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    The Social Season is upon us. Bridgerton, from Shondaland, premieres December 25, only on Netflix.
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    Bridgerton | Official Teaser Trailer | Netflix

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 26 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. mika yahav

      Is anyone else noticing how similar this show is to gossip girl? Really! It's like they copied everything but placed it in the Victorian era. I literally expected the narrator at the end to say XOXO gossip girl.

    2. Samantha G.

      oh my god this looks so good. I'm really excited.

    3. Jojo brown

      Lmao people complaining that this isn’t “historically correct” because black people are at the forefront and not maids or footmen in this series. You do not like it...don’t watch. I have been waiting for a period drama to feature people that look like me. That are apart of high society .

    4. Natasa Mpakara

      In the book Duke Simon and Daphne are nothing like that...She has brown hair and eyes and he has blue eyes and he's definelty not colored

    5. The Last Good Girl

      Another reason NOT to have Netflix. Glorification of hyper sexualized elite. Too bad they all die from syphilis slowly. Oh wait how wonderful

    6. Majahana Ndlovu

      so it's gossip girl in the 1800's, i'm in

    7. Raboude Annique

      I cant wait!!! 😍😍😍

    8. Michelle MacFarlane

      It's like Victorian gossip girl

    9. Chiacchiere Tra Le Righe

      I haven‘t read the books because they‘re not my genre, but fro the trailer this looks like a regency version of Gossip Girl! Not a fan of Gossip Girl, but the trailer intrigued me A LOT! Can‘t wait!

    10. Dannyboy90ify

      I am all for a diverse cast. but why not use a setting that lends itself better to such a cast.

    11. rsartore12

      lots of racist pricks in the comments

    12. Dita Peskova

      This is definitely not England of those days. It is pathetic when Americans start portraying European history. Even the costumes and sets are rubbish. Is this what Neflix keeps on cancelling established shows for?

    13. beatjunkybg

      I'm sure black folks are equally sick and tired of being artificially placed on top of everything that already exists in "white culture". It's like saying that their own history and mythology is not important enough to be portayed in Hollywood movies and tv...

    14. Vanilla Bean

      I cannot believe my favorite book series being made into a show!😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

    15. Anna Hussey

      Julia Quinn is one of my favorite authors for this type of novel. The problem is this series is suppose to be based on her books. And the books portrayed in as much accuracy as possible the Regency period in England. There weren’t black Duke’s in Regency England. I’m so disappointed. I’ve never had a book I love so much actually get the chance to “come to life”. Not so much I guess. We wouldn’t want to offend anyone without including some diversity. And anyone who disagrees, that’s your right. Her books clearly depicted a white male as the Duke. Even if it was fiction... it was historical fiction. I enjoy watching things with a diverse cast. But I’ve been reading Quinn’s books about the Bridgerton family for a decade and imagining them in my head, as they were described in the books. For me, personally, this will just be a very different than expected portrayal.

    16. Johanna PQ

      estoy mega emocionada

    17. stacy matheny

      I'm so freaking excited about this! I read the book series years ago and it's one of my favorites. Plus I love Lady Whistledown turned out to be my favorite character in the whole series.

    18. Eduarda Holt

      Omg this is so perfect, this is the best adaptation I've ever seen in my life, I can't wait to be released, this series will be wonderfully unique 🤧 I'm so proud of them 😍😍🤧🤧❤

    19. Patricia Rovere de Santi

      Can’t wait !! It looks amazing !!!!!!

    20. Ash Vega

      Вы заебали со своими неграми...

    21. ArtemisT135L

      Loving the diversity! I’m so thrilled that artistic license is being exercised more freely in an inclusive way. It may seem like an annoyance to someone grew up seeing people that look just like them in all media all them time...but such a person cannot begin to understand the ABSOLUTE importance of a diverse cast to those that didn’t (to ALL of us in fact, in today’s world). Such a person should also remember that this is based on a work of fiction, NOT historical facts :). So excited to watch this!

    22. Grace O

      Who is the composer of the music in this trailer?

    23. Rebecca Elliott

      New show really brought out all the racists in the comments I see. Never mind - it’ll be a hit anyway.

    24. crownxoxo

      I remember reading this so long ago and I can't wait to watch it!

    25. Jhonny Scipioni

      Where is Kate? I’m seriously concerned. I want Kate and Anthony

    26. Michael B

      Finally an accurate portrayal of historic English high society

    27. just1desi

      Ah it’s Shonda. That’s why there’s black people. You’d swear they didn’t exist before modern times otherwise.

    28. rico poisson

      This looks like trash and the acting seems to be atrocious. I love it and can't wait to watch it!

    29. Terézia Ferková

      We need this kind of Social Seasons. Please 🥺

    30. Susan Wilson

      Looking forward to Christmas day. x

    31. Gabi M


    32. Fernanda Edwards

      só queria o trailer providencia aí

    33. Fernanda Edwards

      TUDO TÃO LINDO ❤❤❤ não paro de ver

    34. 8175alice

      So basically... Jane Austen x Gossip Girl?

    35. ikram nour

      i lovz the books i wish they won't butcher the characters and the stories. penelope will always be my fav .

    36. Dicia Schulter

      rege is the perfect simon i love him

    37. Madshapie _

      I watched this like a million times

    38. Madshapie _


    39. Madshapie _


    40. Madshapie _

      this cast is so amazing everyone there is amazing and really talented Netflix made a GREAT choice

    41. Madshapie _

      please release bridgerotns today I can not wait

    42. Madshapie _

      racist should burn yes thats it

    43. Madshapie _


    44. Madshapie _


    45. Madshapie _


    46. Madshapie _

      ja pensou ser paga pra nao ser racista queria vai se fude europeu chato

    47. Miriã


    48. Katharine Marcondes

      Perfection has a name: Bridgerton ❤️🐝

    49. Alessandra Carvalho

      omg if we brazilians are being paid to comment positively on the series i'm sad because my bank account is still empty

    50. Aline Neuhaus

      Love this, very excited for Christmas now ❤️❤️

    51. Valkyrie Hildr

      Looking forward to blacks representing jewish novel characters in productions by Netflix and Israel.

    52. Giovanna Ângela

      se tem racista chorando eu tô feliz

    53. Sydney West

      I am so stinking excited for this show!

    54. Adam Craig

      there was black nobility in regency era london? Am I missing something?

      1. jasmine goulart

        @Adam Craig well, i don’t wanna give u a history class, so if u don’t like the cast don’t see and don’t hate the production. The cast is perfect and black people worth representation in all screens

      2. Adam Craig

        @jasmine goulart nobody said it was a documentary. Its just laughable how black characters have been inserted into white roles. Shouldnt appropriate other cultures

      3. Adam Craig

        @jasmine goulart who is they? What have they caused you? Grow up

      4. jasmine goulart

        ... I believe that putting black people in the cast is no appropriation if you compare everything they have caused us.

      5. jasmine goulart

        Europeans have appropriated different cultures over the centuries, stole our wealth and destroyed civilizations. bridgertons is a romantic work and not a historical documentary...

    55. Sergio Gutierrez


    56. Reh


    57. República de España

      nwo shit

    58. HiThere

      So Gossip Girl meets Downton Abbey???? Ok I'm down.

    59. Angel Fish

      what song is this, please? thanks

    60. Darima Pebors-Khor

      Yippee!!! Yes! I can't wait to see this. Looks like it is going to be great fun... I know what I will be watching for Christmas.

    61. varimarc1

      Looks so good!

    62. SparklingAngel

      this is like GOSSIP GIRL but in the times of old

    63. Alphey _

      I'm sorry but this doesn't look good to me

    64. QuinnTheSuperStar

      Never heard of this story, but seems like an old timey version of "Gossip Girl"?? 😄 I'll be checking it out anyway as it has a diverse cast set in a theme that usually whites only

    65. Madison Manning

      Hey Netflix! Just curious! What is the name of the trailer music? Thank you!

    66. eidothea

      Love that the reaction to the diverse cast has been overwhelmingly positive! There are still critics of course but we’ve come a looong way.

    67. Seansquirke

      18th century gossip girl ? 😂

    68. R H

      Looks like a lot of Netflix female Brazilian trolls ( crypto-Ja with fake profiles photos ) getting paid to post a comment on how wonderful this dieversity series is.. It is sooo blatant and obvious.. They just write the same comments.. Someone told them what to write supporting marxist propaganda of series as well as lies.... lol

      1. Maria Cândida Silva Viana

        uai a gente nn tem culpa se a fanbase dos eua comenta quase bosta nenhuma, a gente é emocionado sim e apoiamos oq gostamos, se nn gostou então vai pra casa do caralho povinho chato viu

      2. Yasmin Pereira

        Bridgerton já é um sucesso, e além disso o Fandom brasileiro é o melhor, estamos apenas devolvendo todo o amor que esse elenco PERFEITO nos dá sempre. Não poderia haver cast mais perfeito ❤️❤️😉

      3. Epic Rock

        @Fernanda Edwards 👏👏👏🗣

      4. Epic Rock

        @Maria Antonia 👏👏👏

      5. Maria Antonia

        No, we were not paid. We Brazilian fans love this series and we are praising it because we read the books and love it. I can say that we Brazilians do better than you, who should and praise diversity. Just one more thing: GO TO HELL BITCH

    69. Diversity is their strength

      FYI Netflix... Africans are a recent import to the UK (1950s onwards). Another reason not to give Netflix any money for its anti-ethnic-European propaganda.

    70. brian tsang

      is this like gossip girl but set in the victorian era

    71. Nkonde

      So, like, gossip girl for the olden days? Cool, I'm in!!

    72. NoCulture

      Who is the African pretending to be a european?

      1. jasmine goulart

        Splish splash your opinion is trash 🥳

      2. Ian Vera

        Triggered asshole alert lol

    73. NoCulture

      You can blackwash all you want but it will always be european history and culture, you cant create anything on your own.

    74. NoCulture


    75. Vitoria Regina

      Regé is the perfect Simon😻🇧🇷

    76. NoCulture

      Yall can't create your own culture so you steal white peoples, how many netflix shows gonna blackwash European history?

      1. Full moon

        @Madshapie _ but seriously there are cool stories from Africa too. I have read a novel or two back at school. I will be honestly appalled if my people (Asian) found themselves somewhere among Italian aristocracy, it's just weird. We have our own history, I wouldn't want them to create something else for us. Why black people don't cherish their culture? Because it's great! :) It will be interesting actually to see something about Africa before slavery. Why black people don't demand something like that? They have the most ancient history in the world! Why to make this up? We are seeing European history setting over and over again.

      2. Madshapie _

        BLACKWASH??? how stupid are you? thats why I hate white people

    77. Sebastian O.

      Historical revisionism. Only the far-left can get away with cultural appropriation. Netflix is a swamp.

    78. corinna bevier

      so basically it's gossip girl but jane austen style

    79. c

      xoxo Lady Whistledown

    80. kadija TURAY

      i cant wait for this

    81. Jim S.

      So basically it's 18th century Gossip Girl?

    82. Jessica K.

      Cast looks good, but personally I think they are going to destroy my favorite book series. And whats with the voice, book fans know who lady whistledown is and this doesn't match at all.

    83. TheKitkat825

      If this is gossip girl but old times I AM HERE FOR IT

    84. tanzeena alam

      Can't wait for Penelope and collin 🥺❤️

    85. kate lundquist

      soooo Jane Austen Gossip Girl?

    86. DMTHOTH

      Is this Incel's salt mine?

    87. Kaleidoscope Fay

      Cannot stop watching this trailer ughhh im soooooo exciteddddd

    88. M M

      Lol reminds of Gossip girl. 🙈

    89. Zamel A.

      Main black characters in Britain at a time where they didn’t actually exist? Check. A gay couple romance? Check.

    90. Maria Eduarda Azevedo

      *"Bridgerton is not a history class; it is a show for a modern audience" - Julia Quinn*

      1. Jean Neige

        "modern audience" = brainwashed low iq

      2. Maria Eduarda Azevedo

        @Adam Craig good for me whatever I am the mixture of the two 😄 but the scenes are already recorded and it's just about a period novel book and not a documentary I'm more concerned that they cut many original scenes

      3. Adam Craig

        @Maria Eduarda Azevedo I really dont care about appropriation either way. It's just how this show is being praised but if it was a different skin colour it would be wrong.

      4. Maria Eduarda Azevedo

        @Adam Craig Oh, I understand, I really think this is ridiculous because if you think it's beautiful, why not use it? but here in Brazil this is more good because as we are many miscegenated our culture is mixed this appropriation is not so strong as there are some who talk about the braids but s and you show respect for her and know the value then ok

      5. Adam Craig

        @Maria Eduarda Azevedo when white people insert themselves into other cultures its called cultural appropriation.

    91. Sanjana

      I’m so excited for this show!! the racism in this comment section is so disgusting

    92. Leila Santos

      O fandom brasileiro se orgulha muito da diversidade do fandom!!! Não podiam ter escolhido atores melhores

    93. Leila Santos


    94. Rebeca Medeiros

      GUYS, please just stop talking about black people in the comments, stop please I can't like them all 😝 Luv you guys, let's continue fighting against the racist people in the comments.

    95. Lisa Parker

      I cannot wait! I've never been so happy my family lives out of town. After opening gifts I'm going on a Bridgerton Binge! Also, I *deeply appreciate* the color-conscious casting & the low strings in the music here! 🤗💖🎉😍

    96. Thata Rosa


    97. Bianca Gonzalez

      I NEED YOU TO ANSWER ME SOMETHING!! like if they have the same blessed doubt. Explain to me, Why is there a GAY part ?! i mean, it's not because i'm homophobic but i'm 100% sure that there isn't a part like that in the book, i was also investigating and at minute 1:02 there is the actor who plays ANTHONY BRIDGERTON, please!! someone to take me out of doubt because i die if they make him gay, i die!!!!

      1. Bianca Gonzalez

        @Tamiris Barbosa we are in the same, i still want to see kate but good. the truth will be seen when it opens and there we will see who the possible gay is... even though it would be a waste of the series if it were so :(

      2. Tamiris Barbosa

        @Bianca Gonzalez Ok... But I think the Bridgerton gay will be Benedict. Idk, I can be wrong. I just want Kateee

      3. Bianca Gonzalez

        @Tamiris Barbosa no, you didn't understand me. yes i know in 1:03 if he's with sienna but before that, there's a gay part. i want to know why that part appears or what character it is. at minute 1:02 that appears

      4. Tamiris Barbosa

        I'm sure that is not Anthony. He is with Sienna in 1:03. Kate is coming.

    98. RyuBlade

      It's only fiction! We all know that historical Europe didn't look like this. Our grand-children won't.

    99. RyuBlade


    100. O.M