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    Benny and Langston encourage Lily to step out of her comfort zone.
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    Dash & Lily | Official Clip | Netflix
    Opposites attract at Christmas as cynical Dash and sunny Lily trade messages and dares in a red notebook they pass back and forth around New York City.

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    1. ellie h

      anyone know where her wallpaper's from? her room looks so cozy omg

    2. lovelion2001

      let me tell you, as a gay best friend, i never tried to influence my friend's fashion sense, not again. the only time she asked me to go to the mall with her to buy new clothes for her, i hated everything she picked and she hated everything i picked, it almost destroyed our opinion of each other. we don't talk about that experience in this house. this gbf character is old and tired.


      Can anyone recommend me shows like this

    4. Kakak Kuku

      first time i saw gay couple of asian background in netflix

    5. Beyza Öztürk

      i watched this video for hundreds times for lansgton’s omg part lol

    6. Rachael Tamayo

      Does anyone know where this wallpaper is from?

    7. GL 26

      Netflix, if you need gay actors, I'm here.

    8. Jessie just Jessie

      I can’t wait to watch this!!

    9. Dirty Lizard Neck

      See Netflix you cant win with your pandering... look at all the upset sjws.. youll never please them

    10. Johnmovies


    11. Nick Rego

      Not more gays discussing wardrobe 2020 really is an eternal trope ffs

    12. Dhishana Sutharshan


    13. African Girl

      what is this show about??

    14. Lucky Luke

      There are shows like breaking bad, mad men, mr robot, californication etc and then there’s that...

    15. Matrix Re-lived

      This is so stereo typical! Re-makes of a gays “best friend “ it’s getting tiresome really ...Netflix , how about you actually research gay history and wow us? For once..

    16. Ultimate Impostor Gundham Tanaka

      Ah yes, another stereotypical gay best friend.

    17. Tiff

      *I’m so excited!* *🙌🏻*

    18. ozan

      Tf? Gay stereotypes only

    19. Turtle553


    20. Shadowhunter 1

      Is this a movie or a show

    21. RozArtKa 11

      I don t Like this stereotypical gay friends thing

    22. aesammo

      Oh my god can we get gay characters who don’t say “fabulous”, i’m sooo tired of one-dimensional gay characters

    23. unkown Gay

      Omg, yassss, all gays act like this. Let me go look at my jogging, oh I mean Prada pants for inspiration😐

    24. ant ant

      why are gay characters still just comedic relief sidekicks for the straight characters? why do we still rarely get agency in anything?

    25. Mohd408


    26. Dove 1


    27. In The Deep With EGGSY The Critic

      whats the point of this

    28. DOGA

      why someone should be "gae"?

      1. Νικόλαος Γαλάνης

        Because it's amazing and better than straight

    29. Christian Disterhoft


    30. Jonatan Sartison

      This is bs

    31. Joey C

      Yes how about some new and real lgbtq programs. It's been a year with the same junk movies. There are many great LGBTQ movie and scripts to be made. I enjoy Ryan's but there are other great writers out there It is time for some real movies, programs from Netflix.

    32. regina simpson

      I don't even watch this show but I hate this scene.

    33. char free

      At the end of the end of a rainbow, you can find an LGBT+ character who isn't feminine.

    34. 5am Edits

      Subscribe to my channel and I will subscribe back. Let's grow together

    35. Anderson con LAG


    36. Erwin Lii

      I don't see much the difference between Riverdale's portrayal Kevin Keller and that gay couple...

    37. J Dominoes

      Yayyyy gay people ARE an accessory to straight people good job Netflix really made me feel represented there!

    38. Allen Trice

      Are these so kind of LBGT characters in Netflix?

    39. Osama V6

      كىىىمكم على كىىىم المثلية اتابع لي ايجي بست اطلق حتى لو فيه مليون اعلان وعلى الأقل ما توقفون اوزارك و ذا بنشر والمسلسلات اللي فيها قصة كويسة ، ادري محد بيشوف بس مجرد فضفضة ! 💔

    40. Young Dagger Dick the 3rd


    41. LoveThomas

      Hey, why not make a romance about two gay dudes? (That isn't about them figuring out their sexuality.)

    42. Nicholas Koetz

      Netflix really thinks Gay = fashion wow

    43. Adi ff 55

      It's on my birthday... Cool

    44. aesthetic editsssx

      Bring The Society back 😔

    45. Rhianna Rajput

      This movie is just loads of movie troupes stuck together

    46. Family Fun R.C.

      This is sick

    47. John Doe

      Ugh, more fem-gay caricatures...

    48. Canadian Bacon

      That "gay OMG" was homophobic

    49. iMaria

      Omg!! Another gay stereotype movie, just what I was looking for!!

    50. iMaria

      Maybe you could just renew The Society?

    51. Rich We Rich

      "Fun Fact" You cant breath while smiling. Joking Just Wanted to Make you smile 😀❤️

    52. Maurizio Giuffrida

      Omg stop It with the Gay things

      1. D4rkRises


    53. Jenny jen

      Thank you Netflix

    54. Some Random

      Wow another gay character good job Netflix

    55. Lazar D

      Why does Netflix always present gay guys in a typical gay way like it’s getting lame Bc it feels like there only one big representation for gay guys in movies and series and that’s the fem talking with there hans gay bestfriend why it’s annoying for all the gay guys that are different and who to see more of them represent and not just a “typical gay guy”

    56. R k

      Yes gurl give us the Gay stereotype. We never had it, like 162727 times before.🤩

    57. Alina Kurgan

      Can be jestem Franki

    58. HopOnPop 1

      Where the US version of Godzilla singular point

    59. sethan 666

      Stupid show

    60. Celaena Sardothien

      When I read the book, I never imagined langston and his boyfriend to be acting like a stereotypical gay couple because the way they speak in the book is normal? Like a normal couple. Totally different. Yeah kind of disappointing, and why is lily not so jolly?

      1. Celaena Sardothien

        @Ellie thank you, gonna edit it.

      2. Ellie

        Maybe the term you’re looking for is “stereotypically gay”? This definitely seems to be playing into a very generic stereotype of how gay people act

    61. Andy B

      EEEE never get me watching this crap!

    62. jeyes suarez

      Netflix siempre presenta películas lgbti que ni Dios conoce por eso prefiero pelisplus

    63. David Mosier

      Dragon ball z

    64. DarkVader

      Netflix knows only how to stereotype gays and nothing else 😡😡😡 Not all gays are into fashion and make up Netflix!!! When will gays not into those be represented....

      1. Clive Mercer

        They should be represented as normal individuals.

    65. ツАури

      Hans. .get ze flammenwerfer!

    66. Matt ST2

      Boringgggggg. We get the agenda Netflix.

    67. bo jon


    68. Brandi 08YT


    69. Matheus Grandini

      Renew Grand Army please

    70. WelD Emirates

      استغفر الله العظيم

    71. Aakash Sharma

      lgbt and fashion ...... Groundbreaking -_- ( please provide us with good representation)

    72. Joshua Filce


    73. Emily Wilson

      I’m so excited-

    74. John Rosado

      He looks like prince! Lol

    75. Ronaldo BS

      please netflix bring back pokemon xy xyz and black and white pls those were my fav shows and i want them back pls

    76. Jeremiah Carrion

      Just an honest question if anyone can help Why does everything or almost everything have to include elements of homosexuality? From kid cartoons, to movies, sitcoms. I just want to know other people's perspective on this (This is in no way of me trying to bash anyone)

      1. Jeremiah Carrion

        @Julien B No all I see is the typical flamboyant gay men, why aren't there dictations about masculine gay men if there isn't any issues on Introducing gay characters, I'm not bothered by the idea of homosexuality from what your insinuating I'm stating that why is it a need for a gay character like in the trailer you just saw in every genre of entertainment as if that's the only type to exist. But your right it is important to see people like themselves thank you for your comment and time 🙏🏽💯🙌🏽

      2. Julien B

        "Everything" lol Maybe because it is important to people to see people that look like them. You are bothered because you see gays in mostly second caracters in some shows (mainly on Netflix). Imagine for gay people, for a long time almost always seeing straight people and now just meaningless representations nowadays.

      3. Hikaru 78

        @Jeremiah Carrion Oh yeah I agree with you, sometimes it is really stereotypes and it feel so forced :') When I was younger, 2~3 years ago, I was obsessed with gay love story and I think on a lot of TV-shows, they put gay people for no other reasons than appear woke and attract this kind of audience who would watch everything provided there are gays in it. It's always a bit the same stereotypes that come back and in the end, it also cariature the LGBT people. I think Kids Cartoon does it better in fact, it seems more genuine sometimes :')

      4. Jeremiah Carrion

        @Hikaru 78 no I totally get it, but when talking about the LGBT community it never references to gay women and if they do it's always aggressive women with shape ups better then mine lol or outright flamboyant men and mostly it's flamboyant men 🤔 but I think your right maybe they just want to be included in all factions of entertainment movies, shows etc

      5. Jeremiah Carrion

        @Dare - wait for it - Devil well yes wleveryone knows that the LGBT community exist what I want to know is why is it a need for a gay character in every genre ? It feels forced 🤔 maybe I'm wrong what do you think?

    77. Netherlands Boy

      Netflix's inclusiveness plan, forcing diversity and stereotypes

    78. blue sky

      Netflix easy clue of gay

    79. Udhav Khajuria

      The gay stereotyping OMG 😍

      1. Genti M

        Yeah this is awful but it is just a very short clip so idk

    80. Curas1

      Sigh I know its 2020 and everything is all just fabulous but ah....maybe a little too gay ? I mean so overdone its really kinda sad.

    81. roCking BoY CREATION

      ♥️♥️♥️♥️All those who are watching this video I pray , That their parents will live a longer life with good health 😊👍😊👍❤️❤️❤️....❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏

    82. Jose Moran

      The fact that a majority of movies that have gay representation is always off. They think that gays are always sassy or seen as the type to judge the cloths of there girl best friends is getting old. Like OLD.

      1. Kerem H.

        @OverusedCondom We all know there are stereotypes. I meant that Grand Army's gays are not fitting in that stereotype. For example some people expect gays to talk, dress and act differently. It's a stereotype.

      2. OverusedCondom

        @Kerem H. How can you look straight?

      3. Kerem H.

        Actually there's plenty of different gay representations as well from Netflix. For example Grand Army's gays are not sassy just hetero lookin guys.

      4. Dare - wait for it - Devil

        @Keith Redacted THIS!

      5. Keith Redacted

        I actually haven't seen that much movies that stereotype gays as of late. On the contrary, I have seen lots of well-done LGBT rep in the recent years, especially from Netflix so they are really learning. I just don't know why they though these stereotypical gays will be a good advertisement for this particular film.

    83. Sébastien Alaska

      Netflix la dérive 😨😨😨😨😨

    84. Célio Vinícius

      Can Netflix make their LGBT characters acting... normal?

      1. Orange Theo

        The stereotype.. sigh

      2. Keith Redacted

        They have a lot of LGBT characters that are not this stereotypical though. Don't know why they thought this stereotype will be a good advertisement for this particular film.

      3. Marielle Ssegujja

        literally all the do is boost their straight counterparts. we arent your trope like what

      4. regina simpson

        I thought the same.

      5. wenxiu

        and not just picking out the straight main character’s outfits for a date?

    85. a gay virus

      Netflix in the making of this movie: SLAYYYYYYYYY *breathes in* SLAAAAAAAYYYYYYY

    86. Jonathan Herrera

      Bring 'I am not okay with this" back

      1. a gay virus


      2. Elena


      3. a gay virus


    87. Daniela Torres

      Bring back THE SOCIETYY pleasee !** 😔

      1. Daniela Torres

        @Landslide yupp

      2. Daniela Torres

        @ii_Hxney Lemon• YESS

      3. ii_Hxney Lemon•

        THEY NEED TO

    88. Desirée Granado Valles

      why gay boys have to be ALWAYS the archetype of fabulous, glamorous, sassy and obviously fake cool person? man, it's getting old. 🙄

      1. teajay Sushi

        @Desirée Granado Valles it's kinda tragic that they always represent gay boys like that in a show...

      2. Desirée Granado Valles

        I was referring to gay boys in TV shows but ok @teajay Sushi

      3. teajay Sushi

        Well...they're not always like that They're just being themselves... And do u know how tragic every gay boys story have? They have to deal with death threats and being bullied by their sexuality almost everyday ... be respectful to every people in this planet..

    89. 벽돌맛TV in NY


    90. tarok awad


    91. Jacira Dos Santos Meireles

      Que merda e essa

    92. Mahi Yadav

      This is going to be a beautiful romantic story. OMFG! Can't wait to see it. ❤️😍 People please suggest some good movies??

    93. Emre Akıncı

      netflix ended for me

    94. IamL0G1C


    95. music review shortly


    96. Quincy X Legend

      They sus

      1. Jose Moran

        What do you mean by they?

    97. EchoZ

      When your early and don't know what to say: Chicken Nugget boi

    98. Felix Demiranda

      So much content

    99. la miki minach

      Can y’all write gay characters that aren’t just there to be the gay best friends and help the straight girl pick out her outfits ...

      1. that_ Girl

        That’s her brother😭😭

      2. diana

        @ant ant Try Anne with an e, Brooklyn 99, Never have I ever, Atypical, Killing Eve, The haunting of Bly Manor, even Stranger Things ig. Among movies you can try The half of it. Don't know a lot of movies with good LGBTQ+ representation.

      3. Eyop

        @Skinniest Kween that’s very true, and they literally only showed a minute of it like geez, actually watch the show first

      4. Skinniest Kween

        There's tons of shows and movies that don't do this. You're just looking in the wrong places.

      5. ant ant

        @ViVi is still robbed creek was a great show since the start and it needs more love a great show that treated all main characters well

    100. Abigail Simon

      cant wait :)