Dan + Shay - Glad You Exist (Lyric Video)

Dan And Shay

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    VERSE 1:
    Here's to all the late night drunk phone calls that you picked up
    Here's to all the bad decisions that you didn't judge
    All the love yous and the hate yous and the secrets that you told me
    Here's to everyone but mostly us

    There's a couple billion people in the world
    And a million other places we could be, but you're here with me
    Take a moment just to take it in
    'Cause every high and every low led to this
    I'm just so glad you exist

    VERSE 2:
    Hey look what a hello from a stranger turned into
    Caught up in a moment like it's just us in this room
    All the right words at the right time
    And you know 'em 'cause you know me better than anyone else
    We don't need anyone else


    Don't you ever go, don't you ever go, don't you ever go changing
    Never let me go, never let me go, never let me go, baby
    Don't you ever go, don't you ever go, don't you ever go changing
    Never let me go, never ever let me go, never let me go, baby

    #DanAndShay #GladYouExist

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      I hate these 2 fucks But this song is 🔥 🔥 🔥

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      Love your song!

    5. Holly Hope

      You guys are the best!

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      This song makes me feel bubbly and I'm not even in love. 😅

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      How is this country? And the fact that it gets airplay on The Highway? W.....T.....F......

    9. Toomuchlaffing

      awww. Dan and Shay always release the _sweetest_ and catchiest of songs! To the point where even if you're not a fan of country you love them and their stuff.

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      To my playlist then ➡

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      glad that Dan+ Shay exist :)

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      This song is sounds good already👏🏽👏🏽👍🏽☺️☺️

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      Wait does Dan+Shay reply???🤔

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      glad u exist💘

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      Just amazing, makes me cry cause I feel so happy to have someone that represents this song fully

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      love you my lovely brother❤️❤️

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      This song is perfect for anyone with a person they care about, friends, couples, it's so good!❤️

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      I love this song!

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      There's only one person in my mind rn... 🥰💖 Such a good song 💖

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      what an amazing song!!

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      0:22 - 0:43

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      What a beautiful song, absolutely musically lyrical. ❤❤

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      This song is the bomb!

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      I actually got recommend from scoups and now im listening to almost all of ur song, thank you for the song i love it

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      Song reminds me of "Can't Say No" by Dan + Shay, The singer sounds the same too 🤔

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      I saw an ad of this in facebook and it literally caught my interest. That's why I'm here. The song is so goood🤍

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      one of the best PAprom recommendations 🥺❤️

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      Glad you exist Dan+Shay

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      New sub here! They deserve more loveeee❤️✨

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      i love love love this song

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      This song is so good and relatable i cried 🥺💓💓

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      I'm so glad Dan+Shay exist. Thank you for doing a great job!!

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      I searched for you so hard

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      There's a couple billion people in the world And a million other places we could be But you're here with me Take a moment just to take it in 'Cause every high and every low led to this I'm just so glad you exist. PS. Dan + Shay You Guys are amazing im Glad u Guys Exist

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      This song is so good from 0:01 to 2:25

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      Great song. Great work. I'm glad you exist:)

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      I love you Baby pzyle

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      *Who loves Dan + Shay like me ??? Wish you all happiness!*

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      glad you exist 💛

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      Anyone else here because they’re annoyed by the lyrics? Specifically saying there’s “a couple billion people in the world”? No Dan and Shay! There’s roughly 7.56 billion people in the world! I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it...but still!

    47. Lisa Gregory

      Why are all the best songs too short? Another gem from them. Cannot wait to see them in concert again!

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      I just cant stop listening to this..

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      But you're here with me

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      I’m glad you exist

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      Best voice, far from country though!

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      Music Great ❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖 This is one of the best songs I've ever heard of you Glad you exist

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      I'm gonna play this for my best friend.

    56. Jovie Watson

      First time listening to this, Such a great song. Its one of my new favorites. Thank you Dan+Shay

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      Great song

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      I would like to dedicate this to my future gf whoever you are and wherever you are I'm glad you exist 😊💖

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      I love this song so much😍😘

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      I'm 15 days late to kill the replay button!

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      On repeat !!😌🙌

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      are you on instagram?


      Absolutely underrated song and duo... I am so glad they exist!🙃

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      I love this song! ❤️ I’m glad you exist 😉

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      Dan and Shay are the best and whenever their concert ends up happening in Kansas we already have front row seats and I can’t wait and I learned almost every single one of their songs on guitar

    67. Mary Pops

      this song made me realized that I don't need someone to be happy, having friends and family who loves me is all I need (to be happy).

    68. Cherry Mae Fabiantes

      One thing I learned from you guys, is that your songs are always worth to listen to😌

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      Love it❤️

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      My boyfriend told me to listen to this. And I’m in love with it ❤️

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      Love is a lie .take the black pill and stop believing in fairy tales

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      Glad You Exist too Dan and Shay

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      Just heard you guys. Awesome!!! My new favorite things!!

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      Dan + Shay don't you guys ever go changing ❤️❤️❤️ Please thanks

    77. Chonchithung Humtsoe

      There are million couple in this world but I'm so glad that I found u n that u exist in my life..we were strangers for eachother but now we r one......wish our love exist till our end of our last breath @Buri💓💓💓💓...

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      Superb vocal work, beautifully recorded as well.

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      떡상 가즈아~


      Great Vocal performance as usual 😉😊😊

    82. Heartless Jet

      Vocals: *Perfect* Lyrics: *Perfect* Background audio: *Perfect* The Two making it all happen: *Perfect* *We’re all glad Dan and Shay exist*

      1. Marble Sodaa

        Vocals: Perfect Lyrics: Perfect Instrumentals: Perfect The Two making it all happen: Perfect Me: Sended this to my crush Her: Blocks me* Me: A Perfect Girl for me doesn't Exist 😂

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      Not exactly a big Dan and Shay fan, but this song is good!

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      Thank you.. I love you... Imiissyou ❤️👫

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      Solid Dan+Shay Fan here ❤️😍 This song hits different 😍 I feel so inlove tho ❤️ thank you for bringing such joy into our ears ❤️ How I wish I can attend in one of your concerts 😇 More power 💕

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      Became my favourite song from the first time I heard😍

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      Beautiful song! Greetings from Philippines 🇵🇭

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      Dan and shay I love you You are my fave band. i was a fan b4 no one else was

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      To skip the weird beginning go to 0:13

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      Wow.. Your song is really good. The music and all.. As soon as I enter in my car, this is the song which I keep on searching and listening all the way 🥰🥰their won't be a day which I don't listen to this song. Its too good can't get over it❤❤

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      Omgoodness i don't think have ever heard a song this good. This song is amazing and beautiful 😍 ❤. It literally almost brings me to tears everytime. I have kept this song on repeat all day.

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      Incredible voice 🙏🏽

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      'Cause every high and every low led to this I'm just so glad you exist I am so thankful that you exist Teisha Elkins

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      So glad that Dan+Shay existed. Makes my heart flutter when I heard this song 🥺♥️

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      amazing song and we are glad u exist

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      Discover this only after a week 😢😢 Sad.I'm in love with the lyrics.

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      Dan Shay🥰I like you the best👍 By Japanese

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      Only Dan+Shay songs can make me feel so high and happy whenever I'm feeling down. You know what? I don't need a man. Just play some Dan+Shay, and I'M IN LOVE