will this stingy property owner evict the entire town of Fullerville on Christmas Eve, or will her greed give way to the Christmas spirit?
    Directed by famed choreographer #DebbieAllen, Dolly's #ChristmasMusic will put a song in your heart and bring the whole family together for the holidays. So curl up with this miracle of a musical starring Dolly Parton, Christine Baranski, Treat Williams, Jeanine Mason, Josh Segarra, Mary Lane Haskell, and many more talented folks. 'Tis the season for song and dance!
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    Dolly Parton's Christmas on The Square starring Christine Baranski | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Seasonal cheer comes to a screeching halt when a cold-hearted woman tries to sell her hometown's land. Can music, magic and memories change her mind?

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    1. Ellie Mayes

      Golly, yule'll have a holly Dolly Christmas from me to Yule'll. Hee Ha.

    2. Vogen

      Dolly Parton is a God Send

    3. Bella Saward

      I’m watching it now and can TELL they’re all sets. Not sure if that’s intentional or not.

    4. Santagio Vázquez Fernández 10K

      Leonard’s mommmm!

    5. alfred gherhard


    6. user YouTube

      Yesss but there’s so many songs lol

    7. Shelia Ansley

      Wish you could of done it on another platform other than Netflex. Looks like it would of been a great movie.

    8. Lia Ezzell

      Christine Baranski must like xmas because she was in the grinch.

    9. Lia Ezzell

      Dolly is such a sweetheart, such a kind soul!

    10. J. B.

      Even in this role, Christine is hot.

    11. g dickson

      I think Netflix Christmas movies should now come with a warning ⚠️ This movie will make you laugh and cry so a box of tissues is recommended ⚠️ I mean seriously just watched this, and two reason I knew straight away it'd be a classic.. 1..Dolly Parton ( 74) 2. Debbie Allen ( 70) You remember her name..FAME The dancing started then Dolly's starts singing and the heartstrings are tightening, not to mention the Ministers wife looked spitting image of someone who goes to our church and helps run the youth group.

    12. Trey B

      This was such a hot mess

    13. Laura

      Horrible. I had such expectations... but this was so awfully disappointing. 😢

    14. Zelmira de los Santos

      Christine is beautiful ,Is a Queen,i love her very much

    15. AJ & Service Daisy

      I just finished watching, and it was good. It lifted my Spirits in these harsh times. I felt the Heart put into this and it moved me. Plus, Dolly is the most Beautiful in this. It wasn't what I expected, but it was a great Christmas Musical. I love it.

    16. ternitamas

      this is so cheese, commonplace but...Dolly Parton is in it so I can't resist

    17. Amanda j

      I really wanted to like this but it's not great.

    18. aj finlay

      I could barely watch the first 2 minutes... disturbing.

      1. Real American

        Me too - all of the liberal agenda crap was crammed into those first few minutes: homosexuality, socialism, feminism

    19. Catherina

      I'm sorry, I love Dolly and Christmas but this was so full of sugar, my teeth hurt.

    20. MermaidGal89

      So it looks like Martha May Whovier got a nose job, broke up with the Grinch, left Whoville and is now being haunted by Dolly Parton after apparently losing her Christmas spirit for an unknown reason. Please like and comment if you get my reference♥️🎄

    21. MermaidGal89

      So it looks like Martha May Whovier got a nose job, broke up with the Grinch, left Whoville and is now being haunted by Dolly Parton after apparently losing her Christmas spirit for an unknown reason. Please like and comment if you get my reference♥️🎄

    22. Ronnie Garcia

      It just showed the whole movie Christmas is ruined

    23. Karen Smith

      I love Dolly Parton and I tried really hard to watch this but it was not a good musical. I got through the first 10 minutes and that was it, the only one who could sing was Dolly. The actors and actresses was too dramatic most of these people have no idea how to act.

    24. Eriona Pillow

      Dolly, Barbara and Debbie. I am so watching this plus it's a Christmas movie and a musical. I am SOLD

    25. pamela morrison


    26. Kamehalani And Qori

      Dolly is so perfect I can’t

    27. Andrew Patterson

      Dolly Parton is a National Treasure ❤️💚

    28. Ohood Mohammed


    29. Luke Lopez

      This is exactly what 2020 needed to lift our spirits

    30. Caitlin Taylor- Daines

      Oh my goddddddd!!!! Dolly equals the best person in the world can’t wait only got eight days until this comes out and OMG I’m so excited I’ve been counting down the days until everyone in class like oh my god is so many days guess how many days

    31. Cupcake X

      I love Dolly Parton and Christmas movies! So really looking forward to seeing this movie! 😍🎄💕

    32. sugartub

      I love Dolly!

    33. Becca Williams

      Finally, something that improves 2020

    34. Diamond Rose

      And she plays an Angel, come on! Could the part be any more perfect for her??

    35. Diamond Rose

      I absolutely love Dolly! A Christmas movie with her gorgeous voice? Yes, please!!

    36. jaz morrison

      Looks great

    37. Theophulis2

      I Ya Yi ! That little Fire Cracker Dolly.

    38. charlotte

      She singlehandedly redeemed 2020 🥺💛

    39. charlotte

      Dolly saved 2020 🥺

    40. s andy

      just a trailer.

    41. Kristian Polanco


    42. Naomi and Corvin

      Dolly Parton also hates landlords this year 😏

    43. Jane Willis

      I love Dolly and Christine Baranski but I'll be giving this one a miss it's just far too sugary sweet for me, makes my teeth ache just watching the trailer

    44. Greta Lobato


    45. Malachite Black

      It's great to see Josh Segarra in a musical again

    46. Nicola

      Not a fan of musicals but I’m gonna watch it anyways because it’s probably awesome and now I’m gonna sign up for Netflix.

    47. Tibble Media

      I say this with the upmost respect. I love Dolly Parton to my absolute core, she is the most inspiring and powerful woman I could name but damn, she’s had so much work done you could swap her out with a latex muppet and no one could tell the difference

    48. Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang

      All I see is Leonard’s Mother 😃

    49. Natacha Pereira

      Can't wait 🤗🤗🤗

    50. Alexandra Rodriguez

      Christine Baranski is the best!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    51. Mikel Ibarra

      the way she's going to serve everything

    52. mike vincent

      Debbie Allen and Dolly Parton are ICONS

    53. A S

      I’m so excited I can’t wait to see this I still love Dolly Parton what an icon

    54. Thembi Mvelase


    55. Pamela Kibildis

      This looks so good Can’t Wait Love Dolly Parton Christmas movies 😍😍🙂👍🏻

    56. Biancamaria Valenti

      OH WOW!!! This looks so cool!!! I do love musicals!!! ❤️❤️💜💜💗💗💙💙♥️♥️❣️💖💖🥰🥰🥰

    57. Retro Girl in a Modern World

      As a young woman, it is AMAZING to see OLDER WOMEN IN THE LEAD ROLES. It gives us girls the ability to look forward to getting older in a more equal world where everyone of every age, race, sex, disability/ability, are all equal and seen as importan t in this world. Thank you Netflix xx ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ so looking forward to seeing this. 💛🧡❤💙 Ps please make a film as the final for Anne with an E. It would be spectacular.

    58. The Joker

      Looks good, but since you promote child porn, refuse to remove it, and hide behind women empowerment to push your pedo filth. I openly encourage anyone reading this who hasn't canceled their Netflix to cancel, buy a quality VPN for less than a Netflix subscription costs anyways and PIRATE NETFLIX'S SHIT 🏴‍☠️🦜. Anything good they come out with that you personally want to see, without paying them a dime; till they remove the soft core child pornography from their servers, open season. Use this Netflix to find out when new things are coming out, or do nothing and in turn stand along side the Pedo's. Your choice.

    59. mnrb91

      I mean YOU ALREADY HAD ME AT DOLLY PARTON. you added Queen Christine. I AM READY

    60. BATTY3459

      0:32 I spy Adrian Chase from Arrow! This looks like a fun movie! I hope it is available to watch somewhere besides Netflix! If you guys removed your gross Cuties movie, I might resubscribe!

    61. Mate 2209

      No, this shouldn't stole the place of The Prom

      1. Manuel Orozco

        I plan to watch both but i agree

    62. wiersema470

      This is what my gay heart needed

    63. emilite emmy

      I'm the youngest fan of dolly

    64. antmagor

      Wow, Netflix is moving in on Hallmark’s Territory. And by the look of the trailer already they’ve outdone them. It’s about to get real this holiday season.

      1. Manuel Orozco

        Jingle Jangle was a good kickoff

    65. Laura Shivers

      That looks fantastic! Can’t wait!

    66. crews johnns

      So 2 old women look like plastic surgery

    67. Flashy Flash


    68. Michael Raymond

      Dolly, Debbie , Christine and Jennifer !!!! I’m in!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    69. Shane Stines

      So is this like a sequel to Unlikely Angel?

    70. African Girl

      lol I hate musical movies n Christmas movies. so passing on this

    71. The Leasphere

      Christmas + a musical + Dolly Parton's songs sounds like the perfect movie!!!!

      1. Manuel Orozco

        I'm not the biggest Dolly fan but i am open to this

    72. Alberto García

      Yeiii , spectacular ..

    73. Krista Bowers

      Dolly as an Angel is just what we all need in 2020!

    74. Chris Tollefson

      What the fu*k? Love Dolly, Love Christine, but this? Send it to the Hallmark channel.

    75. Fionna Adeline

      CHILLS. 😭😭💗💗

    76. James Galligan

      I’ve only recently begun to appreciate Dolly.

    77. Max Lemieux


    78. Terry Graham

      Love you dolly parton

    79. David D'Ambrosio

      So much Christmas in such a short trailer! Leave it to Dolly!

    80. Cheryl Peaco

      Can't wait so excited girls night

    81. Brent Lomas

      this looks so cute

    82. Girly Fun S

      This movie reminded me of unlikely angel

    83. Simon Ball

      Dolly Parton creating a Christmas Musical is definitely what 2020 needs after what we’re going through ❤️❤️

    84. Adam Forgan

      OMG I cannot wait!!!

    85. Dave Blue

      Dreadful dreck

    86. Scotch Tape

      So this is what Tanya does when she's not singing ABBA on a Greek island or marrying a rich man

      1. Manuel Orozco

        I do get the Mamma Mia reference

    87. African Girl

      hate Christmas movies. especially these types of Christmas movies

    88. Rebecca Shuman

      Dolly Parton is my favorite! She’s a legend! Her voice is angelic

    89. Greg

      Can't wait

    90. Susan Paquette

      when will this be on?

    91. James Bradford

      Listen everyone is welcome to watch and enjoy this but make no bones, this was made for gay people. End of sentence.

      1. James Bradford

        @Dave Blue Gurl. It is UNQUESTIONABLY dreck, but you DON'T see the camp value in this nonsense? Look at that "The Square" set! It looks like it was put together in a barn by a community theater company! It looks TERRIBLE, and therefore FABULOUS. I can't wait!

      2. Dave Blue

        I should hand back in my gay card then, as I think this looks like dreadful dreck without any ironic camp redeeming features.

    92. MsCloudnumber9


    93. AustyVlog

      This soundtrack will be AMAZING

    94. Wish Jordanne

      I adore Dolly Parton to bits! Legends never die

    95. Kristi Hudon

      Hell yeah martha may

    96. daniel bickley gorman


    97. Linda Kluth

      You can always count on Dolly!

    98. rhymeandreasoning

      Watch the Designing Women episode where Dolly Parton once again plays another angel. Have some Kleenex on hand.

    99. James

      dolly as an angel and that guy from arrow as a hot priest. yes plz.

    100. Madison C.

      Awww i love dolly