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    Directed by Frank E. Abney III and produced by Paige Johnstone, CANVAS tells the story of a Grandfather who, after suffering a devastating loss, is sent into a downward spiral and loses his inspiration to create. Years later, he decides to revisit the easel, and pick up the paint brush… but he can't do it alone.
    CANVAS comes to Netflix December 11.

    About Netflix:
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    Canvas | Official Trailer | Netflix
    A grieving grandfather struggling to reclaim his passion for painting after suffering a loss finds the inspiration to create again.

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 18 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Inspires.Moriah

      We need more black characters in animation film like this! I'm so happy yay

    2. sofia muhammad

      i am a fart

    3. HollywoodVoodoo

      I remember coming across these character models in a blog a while back when doing research for my own afro haired 3D character. They talked about how they created the hair textures and shapes right down to the smallest detail such as removing single straggler strands of hair in the elderly man's beard. It's amazing to come across this purely by chance and to see it all so beautifully rendered and alive! So excited to see this!!

    4. OHARA

      Please get the Turkish dubbing of South Korean TV Series

    5. iamSketchH

      Huh. Was expecting the image from the thumbnail to at least be in the trailer, lol

    6. c.c.

      hello , so my name is chanel, i’m frank’s niece (one of the animators who worked on this film, helped with writing etc) and growing up with him has been a blessing. seeing him grow as an artist and a person means SO MUCH to me and reading these comments really make me feel good :’) congrats uncle frank on your big achievement!!! he’s like a father figure to me, honestly. i remember when he worked at disney, and dreamworks.. and pixar :) once the whole thing is released to netflix you guys definitely will enjoy :)))

    7. Banana

      That bright light scares me, hopefully the main character remains a human being throughout the movie, seriously it's 2020 non-black people should be able to digest a full on black cartoon character now.

    8. Only Jesus Can Save Us

      John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Hallelujah. Repent and turn from sin! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!

    9. Ayashe Gwynngela Paguirigan-Macarampat

      why am i crying?

    10. Drew Evans

      Is this legal?

    11. Stephen Karpathakis

      Netflix be killing me - can’t wait for this one either haha

    12. Prince Shakur

      Lol. Netflix is a fascist company. lol

    13. Hisoka Amorou

      You can feel the emotions of this old man and the music. How both of this synergize and creates something new within you? Can you feel it?

    14. Joshua Martin

      *This is not Netflix this is Disney...*

    15. Natalia H

      Oh no. Less than a minute in and I'm already tearing up wtf. I don't even know what's going on but my aura is sad.

    16. F. A.

      The trailer doesn't show much. But A++ for the hair on the thumbnail !!

    17. F. A.

      The trailer doesn't show much. But A++ for the hair on the thumbnail !!

    18. Georgina Moreno

      Noo.. what is this movie about 🤧😆😍💖😭☹️😃💕🤗😃

    19. jermaine stegall

      It was an absolute pleasure for me to compose the original music for the trailer and for the entire short film. Hope you all enjoy!

    20. MsBloo

      O wow, I remember seeing this short on PAprom a couple years back. To see that it is NOW a full feature film ( is that correct? ) Is sweet! Hope it turns out really well. Since I dont believe this topic has been touched like that in animated movies. Would show kids who have grandparents that deal with dementia some love for sure.

    21. dk black

      What a fantastic trailer!

    22. Earl Green

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    23. Kingdom Hearts Comments

      I love how we all came here for the hair texture 😂

    24. Rajoan Kobir

      i think it will be a great movie ☺

    25. Rizurper

      I'm guessing, it's a drawing of his wife.

    26. Michael Vivie

      This trailer didn't give anything away.. Don't have an idea what the movie is even about in this trailer..

    27. spicy kax

      the mom thick as hell

    28. Nikki DePriest

      im already so heartbroken at whatever is troubling this mans heart.

    29. Sanghamitra

      1 minute teaser, without any context made me cry. Definitely will watch this to cry in gallons now.

    30. Tülay Gül

      let teh bnha (boku no heero academia) come i love it soo much

    31. Lorenzo Banza

      Netflix at this rate is going to be synonymous with quality entertainment in some part of the world just like Facebook IS the internet in some countries. They are covering EVERYTHING! they got me watching movies in Dutch, Spanish, Japanese they even managed to raise the quality of french tv shows😂 I don’t think Disney or the rest will be able to catch up.

    32. Karl Darwin

      i saw trailer without a single word ("show dont tell" thing). i hit like.

    33. Asterix Raven

      how dominicans be looking but steady claim they arent black.

    34. Krista-Lynn Colegrove

      This looks like it's going to be emotional and good, can't wait to check this out! 🙂❤️

      1. Henry Cavill

        Do you have WhatsApp

      2. Henry Cavill

        You can check

    35. Tara 2daG

      I see this in my PAprom suggestions. Thank you for posting. It looks interesting and I like how simple but mysterious of what the easel means to the character. (Reading the video description with the synopsis I see the character is a painter). :) And the Black Natural for the two characters in this movie trailer/teaser looks good. Great detail the movie makers did so far.

    36. KitKat Savoy

      FYI - This is a trailer for an animated short film, not a full length feature.

    37. King「唱晚」


    38. Kide Howard

      been following this films progression for a while cant wait to see it. AND it comes out on my birthday!

    39. I am Dan

      Кто бы ни читал этот комментарий, знай, что *ГОСПОДЬ ИИСУС ХРИСТОС ЛЮБИТ ТЕБЯ!* Whoever reads this comment, know that *LORD JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU!*

    40. Neelargho Ray

      I can tell you it has something to do with Canvas.

    41. Mehtab Munwar 4

      Zabardast trailer hai

    42. draven wulf

      I wonder if it going to be based of the highway men.

    43. Brittany Russell

      Wow. This is powerful. My grandfather has dementia and the way I connect with with him is talking to him about his art and my attempt to create art. Can’t wait to experience this film.

    44. Nicholas Blay

      crying already ffs

    45. Alana Frazer


    46. Owen Musa

      That was fast!

    47. Forest Trump

      thicker than a box of chocolate...

    48. Geek

      that kiss on the forehead....i felt it....intrigued...

    49. Graham Brown

      I love how Netflix is starting to buy indie short animations!

    50. Willian Nascimento

      Isso ai! Mostra sem mostrar, só para dar um gostinho de quero mais. (❁´◡`❁)

    51. Santhosh Manoharan

      It’s a click bait

    52. Blair Johnstone

      What a great production. Congrats

    53. Oly OxFree

      Whaaaaat a movie where black people have their natural hair and they don't automatically turn into frogs or pigeons or fish or ghosts or something?! How novel!

    54. Baba Patra

      arrre Modiji !!!

    55. kochumol pc

      Tissues company be like: this is buisness

    56. Magá Vitrio Leitão

      pronta pra CHORAR

    57. Justus Jermaine


    58. Juan Bauty

      A movie? A short? Anyway random pixarian design... tired of this stuff.

    59. Joep Meinema

      yall this movie is gonn be only 9 mins long :(

      1. Paige Washington

        Right 19 minutes for a Human black princess

    60. Eleanor Vanessa

      tbh I can't wait for this movie. But, I do think the trailer should have show more

    61. Amanda Odawa

      i clicked coz of the girl’s hair in the thumb nail

    62. The Happy Loaf

      0:01 Y'all seen the woman's shoes? They can't make that type of noise on wood. That's just lazy foleying.

      1. The Happy Loaf

        @SunshineJxssie Right? XD Movie looks great tho

      2. SunshineJxssie

        Exactly I noticed that toooooo

    63. Jdwest6


    64. Julien Johnson

      Gives me Pixar vibes😌

    65. Judy SA

      I can tell I’m going to cry while watching this

    66. Cornelius White

      And that's all we need to know at this moment.

    67. Anil sp

      He looks like MODI

    68. Thomas Lopez

      Is Chick-Fil-A behind this?

    69. Omari Davis

      It look interesting but that was a terrible trailer.

      1. J. Ford

        No, it was an accurate trailer! Trailers should only make you curious and not tell the whole story as many do!

    70. Zye Kim

      Ok. Can already see me crying to this. Added to list. Done

    71. Amarachi

      That was a simple and nice musical score!

    72. Rick Dolishny

      Woman wearing slip ons but the folley guys put her in heels.

    73. Brandon P Motsilanyane

      Netflix getting better at animation Disney better first over the moon then this soal vs canvas hmmmm interesting

    74. Joshua

      So netflix is making pixar movies now too? Nice

    75. Syamala B

      narendra modi would be happy

    76. Viral with you

      Help me

    77. Lulu HQ

      Oh yes.

    78. Siggi Riggi


    79. The Cookie Bandit

      Me: Just appreciating that afro

    80. Deepak Pandey

      This old man looks like Modi.

    81. 【 「 BIG BRAIN 」 】

      why did i have to lose netflix i nEED to see this

    82. Fateemah. N

      This reminds me of The River Boy by Tim Bowler I think.

    83. cakecrumb095

      I wonder if this will be another tear jerker like Over the Moon.

    84. Vikas Kaintura

      Netflix holidays movie are like old age vines ❤️

    85. Nathan Caldwell

      The animation is stellar, the music is beautiful, the character designs are amazing, and it hit me on so many feels. I must watch it.

    86. Denise Freitas


    87. I am Joy

      It’s the lovely African features for me :)

    88. C-Bee

      I hope this is an animated movie where a black lead character hopefully isn’t turned into some thing for the majority of the film like a frog, a green spirit, or a pigeon.

      1. Crystal Lite


      2. what ever

        @C-Bee exactly, and it was a whole different studio too

      3. MundoJuanci

        it's a short film

      4. Raspberry Heart

        Thank you for saying that. I had been thinking the same thing.

      5. C-Bee

        @itz prinx Ahmad Nothing, it’s a great movie but one movie doesn’t dismiss the others where it seems a pattern/formula is present.

    89. Santo Tan

      I know I'm racist, cause all I see in the thumb nail was Old man Lee and Clementine from Tell Tale Games' The Walking Dead. I miss Lee and Clem. 😟

    90. The Dude Abides

      So ,this is the story about Narendra Modi after his retirement

    91. Tammie Heazlit

      Brilliant Animation!

    92. Alezandra Davila

      It’s like Netflix Disney Pixar are all competing lol

    93. Leon Basin

      This looks so goood!

    94. Divya Tumu

      This wasn't even a teaser. It was like a looooooong name reveal😒😑

    95. boba bear Tea

      I thought it was disney

    96. Vish S

      Animated movie which is about painting say no more I'm sold

    97. Seni Rania

      I didn't want to shed anymore tears for 2020, but I guess I have to now.

    98. Benimation

      Is this to compete with Disney+' animated shorts?

    99. Georgina Monalisa

      I just clicked coz of the hair

    100. Nurrachmi Larasati

      Belom move on dari chang'e