Celebrating in Goa with my valentine 😍

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    1. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    2. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    3. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    4. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    5. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    6. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    7. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    8. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    9. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    10. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    11. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend

    12. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    13. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    14. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    15. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    16. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    17. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    18. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    19. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    20. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    21. Dragon crew 01

      Bhai aapki girlfriend batao

    22. Mahes Babu

      Jay hind🙏🙏🙏


      K18 OP ❤️❤️❤️

    24. Let's Play Fury YT

      I spend most of the time "recording"gameplay"editing " and uploading " I need support all my brother and sister😢😢🙏😢🙏😢🙏😢🙏😢🙏😢

    25. Tanmay Raul

      There was Carnival over there so the Panther was made for the Carnival

    26. Anurag Paul


    27. anand mawatwal Vines channel comedy central

      youtube recommended me this video after 4 days anyone else.

    28. Aryan Verma

      Funfact is that the purple t shirt of sangwan is like hydra bts in hydra meet up.

    29. Likhith_ Achar

      Aman is an entertrainerrrr........❤️❤️❤️

    30. Gareeb Gaming

      Bro i m from Goa please tell me your, address please🙏🙏

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      Bhagwaan unke maa baap ke umar lambe kr de....jo mere channel ko subscribe kr de

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      Bhai sab se op banda he aman


      Keep support


      13:07 it was carnival in goa and I know because I live in goa

    35. Squidward Noobie Gaming

      Bharat mata ki jai

    36. Taraksh Sehgal

      Bro casino is not allowed in land it’s allowed in water in India .

    37. Harmesh Gamer YT

      bhoota aayaga

    38. Saud Nandolia

      Hello disha kasi ho

    39. Kanishq Tewatia

      10:24 Its an atr plane

    40. ARP GAMING

      aman wearing same T shirt LoL

    41. Chetan

      Wasted 7 mints 🙄

    42. Krishna Pardeshi

      12:10 hit te like of f

    43. Helarious Boy

      Thata called atr

    44. pavan chaudhari

      Bro samsung s21 ultra use karo vlog ke liye

    45. Oneeb Kamboh

      Pakistani trend in K18 vlog 🇮🇳 😍 🇵🇰

    46. Varun Shetty

      03:09 lol

    47. Himanshu Nagarkote X-C

      K 18 fans like here with

    48. Yug Jain

      When ketan mention's girlfriend or valentine understand that it's sangwan 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️jk ha bro

    49. Adarsh Chandran

      bruh vlog se dust dikh rha he saf karlo ghar XDDD

    50. Suprajeet Raaj Roy

      ketan bhai uss aircraft ko atr kehte hain

    51. Himanish Chaturvedi

      aapki andi mandi ke chakkar me like kara hai

    52. Sahil Sharma Sharma

      12 53 trsti hai nigae

    53. GAMER Guru

      10:16 Isay TURBO PROP KHETAY HAY

    54. Heel Bodar

      Naya vlog kab aaye ga

    55. Bhavin Baria

      Beta Vapas S8UL me lelo😂😂

    56. Rahul Patekar

      Where is todya vlog

    57. Rylanislive YT

      13:07 that is a festival of Goa it's called float❤

    58. Rylanislive YT

      Bro I'm from Goa 😂❤

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      Aaj video nahi aaya aap ka

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      Kidhar reh gye bhai 🤧

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      Dont say that andy mandy shandy thats people choice

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      Gujju is great

    63. 26 Yash Parmar

      No vlog today whyy ???

    64. Heartless gaming

      Ketan bro that planes known as Turboprop planes

    65. MIF MrINDIA Gaming

      Casino is illegal on any land in India or surrounded by land that’s why its in water and thats also present in the Indian geographical range otherwise thats would have come in other countries and that wouldn’t be easy for Indians to visit to that kind of Casino then.

    66. Traper Gaming

      K18 leaked cab drivers no

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      NC bc India army

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      Unliker be : - meko ghanta phrak ni padta

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      k18 Army op Bro

    71. Shahid Raza

      Rule bana tha ki Indian land pe casino nhi banega to isi liye unlg me water pe bna diya land pe nhi..

    72. Technosoft Patel

      Check Samsung s21 ultra for vlog. It has got director's view

    73. godwin vj

      13:55 ocean apni kitabe chhod kar kaha chla gya

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      New video

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      Ketan keep loving our hearts each day 😍😍❤❤

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      new video

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      K18 not gonna upload a vlog one day bmro New Year dead or what

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      ketan bhai aaj naya vlog dalo apaki goa ki masti ke sath

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      Volg nhi aaya bro

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      Turboprop engines



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      Hello ,bro k 4 content where is today’s vlog.?

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      Iphone xs max giveway kardo 1 minion pe

    84. Darsheel Killer

      Aj ka vlog kab aa raha hai

    85. Toxic Fury

      Ketan be like casinos goa ma legal ha kyuki vo india ke geographic boundary se bahar ha indian ocean me koi mrko ya batao goa me indian ocean kaha se aa gaya🤣🤣

    86. Amey Jaybhaye


    87. King Cobra.


    88. REN CLERIC

      Jayant Bhaiya ne apko nhi bulaya marriage me

    89. Kshitij Chitransh

      Bro kya ap ke Resort ka name Ramatan Resort.


      Sir Goa Main Koi Darr Nhi Hai You Can Go Anywhere In The Goa I Have Spend Almost 1 Month There At Ashvem Beach


      where is your valentine

    92. Vikas Agrawal

      Vlog kaha hai aaj ki Consistency ki m** ch*d dete ho bhaiyaji aap to 👨‍💻

    93. akarshit chauhan

      Future k18 op😉


      Konsa channel dekhna hai??

    95. No Name

      Pulwama was an inside job by the GOI to win Election. Army had prior intel of the attack but no action was taken. Our soldiers were not air lifted & used as canon fodder with the help of local dsp Davinder Singh. Who was also named in Parliament terror attack. GOI tried the same before 2020 Delhi election, but Davinder got caught by JK police on the way to Delhi with two terrorists. His last words to the police was "This is a game. Don't spoil it". He is out on bail right now. Can you believe that?

    96. vaibhav k

      India : ghar par shauchalaya banao Ketan in the outro : Piss out guys 😂😂😂😂

    97. Bivash Basnet

      Why are you gay

    98. Toxic Gaming

      Can we all appreciate that @K18 gaming is trying to make our day better.... I mean that it was is regular day and he just makes it better..... Nothing special done everyday..... In gaming house , nothing special was done but his vlog had something special that made us smile....... U know that I used to watch SATISFYING VIDEOS IN WHICH THEY USED TO CARVE SOMETHING OUT OOR ANOTHER THING ETC..... but for now when I need something satisfying I just see his vlog and hard work and everything...... Now my whole family is fan of yours , , S8UL ' S...... My family didn't like any gamers but now they love them all and YOUR VLOGS Lots Of Likes to you 👍👍👍 And Love too 💕💕💕 Ending this message with same energy and same intensity.... 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

    99. Vedant Ghaisas

      I also visited Goa in November 2020. My brother and I got lost in Anjuna. That place is so haunted. G phat gayi G😂

    100. Sohail Shaikh