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    This holiday season, dare to fall in love. Official trailer for Dash & Lily, based on the New York Times bestseller "Dash & Lily's Book of Dares," coming to Netflix on November 10.
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    Dash & Lily | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Opposites attract at Christmas as cynical Dash and sunny Lily trade messages and dares in a red notebook they pass back and forth around New York City.

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    1. MDL

      I was kinda shipping boomer and lilly ... like same energy people ya know x)

    2. Uki_ yoo

      The background girl sound sounded like gossip girlll damn!!

    3. Kn allaboutme

      I hate her hair, she like she needs to wash them big time!

    4. Sreshtha Paul.

      I know the idea of this series is cliche and unrealistic but so are Disney movies... We know they are never going to happen to us in real life but I feel imagination is what it takes for all of us to love those Disney princesses and their stories. I am not defaming or destroying someone's childhood but just keeping my point which is it feels good to be thinking that just by 1% this can happen in real life. We don't know everyone and their form of expressing themselves.. although unrealistic the thought of this series feels more closer somehow I dont know why; I demand a season 2 for this... I know Netflix won't read my comment but I do demand!

    5. Devi Destiani

      don't make me optimistic about love again, Netflix. you'll ruin my life.

    6. Kris

      Anyone else think she could have also been a good Lara Jean?

    7. Ayesha Nisar

      SEASON 2???

    8. Rachel G

      Im loving the chalamet vibes

    9. Anuranan Boro

      all i want for Christmas is a red notebook.

    10. Anuranan Boro

      Edgar sucks.

    11. Anuranan Boro

      Boomer issa good man

    12. Anuranan Boro

      the girl in my head is prolly lily.

    13. Pauline Delos Reyes

      This movie made want to put notebook in the library. But, nah. I don't want to it besides we don't have a good library and no one will ever try come in.

    14. Shane Turner

      Thats the girl from good boys lol

    15. Noor ••

      Let me guess : 👦👩 🎇🎇 ♥️ 💋💋 😲😲 😭😭 😔😔 ⏳ 🎶🎶 🚖✈ 🏃🏃 🫂 💋💋 🌈🌈

    16. Noor ••

      A nice show to watch while playing a random game

    17. qistina

      i feel like watching this series again....😭

    18. AznYunHou

      Oh boy, another white man and Asian girl series. Like we don't already have tons of those already

    19. Nezuko’s Bamboo

      This was so cute but unrealistic (Idc its a show, not real life) I WANT A SEASON 2 PLS I finished it in only 2 days ahh

    20. Indrawan Teguh

      Lily 🐷

    21. Mahriah Williams

      I only got a wait six more days I'm doing this thing for every day of December I'm gonna be watching a movie or show how many ever episodes this show is I'm gonna be watching it for The first couple days of December Edit: some people probably don't care but I just wanted to say that

    22. Nicole Solis

      What's the song title?

    23. someone

      Loved this. Made me smile the hardest on a horrible day. Thank u for making this Netflix. ✨

    24. Rahul Raj Murmu

      Can't believe the comments.....the trailer doesn't do the series any good. It was the best thing I watched in a long time.

    25. Hito Joo

      I'm ready for xmas yahhh

    26. Anna Sigersmark

      I LOVED Austin Abrams in Euphoria - I'm thrilled he's (finally) getting some spotlight

    27. My Account

      I'm actually really glad they cast Austin Abrams in this because he's not a super tall, muscular, unrealistic jawline kinda guy. Men usually have ridiculous beauty standards in movies (and especially Netflix shows) as well.

    28. Savhana Mary Illaga

      Season 2 please!!!

    29. Shalaina Valera

      If I watched this I felt more alone

    30. Sathvik Reddy

      Just now watched it , and it was litt

    31. Juan De Jesus

      Can somebody please tell me the name of the song that’s playing in the background. Thank you!?

      1. Dylan Pizzini

        Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson :)

    32. Laila Nunes

      I expected to hate it, and here I am waiting for season 2

    33. FudgeCantLife

      my friend is a background actor in this

    34. Demetria Sam

      Is there any other films she's been in? coz i've only seen her in Good Boys and I loved her there. I'm excited to watch this :)

    35. Ismael Dalvi

      And that’s why I ask every person I pass by ....have we met before?

    36. flavournilla

      Just finished watching it, I gotta say the plot is unrealistic as heck xD but I enjoy it overall, the cinematography is beautiful and it had that Christmas happy vibe that I would take and accept any day because 2020 had been rough so cheesy Christmas movies is prob the best way to end it! Also, I love mysteries and adventure, it was interesting to learn about the character's personality through the other character's POV and the actors did a great job for their roles

    37. Adriely Benjamin

      Essa série e mt perfeitaaa

    38. Cristiano

      I'm here after watching the series..😉

    39. Parath kumar

      Kadhal kottai movie story

    40. Chavia Viriela


    41. Yellow sea

      You put the trailer movie we want the whole movie

    42. MoniBuni

      I loved this show. watched the whole thing in one sitting, felt like I was watching a movie. Now I’m sad it’s over.

    43. MOARMY cLoWnS cUz txt and bts the whole circus

      I just finished watching this and I’m surprised I like it

    44. lexi lex


    45. Alex Cardinal

      Who else binged watched this within a day

    46. Raelee Edgington

      I watched the show! I won't spoil it but, it's amazing!

    47. Janie Ellison

      What’s the name of that song playing??

    48. Karina Leon

      What is the name of the song that is playing?

    49. Samrudhi Khade

      I literally watched this show in 4 hours and this show is cute ani perfect ✨🤍 peace !!

    50. Nitty Natsha

      SPOILERS!!! Nick Jonas does a cameo!!

    51. Vani

      Binge-watched it today and it's really sweet and cheesy loved it hahaha

    52. cobb829

      Loved this!!! Binged it in 2 days!

    53. CLAY PLAYZ

      Can anyone recommend me shows like this

    54. CLAY PLAYZ

      Can anyone recommend me shows like this

    55. Amara Winchester

      Holiday movie for weird people

    56. EvilKris

      looks shit

    57. Fathima Patel

      Binge watched and loved it❤️

    58. بـنو العـبدليシ

      I love ittttt

    59. Aang _15

      Can they stop creating movies like this? Like please, it’s already hard to live on this planet... you don’t have to make me feel even more miserable

    60. Alan Chikin Chow

      IT'S SO CUTE

    61. Bryan Torres

      One step closer to this actress starring as Azula on Netflix’s Avatar

    62. Calista A.

      Omg I loved this book...probably not going to be able to watch this tho cause I don't have Netflix 😔

    63. ivy cheng

      Kelly Clarkson's underneath the tree is so underrated

    64. Sunetra Das

      I just binged watched this show. AND ITS WORTH WATCHING. Its not at all boring and this whole 'pen-friend romance' is what it made this series unique.

    65. maira sethi

      Y'all need to watch it. It's amazing

    66. kleo


    67. Nadia

      This was actually really good and I actually loved it

    68. justagirlontheinternettl


    69. andrea fuentes

      nexflix love this series is one of my favorites, there will be a second season?

    70. Andra Alina Stoica

      Just watched it. Clichee, but still, I never liked something so much in a really really long time

    71. Melissa Greenland

      Underneath the tree, in 2 Xmas Netflix movies 😍

    72. Luna Akana

      Y'all should give it a try. I thought this was too cringey to watch but it's not. It's so refreshing and entertaining!!

    73. Shaniah_

      Not that guy teaching me how to do the thriller dance 🧍

    74. HoneyFlower Bee

      She sounds like gossip girl 😁

    75. Davina Malcolm


    76. Intan Nadia

      Can u tell me what is the song.... Very nice..

      1. Neel Bahira

        Underneath the tree by Kelly Clarkson

    77. Fransiska Handayani

      Watch this movie because of New York City 😭

    78. Chilzmapew wep

      I just finished watching it and dannngg ngl twas good

    79. Andrew Salinas

      Anyone know what the song In the background is?

      1. Neel Bahira

        Underneath the tree by Kelly Clarkson

    80. micho474

      Lily looks too old. She is supposed to be of Asian descent but in the real world, most appear younger than they are. She acts well but it’s distracting when she looks like in her 30’s rather than 17.

    81. Amit Bisht

      Wow Amazing Fantastic Cool everybody watching this web series this is some magical trust me i watched

    82. kashish vijay

      I really liked the show btw. It showed every christmas-y feeling and was kind of stupid 😂 but it was light hearted and if you don't have anything to watch. I didn't like the ending where Lily seems to be too excited and Dash was just giving average expression when he met her at the library on New Year's. I was expecting it to be more excited meeting where both expressed themselves passionately.

    83. heyylemo

      The series is really good if you asking

    84. Gabriel França

      What's the name of this song playing in the trailer?

      1. Gabriel França

        Thank u so much

      2. Neel Bahira

        Underneath the tree by Kelly Clarkson

    85. Carissa Lutton Movie Talk

      I thought this would be a hate watch, instead it turned into a binge watch.

    86. Dynielle Basco

      this prolly sounds like what you do for tiktok acting povs lol

    87. Gunjan Saraswat

      This series feels heartwarming itself, also the Christmas lights adds off to it. I watched the whole series and It's definitely one of the most awesome rom-coms, I have ever seen🤩

    88. Jerome Joz

      I really loved this light, Christmas 'cliche' show. It has all the stupid cliches, but executed differently - better than most Christmas teen shows. The characters are stereotypes, but I couldn't help but fall in love with them. The story was very fun as well. Will they meet? How will they meet? What made me fall in love with the show is how they met. That blew me away. I loved the entire show to that point. The ending, if I could rewrite it - would be SPOILERS her going to Fiji. For her not leaving that cab. For Dash to be devastated that they parted on those bittersweet terms. I would've appreciated it more if Edgar wasn't made to be a douche. I liked the road they seemed to be taking with him, just a likeable guy who is easily misunderstood but is good hearted. Got the exact opposite. That was a downer. I'll rewatch this loveable show at Christmas. Its super cute and light. Definitely a good watch. Just - change the ending, it would be perfect for me.

    89. 피클

      I wanna figure out the title of this carol. plz let me know!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    90. selena rutherford

      please we need a season 2!!!! i fell in love with this show!!

    91. Somebody that you used to know

      I didn’t think I’d watch this after a few minutes into the first episode because this isn’t the type of thing i usually like, but after a few days I turned it on to relax with something simple and easy and it was nice to pretend I was 12 again. I was one of those good-cringe shows. Had something calming and charming about it.

    92. Nadean Ramdeen

      Just finished watching it today loved it 💞

    93. Chui Fong Tam

      Wow another Asian female White male love interest.

    94. Scott Gross

      This looks so stupid, glad I don't have Netflix

    95. Marceline Abadeer

      If it has the pedophile Santa scene from the book in it then imma head out

    96. Samiha Rahman

      this was so cheesy but i still watched it in one day

    97. Jessica Lukram

      Just finished watching it was so cute may be I'll watch again tbh I feel so lonely at the same time feeling great

    98. Glowingsme

      These are all so unrealistic with no masks and shit open. Very whimsical! Perfect! Because this year has sucked!

    99. Fanny Torres

      I LOVED IT!!! I binge-watched it and it made my night

    100. Con Ramirez

      i felt like I read this somewhere or is it just my imagination...dejavu. oh nvm libro pala based to