Bold Diaries | RCB’s day out at the IPL Auction 2021

Royal Challengers Bangalore

326 ਹਜ਼ਾਰ ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼25

    A happy management and coaching staff explain the auction strategy and express their wishes leading into the all important #IPL2021.
    #PlayBold #ClassOf2021 #BidForBold #WeAreChallengers #NowARoyalChallenger

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    1. I dont know

      Mike Hessen is like professer


      My playing 11 1.M Azarudeen 2. Devdut padikkal 2. Vk 4. ABD 5. MAX 6.D. Christian 7. D. Sams 8. Sunder 9. Saini 10.Siraj 11.Chahal

    3. Kishore Kishore

      RCB 🏁🏁🏁

    4. Alaap Syamakrishnan

      RCB must include Kane Richardson in one of their matches in IPL 2021. It might be an advantage for them.

    5. Srinath Herath

      Maxi is an excellent player🔥🔥💪💪

    6. Muzzu Muzamil

      KS bharath as WK will bring balance as AB, Maxi, Christian, jamieson can play

    7. Moti Chavan

      Should have bid on David Malan

    8. Harpreet Kaur


    9. Dharun Editz123

      RCB doing good plan

    10. Theother Side


    11. JvBabu Reddy

      Playing IX Padikkal Azharuddin Virat ABD Maxwell Christian Jamieson Sundar Siraj Saini Chahal

    12. Shreedhara REDDY

      Why ignor karnataka player

    13. Sajjan Bassu Playing 11

    14. DHANUSH Dhanush

      Abd devillers fans like

    15. kiran raulo

      2 million fans

    16. P CHINNA

      Cup namadhi

    17. p

      hlo guyz now iam in youtube .❤️❤️💖🙏🏻 . Beacuse of your lots of requests.@iamvkohli official

    18. snehalpalan CR7

      Got out on 1 run Today 😆

    19. SYED xmex

      We play bold 😂😂😂😅😂😂😂😂😂😂 To get 8th position

    20. madan Sahoo

      Rcb team is a good team this year

    21. Dizire Scope

      I am Not Happy for Dan Cristian buy You could buy a Opener like Jason Roy Alex Hales Evin Lewis etc .

    22. Krishnendu Chakraborty

      I m not a big "RCB" fan, but this time RCB looks very much powerfull than any other team... all the best for ipl 2021...

    23. Ariful Kalam

      RCB 2021 IPL Champions

    24. Bikalpa Gyawali

    25. Mayur Baisane 2018 /53

      1)D Padikkal 2)M Azharuddeen (Wk) 3)V Kohli(C) 4)AB De Villiers 5)Sachin Baby 6)G Maxwell 7)K Jemieson 8)W Sundar 9)K Richardson 10)Y Chahal 11)M siraj/H patel/N saini What's your thoughts on this 11?


      Kohli is the curse for your team, remove him from captaincy otherwise u buy anyone result won't change

    27. Shan Sahn

      Rcb Owner looking like Brahmanandam 😂😂

    28. Dinesh Kumar

      1)devdutt Padikal 2)Mohammed azharuddeen 3)virat kohli 4)ab devilliars 5)Glenn Maxwell 6)Daniel Christian/Daniel sams 7)Washington sundar 8)navdeep saini 9)harshal patel/ Mohammed siraj 10)yuzvendra chahal 11)Kyle jamieson

    29. Amit Kumar


    30. crazy cricket channel

      I think playing xi should be Dev padi Azharuddin Virat Abd Maxi Harshal Washi Jamieson Daniel Christian Siraj Chahal

    31. Adi# /

      Mi: we have trophies RCB:we have hearts ❤️

    32. Adi# /

      RCB wins hearts not trophies

    33. RO-han Biswas26

      May reason RCB is will not win in this year of IPL 1. Loli Captain 🤣

    34. babu john


    35. Aadil Amaan

      The batting become more destructive after coming of maxi in the team

    36. NobleFalcon

      RCB - Royal Crappy Bangalore - All the worst.

    37. Abel James

      Bro DDP and azuruthin for open

    38. sk jahangir alam

      Congrate for 2m Rcb

    39. Alive Gamer


    40. Abhishek Mishra

      E sala cup namde 💖❤️💕 # play bold. No matter you won or loss we r your loyal fan ☺️☺️

    41. Bhimesh chowdhary

      These RCB selectors are bafoons

    42. Fathima Shahani

      Whatever happens we are with you RCB....RCBIAN FOREVER😍😎 PROUD TO BE A RCBIAN 😎❤❤

    43. Fathima Shahani

      Bigggggg fan of VIRAT AND RCB...Really really RCB is just not a team,its a family,an emotion and everything..😍😍❤❤

    44. Fathima Shahani

      Soo happy...with these buys😍

    45. Nitin george

      Team RCB - Azaruddin, Padikkal, kohli, ABD, Maxwell, Dan Christian, Washington, Jamieson, siraj, Saini, chahal. This is gotta be the winning side.

    46. abid thalangara

      Use the players wisely on the field

    47. Retro Legend

      Why do I have a funny feeling that dan Christian will be the clutch player for RCB

    48. Shamama Davalji


    49. VK 18

      Virat+ABD+MAXI+Christian =🏏🏏🏏

    50. mehulroyas vaidhya

      RCB 11 for IPL 2021:- 1) Mohd. Azharuddin ( Can bat aggressively and is a wk too) 2) Devdutt Padikkal ( He plays free flowing shots and provides a good start) 3) Virat Kohli ( Captain and the most reliable batsman) 4) Alien God devilliers ( Who am I to describe him🙂 becoz he is god) 5) Glenn Maxwell ( He can rescue us if top order collapse and finish games as well and could provide 1-2 overs) 6) Dan Christian(He is T20 specialist, could finish games, provide 1-2 overs, 37 years old and experienced thus could assist Kohli in captaincy and most importantly , he is lucky coin😉 for RCB which we need most) 7) Kyle Jamieson ( He can bowl all 4 overs with great control and can hit the bowls out of ground when he is batting) 8) Washington Sundar ( Provides Economical overs which chokes batsman which pressurise batsman to throw their wickets and provides depth to batting which releases pressure from top order batsman) 9) Mohd. Siraj( If you troll him, just watch his dream spell against KKR and then STFU😏) 10) Navdeep Saini( He is a good death bowler and can bowl upto 150 kmph) 11) Yuzvendra Chahal( The wicket taker , even if he is expensive he will take wickets) .............................................................. Team strategy:- While batting:- A) Top order(1,2,3):- As we have depth in batting till 8 , the top order Azhar , Dev and King Kohli should play their natural game as the game is just of 20 overs. One of them should last upto 12th over. B) Middle order(4,5,6) :- We have many hitter batsman like AB , Maxi and Dan Christ , overall a disastrous combination. C) Lower order(7,8) :- Probably the best lower order in form of Washi and Jamieson as thay can play big shots. Bowling strategy:- A) We have 7 bowling options, even if one bowler has a bad day it doesn't matter. B) Siraj should bowl his first 3 overs in first 10 overs as he can swing the bowl. C) Washi can bowl in powerplay economically and when the batsman is choking , then we can bring yuzi in middle overs whi would take wickets due to pressure created by Washi. E) Navdeep is death bowling material and can bowl yorkers F) Jamieson can bowl 2 overs in middle and in death too👍👍 G) If a bowler has a bad day, then we have, Maxi and Dan Christ👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    51. Murtaza redas

      All 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🖕🖕💩💩💩💩

    52. top Rider manoj kumar

      We r weting for 2021 RCB team ♥️♥️♥️🔥

    53. Telugu tech

      Cheer up RCB let's win first ipl cup

    54. Whatapp Status king


    55. Gaurav Pandey

      Whats about middle batsman only 4 overseas will play

    56. Sushmita Adhikari

      RCB is the best of all time

    57. Aneek Suri

      1)Devdutt Padikal 2)Md Azharuddin 3)Virat Kohli (c) 4)Ab Deviliers (vc) × 5)Glen Maxwell × 6)Danial Christian × 7)Washington Sundar 8)Kyle Jemison × 9)Md Siraj 10)Navdeep Saini 11)Yuzi Chahal Is it good tell in comments Below!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Oscar Wilde

        Good but not confident about bowling

    58. selva raj

      Best 11 1.azarudeen(WK)2.d padikal 3.virat 4.abd 5.maxwell 6.d Christian 7.w Sundar 8.kyle Jamison 9.n saini 10.m siraj 11.y chahal

    59. Anju Singhal


    60. Bharath .R

      Eesala cupuu namade 😂😂😂😂 maxi 😂😂😂

    61. Viva tricks

      Mad rcb team bakvas decision for Maxwell Smith wa best option even Maxwell no six in 2020 and last fifty 2017 he made 14cr is value for 14 rs


      Who wants that Rcb will win ipl 2021

    63. Sreekara Narayana

      Like melbourne renegades in 2018 in bbl is it rcb in 2020 in ipl ? {Maiden Title}

      1. Oscar Wilde


    64. Biswamitra Bhatt. Sk_m

      RCB just know how to buy players....but they don't know how to handle them.... that's why RCB is regarded as the worst team in almost every year....

      1. Biswamitra Bhatt. Sk_m

        @Mahanidhi Banakar Bhai kiyu RCB ka chamchagiri kar rahe ho.......RCB se accha toh....mere paros baali aunty log khelte hai...🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Mahanidhi Banakar

        6 playoffs, 3 finals and you call Rcb worst team. Come on grow up

    65. Bhuvanyu Sharma

      Padikal Azhar Virat Ab✈️ Maxwell ✈️ Dan Christian ✈️ Kyle Jamieson ✈️ W. Sundar Harshal/Siraj Saini Chahal

    66. Md ashad

      History tells us....that RCB 🔥 but bowling is not too fastatic 😉 200+ bana sakte ho to luta v sakte.... ho..

    67. Sparsh Dalal

      My playing XI 1. Devdutt padikkal 2. M. Azhar (Wk) 3. Virat Kohli (C) 4. ABD (✈️) 5. Maxwell (✈️) 6. Dan Christian (✈️) 7. Kyle Jamieson (✈️) 8. Washington Sundar 9. Navdeep Saini 10. M. Siraj 11. Y. Chahal

    68. Meghana Jagadeesh


    69. lewin Cheruvathoor

      Too much on Maxwell and Kyle Jameison,i dont feel they will be in top 4 last year squad was better with morris + richardson+moeen+ zampa instead of steyn

    70. Nagashayana K

      ಈ ಸತಿ ಆದ್ರೂ ಕನ್ನಡ anthem ಮಾಡ್ರಿ

    71. Tarique Izaz

      Imagine RCB batting line up KL Rahul Gayle Virat ABD Maxwell Daniel christian

    72. King Avinash


    73. tik tok trending

      Is bar to jitega rcb 👍 Karo 👇

    74. tik tok trending


    75. santosh kevat

      Maxwell 100 Run ya 10 wicked IPL 2021 me nahi le payga RCB fash jyada khush mat ho

    76. samrudh s harsha

      When IPL starts again iam waiting for RCB match🔥🔥🔥🔴 Play bold RCB

    77. S.S Creations Sirwar

      Mr. Nags the legend of RCB

    78. anubhav gamer

      I think this team was not better than Ipl 2020

    79. Muskan Ahmed

      I think Rcb did a mistake by releasing Chris Morris because he played quite good last year for Rcb,, and I really wanted to see Jason Roy with Rcb,, it's really shocking to see Jason Roy going unsold

      1. Jew apple

        Can't believe proven international stars went unsold this auction while someone as Arjun Tendulkar was picked up by the most successful franchise.

    80. Muskan Ahmed

      I am waiting for Ab- virat duo and to see Rcb lifting the trophy,, I am also waiting for the best partnership in the history to repeat itself which was created in 2016 against gujrat lions

    81. Melwyn Menezes

      Almost ok make Abraham Benjamin Deviliars captain

    82. Melwyn Menezes

      First change the name royal challengers Banglore and then change virat otherwise nothing will happen reality

    83. Durgesh Yadav

      RCB did a huge mistake by releasing Morris. If not for injury, Morris is better than Kyle any day. RCB could have retained him only for 10 crore instead of spending 5 more on Kyle and they could still have bought Maxwell and Dan Christian and save some money too

      1. Durgesh Yadav

        @Jew apple Dude!! Are you high or something...? Because clearly i did not compare maxwell and Morris anywhere. I said that RCB could have retained Morris instead of spending extra bucks on Kyle. What the hell are you smoking..? Did you even read the comment properly. WTF. And FYI, i was comparing Morris and Kyle. Get your shit together mate. FFS

      2. Jew apple

        @Durgesh Yadav Get a grip mate. Only because Maxwell doesn't performs in IPLor CPL inspite of swashbuckling Indian bowlers in international level doesn't means you'd rate some random coot higher than him. You'd probably rate Subhman Gill higher than Ricky Ponting too I guess lmao.

      3. Jew apple

        @Durgesh Yadav Morris being more experienced than someone as Maxwell! Maxwell not being an *all rounder* ! You sure have some serious knowledge about players. I don't see why some 3rd rated all rounder who doesn't even get's the opportunity to play for his national team is being compared to a world cup winner as Maxwell.

      4. Durgesh Yadav

        @Jew apple And in some cases IPL stats does matter. the reason Aus batsmen may fail in subcontinent is that the pace and bounce in the australian pitches are true on which they thrive which they won't get here in India on most of the venues. It's just that one has to know when to focus on the stats and when not to. Don't support any stats blindly.. that's all.

      5. Durgesh Yadav

        @Jew apple Nowhere i mentioned any stats though. Did i ? maxwell and Morris are different kind of players, one can not full fill the role of the other. Buying Maxwell was good decision but It's just doesn't make sense to release Morris and then buy Kyle by spending 5 crore more. As Morris is more experienced while Jameison is completely untested in India and even in T20Is. Experience counts in this format. I don't know how can you just replace Morris with Maxwell as you stated. Morris is seam allrounder.

    84. Srinu Yadav

      Who are all eagerly waiting to see Ab De Villiers and Glenn Maxwell batting together🔥🔥🔥

    85. om singh

      Maxi went for 10. 8 and for 108 run now he went for 14.3 so how many runs he will score

    86. Sakthevel M D

      M. Azzar Dev dutt V.kohli Abd Maxwell/ D sams Sachin baby K. Jameson/ D. Christin W.sundar/ H.patel Suraj Saini Y. Chahal This is the most balanced team that I could come up with the current squad. Hope this helps 😉

    87. M Zafar

      I was expecting to add some good bowlers to our RCB squad, bowling is equally important in IPL. Let's hope #ESCP.

    88. T10 Media v


    89. Raj Aryan

      CSK vs RCB final?? 💛❤️

    90. chandru B G Chand

      Team for rcb padikal Mohammad azaruddin (WK) Virat Abd Maxi Christian Sundar Kyel jamesion Yuzi Siraj Saini 3 genuine alrounders 3 spinners 4 fast bowlers will add flexibility in team.. Go rcb .. #ESCN

    91. Pratik Patil

      RCB best playing 11 1) paddikal 2)m azharudeen 3)vk 4)ABD✈️ 5) Maxwell✈️ 6)Danial christion✈️ 7) Kyle Jamison ✈️ 8) Sundar 9)chahal 10)siraj/saini 11)harshal/sahbaz ahmad

    92. msr kannur

      Can't wait azharudeen and paddikkal opening in rcb

    93. I AM Legend

      guru e sala cup, namde annoke bidllila so not confident ah?

    94. Viswanathan Manikandan

      E saala cup namde

    95. Sunanda Majumder

      Which combination is the best❤ Virat and Mr.360* OR Mr.360* and Maxwell OR Virat and Maxwell

    96. Rishikesh Barik

      This year Rcb will win

    97. Saurabh Ganguly

      Disclaimer: Investing in Maxwell is subjected to market risk. Read every years auction documents before Investing. IPL or BCCI will not responsible for any Market loss🙏🙏🙏

    98. Nayan Basak

      RCB-Kohli,De Villiers,Maxwell the batting line up is fire up

    99. chaitanya tejas

      Malya... where are you 😭... who are these guys seriously

    100. Roger Martin

      Only the real cricket fans know how badass is daniel christian ✌