Breathtaking: K2 - The World's Most Dangerous Mountain | Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer

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    “K2 is a savage mountain that tries to kill you.” That is how climber George Bell described the infamous peak after the first American expedition in 1953-forever giving the mountain its nickname-The Savage Mountain. Sixty-six years later, Eddie Bauer mountain guides Adrian Ballinger and Carla Perez aim to summit the 8611-meter peak and join a community of explorers fewer in number than those who have been to outer space. Even more incredible, they both will attempt the feat without the use of supplemental oxygen. Every step of the way the team faces hazardous conditions, terrifying setbacks, and crushing misfortunes. But as Ballinger puts it, “I'll go until the mountain tells me I can’t go anymore.”

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    1. God Bless

      talk about those sherpas who are actual high altitude super human not that guy called bollinger. Sherpa make them possible to climb these peaks. There ate 100 of sherpas who have submitted everest more than twice and these guy is nothing compared..

    2. Natashka Doxnadze

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    3. GreenLid Gaming

      1.8K failed climbers hated this video! lol

    4. Mikael T

      So many stupid comments of couch "experts"... That don't have the beginning of a clue of what an effort costs above above 8000!!! And without oxygen assistance...absolute respect to those climbers and beautiful images!

    5. zak benmalek

      My dad swears this is how he got to school every morning

      1. Angel Duarte

        No just no

    6. ianh

      And dont forget to leave as much rubbish and waste as humanly possible....

    7. Jackson Five

      And here is me dominating my own mountain......of frosted shreddies. Feelsbadman.

    8. Mark Jessurun

      Nice climb Guys, i couldn't do it and with all Due Respect Congratulations to the Group !! Very Powerful and Spiritually Big !!

    9. FactNews

      Love from *Nepal*

    10. Sandipan Chatterjee

      Highest peak of India...🇮🇳 Illegally occupied by Terrorists State of Pakistan.!! Will be recovered soon...

    11. sabbottart

      Is he speaking in a made up accent? I’ve never heard such a jumbled mishmash of tonalities.

    12. Bujf vjg

      the most dangerous climbs are the faces still not conquered! North face of Devils Thumb, Alaska is way, way more of a risk than K2, especially in winter!

    13. Ed Trent

      K2 is beautiful. If I go there is only to admire it from base camp.

    14. Selahattin Cin

      7 day 7 night Carrying 30 kilos of payload is just $ 2 this it is against humanity. No insurance no medication no safety. What a great world for someone’s EGO....

    15. Muhammad shaheer

      Probably the most versatile country on planet Proud yo be Pakistani Great video btw

    16. Dolwolfian Photography

      Well done guys👍😃👌 Love the spirit of this team 🤙 The way to go to stay alive on these big beast mountains and in general in any mountain 👍 And so true when Adrian say " I will turn back when the mountain will tell me" as ego killed well more people than the mountain itself!

    17. Joel Wieland

      To each their own but i think climbing those mountains without oxygen while having a family at home waiting and counting on you is kinda irresponsible

    18. Nic Gibson

      Alpine cuisine : "...get into the kitchen, fire up a bunch of water..."

    19. Amandeep Petwal

      The great Himalayas♥️

    20. Tracy Bartlett

      Absolutely inspirational ❤️

    21. theseus

      When they reach the summit scene,i see blood matk at the snow,is it common coughing blood at that high altitude?

    22. K nyce

      Sherpas..."every time I'm on the mountain you on the mountain"...

    23. Shukeel C

      Unbelievable endurance and mental resilience. Massive respects, and incredibly no deaths

    24. Tariq Ahmed

      That’s makes us proud 🇵🇰❤️🇵🇰 thanks to all climbers of the world 👍

    25. Max 42

      Funny how "climbing a mountain" in todays terms automatically assumes pre-placed fixed ropes to the top, fixed ladders through crevasses and a team of underpaid sherpas to get you back down should you fail. do you even need to know how to use an ice axe anymore? It's like in sport rock climbing where they're climbing 5.15s with pre clipped quickdraws and raping the route a dozen times to mark the holds with chalk then calling em "first ascents". Sad sad sad

    26. Jei H

      How did the ropes get up there in the first place, does anyone know ?

    27. Fun movies

      mashallah Pakistan is so beautiful💖💖💖

    28. nicholas11417

      Great mountain of India 🇮🇳 part of kasmir occupied by Pakistan still

    29. Giacomo Bracci

      Why there is no mention of who set the ropes before?? No credit given to all the work made by others to give the possibility to reach the summit.

    30. Michal Olender

      Incredible accomplishment and what a journey!

    31. john evans

      It would have been so funny if after all that elation they return to base camp and find the sherpas have taken all their kit as payment.

    32. lion

      So, think about the people in 80s and 90s that climbed this mountain without the oxygen and without all this fancy equipment..

    33. B E N N E T T

      Porters well compensated? 15 dollars each for a 7 day trek carrying all your shit? Gtfo here with your saiyan haircut.

    34. Caldera Records

      I'm in training for a year before my first DEEP DIVE on Deep Rock Galactic. Zip wires FTW.

    35. pritish nath

      You have to try to go to k2

    36. psy walker

      I have this ridiculous problem, and im not joking either. I'm not afraid of heights at all, I'd love to go up these mountains, but for some reason I get vertigo when I watch it on a screen...I'ts really odd and it makes me all nervous :/

    37. Marco Lucano

      I am not a climber, but I feel with ropes already fixed by someone else, this is just an expensive trip for spoiled and bored wealthy people. It takes the guts to do it on your own. Otherwise it's just a fake thing. Maybe hard, probably I would not be able to (not even with years of training), but still fake. Plus, I saw how people leave their waste on the top of the mountains...if you can carry up, you should carry down..otherwise you shouldn't be there.

    38. Rajiv Shrestha

      If they want to go to bathroom where do they go in the high peaks?

    39. Tonykathie Langdon

      Amazing!!!! I am so glad somebody has filmed all the effort put forth so normal people like us can watch it hahaha.

    40. Edwin Kubena

      Amazing feat of endurance spectacular for everyone involved

    41. Sandy

      Barfola! But fascinating documentary.....I am a retired airline pilot, but at those elevations, if I have one foot on the ground, I get dizzy on a 10 foot ladder. Glad I'm not addicted to adrenalin (was back in my 30's, teaching and flying competition aerobatics.........Much admiration to pushing to your limits....a real "Come to Jesus" moment!! No failure if you live! And no failure if you die in Jesus Christ! Congratulations! Quit while you're still alive! LOL! And tell us about it!

    42. n m

      Tears in my eyes 😭

    43. Pablo Salazar

      Muy inspirador video, gracias por compartirlo, para un montañista, es muy emocionante ver estas imágenes, felicitaciones, mas aun si una Ecuatoriana como Carla Perez es parte del grupo, muy muy emocionante!!!!

    44. Ruchita Desai

      Wow it's adventure sports..and why even talking about tipping..These Sherpas should charge more for their services itself

    45. Muhammad Tanvir

      Love u from pakistan 🇵🇰❤

    46. maxgiii_beach_street_photo

      Fantastic thanks to share this miracle

    47. ilir malaj

      Great crew

    48. E erisen

      Plot twist: Next day,in the bad weather Alex Honnold free soloed the K2? Of course without oxygene. :-)


      Had the sherpas the tech to film this documentary on how they do and re-do all the dirty job for making "rich" tourists look heroic, then it would make more sense to me.

    50. Pedro Salgado


    51. Syed Ali

      There are no sherpas in pakistan climbers carry their own gear. Youre talking about nepal thats where sherpas are.

      1. nocturnal dream

        Climbers often contract Sherpas to come from Nepal or they use Pakistani High Altitude Porters to carry their gear.

    52. Anna15077

      Those rich spoiled westerners are just disgusting me. How can they live with themselves and claim that they climbed k2 when they let those poor men carry 30+ kilos of necessary equipment?!??

    53. Bilal Shah

      Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    54. Rez #44


    55. Shahbaz Ali

      I'm From Pakistan Thank You Guys For Select Pakistan And Also Select To Climb World Highest Summit K2 Pakistan Is The World Greatest Country For Tourism

    56. Rafal Malinowski

      Funny how Andrzej Bargiel finds climbing these mountains to easy and to boring as his vo2max is just too good and the only challange for him is skiing down from them

    57. Awesomesauce TV

      What kind Eddie Bauer jackets are those. I like them

    58. Alex C

      Big ups to the Sherpas for making all of this possible for the tourists.

    59. L Heise

      I wish the zippers on your jackets worked. Wouldn’t want them to break on a savage climb, just while I’m walking my tiny dog in the rain, along the Vancouver hiking trails. Never had a zipper break in 50 years except an Eddie Bauer coat and a lulu lemon coat. Go figure.

    60. Nawang Sherpa

      So sad how the Sherpas are given very little credit. Eddie I think you are a great climber however without Sherpas it would not have been possible for you to climb those mountains. Interesting how you talked about all those trainings, diets over a year to climb. I know friends, fathers, brothers who climb mount Everest to make a living, risking their lives. Kudos to all the fallen Sherpas who risked their lives to take people with camera and money to top of the Mountain.

    61. John Walker

      Thank you...I passed out at 10,000 ft.

    62. Jason Suter

      Wow just wow.......

    63. Misel982001

      I find absolutely no reason risking my life to climb a rock.

    64. Bernadette Panek

      great! congrats!

    65. anurag

      It's in India not Pakistan.. it's in pakistan's illegally occupied territory gilgit baltistan since 1948

    66. Michael Kilimanjaro


    67. Library Of Thoughts

      43:30 you can see the Kingdom of Clouds. And in the horizon is the Mountains of the Clouds. There lives something mysterious...

    68. Garrett Swank

      33:45 yeah looks like you have some sheath slippage there haha.

    69. 70mjc

      Not the world’s most dangerous.... That would be Annapurna....

    70. Soheb Qureshi

      Just wondering, why do they move up in night?

    71. fan of yours

      pakistan army promotional video. This video would not have been possible without permission from Pakistani Taliban aka Pakistan spy agency ISI.

    72. गोर्खाली काजी FUSION FOOD MAKER

      Proud to be nepali.

    73. RAO HAMMAS

      K2 (Karakam 2) is also called "GOD-WIN AUSTIN" ! And also not to forget "NANGA PARBAT" (The Naked Mountain also known as The Killer Mountain) is also of same reputation both in Pakistan among total of 14 World's top mountains. Pakistan is home to 108 peaks above 7,000 meters and probably as many peaks above 6,000 m. There is no count of the peaks above 5,000 and 4,000 m. Five of the 14 highest independent peaks in the world (the eight-thousands) are in Pakistan

    74. darren meyers

      Awe inspiring

    75. umesh pandya

      Which one is more difficult k2 or Everest?

    76. Adventure Addicted

    77. Alyssa Angel

      yesss! Eddie Bauer & K2 team!!!! 😍♥️🙌💯😇🔥

    78. Angry Cat

      Why "K - 2", not the other nice name? "Everest" sounds so great. But I love the look of K - 2 more)

      1. anurag

        @Angry Cat jomolungma in tibetan, sagarmatha in nepali

      2. Angry Cat

        @Simon Ferrier-May yes. I mean, "Jomolungma" is a local name, but climbers prefer "Everest" accepting it as the Spirit of the Mountain as well. It seems to be not properly the Mountain with local mame "Chogory" is for them only "K2", with no name, no spirit.. )

      3. Simon Ferrier-May

        K stands for Karakorum (the range that it's in) after it was incorrectly surveyed as being the 2nd highest peak in the range, hense K2 (K1 is now called Masherbrum). Everest was named after George Everest, the British geographer who had the task of surveying the area and trying to work out its height.

    79. Ana Ostfriesland

      I love Eddie Bauer jackets to keep me warm

    80. Ana Ostfriesland

      Aren’t Sherpa native people from Everest? People that help in K2 have a different name.

    81. Old man

      Rich people who fail to pay sherpas decent should be served for dinner.

    82. Old man

      These adventurers are wealthy.... cheating the sherpas is disgraceful! Dickheads. This is why I hate most rich people.

    83. plmoknty


    84. Vinay Shashank

      Undoubtedly a great achievement but I'm so disappointed that there is no mention of Nims Dai and his team. Everyone who followed this K2 season knows that his team broke the trail and set the lines for this team and not even mentioning them is absolutely unfair.

    85. AnnieT81

      I feel sorry for people who need to do that to learn how to be happy in everyday life...

    86. Reno Kenzo

      Thank you for this amazing, inspiring movie!! ❤️❤️❤️

    87. Proper432

      The Sherpas are the true heroes but I think the whole ordeal of going up those mountains is stupid, disrespectful and extremely narcissistic . People shouldn't be climbing at those altitudes anyway . i know it's all about the money it brings to their economy ,but still ,those mountains and it's valleys should be held a sacred sites and UNTOUCHABLE . I think their government/community can still make money by just making hiking expedition around the valleys and leaving the climbing out . once again i think is so disrespectful to have these westerners egotistic and narcissistic Aholes come to a place like K2 and think they're bigger and more powerful then nature .makes me sick !

    88. mikestand714

      i wonder how many would make it if there was not existing ropes.

    89. Schultheiss Farm

      What kind of moron pay 2 bucks

    90. Technical Sankalpa

      Did u ever heared about Annapura🙄

    91. Faisal Khaan

      Amazing Pakistan 🤤🇵🇰🤤

    92. François Grimard

      No deaths? I’m out!!

    93. Sam Jones

      In addition to Sherpas, people don’t give Porters the recognition they deserve. They carry pounds of luggage on their back for days.

    94. Gomas

      *_" K2 - The World's Most Dangerous Mountain"_* This is not true, Annapurna is the most dangerous mountain, 32% of the people who tried to climb it have died.

      1. Tashin Khan

        @Gomas it was just a question. You dont have to be rude. Thanks for the statistics

      2. Gomas

        @Tashin Khan Stop spreading nonsense. Annapurna 1 has a death rate of 31.9%. K2 has a death rate of 26.5% Nanga Parbat has a death rate of 20.3%

      3. Tashin Khan

        Nanga parbat you mean?

      4. Imti Jamir

        Damn!!! That's a scary statistic.

    95. Ash Richards

      Its great "they"have invented camera's so we can have a look and see what the view from up there is without climbing that rock ourselves...

    96. Scout Black Panther

      I just want to know if JACK BAUER is still alive and kicking on the hands of the Russian Intelligence Group as Chloe had seen him last time when he boarded a Russian chopper... lolz 😂

    97. ronydinho10

      I like how they make the Sherpas carry plastic chairs for them, because god forbidd you have to sit on the ground on a fuckin desolate mountain . as soon as I saw the chairs I knew these guys are fucking jerks. dislike.

    98. Robert Rae

      A $2 tip. Even a $10 tip is embarrassing. No wonder they hate us.

    99. Holy Unknown

      On the boarder of Tibet , it’s not china, TIBET !!!

    100. Tyler Tang

      13:30 did this dude catch covid?