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    There's a new monster in town. Season 4 of the Emmy Award-winning Big Mouth returns December 4th, only on Netflix.
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    Big Mouth: Season 4 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    On the brink of eighth grade, the friends contend with summer camp torments, shady alter egos, new make-out frontiers and Tito the Anxiety Mosquito.

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    1. DJ John

      I’m kinda disappointed

    2. Hanna Rethati

      Yesssss another season

    3. Video game lover 2006

      Were is Maurice?

    4. previon gaming

      Yessssss I was so sad when this was over but now that I know a new seson is coming I'm more than happy

    5. Scramator *

      Every John Oliver guest appearance in animation looks exactly like him.

    6. Isaac Abunu

      Seth Rogen and John Oliver are gonna be in big mouth now.

    7. Vincent Holthaus

      I have NO clue what to expect after this trailer.

    8. MiLi MJ

      It’s gonna be sad when this show comes to an end

    9. Hey It’s Em

      Maurice better be in here or I’m gonna cry.

    10. AZETÜRK

      İ am so happy😀😀😀😀

    11. Mamkajiwin

      What’s up Broski 🦋

    12. David C

      Connie’s VA is the only real reason people still watch this. Don’t lie to yourself.

    13. melina conrow

      Wasn't there an "Anxious Armidillo" during the depression episode? Y r there anxiety mosquitos?

    14. Waveyy

      ok is it just me or does matthew kinda need someone

    15. Bitsy83

      I wonder if we’ll ever find out who the Ponytail Killer is?

    16. animeviewer66

      I've had the theory that Nick may be trans, for a while now. And considering this season we see them fighting with their possible future self. I think it's more likely than ever.

    17. Livin like Larry

      is is that PROFESSOR IAN DUNCAN I HEAR??

    18. Ian Caleb Rodriguez

      Im literally going to make it through this season im going to watch it in one day so I'll have to watch it all again

    19. SERGIp51D

      No Maurice? No dice man I’m out.

    20. Morpheus Sea

      I can’t wait. Love this show

    21. Asher Levin

      This trailer looks so good. I just really hope Matthew and Aiden stay together

    22. Wendy Atohwo


    23. Drixenol86

      Anxiety bugs?

    24. Sideous Man

      Dead shows

    25. Lynn Nichole

      I am gonna feel really bad for Mathew this season

    26. Henry Stickmin

      i dont even think this show is that great but i still just cant stop watching it wth


      My life just got better I couldn't wait anymore this series is just so good

    28. Black Acura

      Netflix pumping out more unfunny garbage for the npcs to eat up.

      1. animeviewer66

        Spoken like a true NPC

    29. Bryce Cherry

      I think there should be an episode where characters wear masks for COVID-19.

      1. Jamie Willis

        I think it would be too realistic but hey ho

    30. Gayass Spacewolves

      BoJack Horseman got cancelled but this abortion is getting a 4th season

    31. Eric Cartman


    32. Dark Diarys


    33. Eduardo Molina

      Am i the only one thinking about the anxiety mosquito. In season 2 when they were discussing jessi’s number 1 being the depression kitty. There was a dude there called the anxiety armadillo

    34. Paige Lyman


    35. Simps Sit Down

      This is great baby

    36. Demonia Sangre

      Gonna watch this illegally since Netflix took the free trial away

      1. SR Brant

        That’s not something you tell people.

    37. Janie P.

      I’m so excited for this. Lola is my favorite.

    38. cabrera

      Finally!!!! My boy hay is back and looks like he is going to butter that ass

    39. Eduardo KTG

      Dude, this season, is really going to change everything. The most important friendship of the show, Andrew-Nick, is GONE, like, jeez. Jessi, one of my personal favorite characters, is going to move out, and Jay now is moving closer to being a good person, I'm so excited, Netflix made all these changes without ruining the show, how? You might ask. I tell you, the big ol' classic SUMMER CAMP SEASON. Where they all meet each other again, just, wow. Matthew is becoming an actual main character, as it seems to be going to Missy as well,(let's not forget Coach Steve) the series is surely going through changes, you see. I'm not generally the type of person that overreacts at trailers and new seasons, but this show, wow, started with puberty related stuff to gain attention from the young viewers, but it turns out that it is a deeply developed series with perfectly written episodes, truly good narratives and characters. That's it

    40. loser101 sundays

      Yooo I’m excited

    41. Mark Burns

      Can't wait,have no idea where this season is gonna go

    42. Vill West

      Nick BDB big Di@k Boy

    43. Germanieシ

      I haven’t seen Judd’s fine ass this whole trailer🙄✋🏾

    44. useless paperclip

      if i could just talk to one of those anxiety mosquito hoes that would be AMAZING because i have some questions

    45. EonWhite

      I thought this show was done. But looks like it was just taking it’s sweet time. Which is alright. Really looking forward to this show coming back. Also, was that John Oliver as a camp counsellor? Can’t wait to see more of that.

    46. Robert McMurrer

      Was it me or did his dad look like Adam Sandler when he was talking in the car?

    47. Jimmy Rustles


    48. Potatable


    49. Fire boy

      "Ugh its in between my goddame toes "

    50. Josephine Franco

      Yesss I love this show 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Abhishek Grewal

      Where is the OG hormone monster tho

    52. Matthew Jenkins

      I hate that I like Lola it feels wrong at so many levels

    53. Guy Vizard

      One of the best cartoons of this generation.

    54. Ross W


    55. Talha Enes Orhan

      Sonunda en sevdiğim karton dizinin yeni sezonu teşekkürler Netflix.

    56. alex tamere

      "Now that schools asleep"🤣I swear coach Steve is the best

    57. arif shaik


    58. Miska Niska 1337

      Is this really coming?

    59. pipeanp

      Adult Jay with a mustache is HOT And you can’t change my mind

    60. augusto cordeiro

      The reality is, I know how this show really has cheap humor in it, but still, it does bring back a lot of memories of being a teen

    61. Clarence Cyril

      Where is hormone monster

    62. Summer Rose


    63. Amelia Potter

      So you’ll stop Age of Resistance and I’m Not Okay With This after 1 season but you’ll give this garbage 4 seasons?!

      1. Tom Rodriguez

        They're giving them 6 seasons ❤️

    64. Taha Arslan

      I hope we will be able to see Andrew's sexy female cousin in the new season.

    65. 267.viv___

      is the anxiety mosquito like the new shame wizard??

    66. ansh sachdeva

      Damn, is that john oliver @ 0:21?!!

    67. kohendogg

      This should’ve ended a long time ago.

      1. Tom Rodriguez

        They're gonna be around till season 6... And that's great lol

    68. Drake Gordon

      I think Maurice is named after the Little Monster in that 80s Movie...with Fred Savage

    69. Vianée Anahil

      Does anyone remember at the meeting when Jay’s mom said she had a secret daughter? I would LOVE to see if that’s true

      1. Melany Avalos

        right, but i feel like shes probably dead or just completely out of reach, you know?

      2. Святъславлич лѣт Herjaðir

        Yeah but she's pretty mssed up already so that might actually be a sign of early onset dementia caused by substance abuse.

    70. Miniscule-Mars

      Wait a minute when did yall let this show get 4 seasons

    71. cold zen

      There shouldn't be more than one gay guy in the series

    72. hector mendez

      Where maury

    73. iron phoenix

      Wow this show hurts to look at

    74. Fatted Emu


    75. Nicoplaypro

      Omg is back yesss

    76. Lemon

      so this gets a new season but bojack horseman doesn’t wtf

    77. Delbert Harris

      Season 2 is my favorite season

    78. fireguardiancoty

      Jenny Slate will always be my Missy

    79. RED RUM

      Jay and Lola!? That’s like, woof

    80. Bella Farquhar

      1:11 Is Ally and the other girl together in this season?

    81. ניסים מזרחי אדרי בן זכאי

      bad series

    82. Mh18 2018

      Oh s**t. My little bro's favorite show. I think this show got him through highschool if not he sure learned more about sex from this show than he did from school.

    83. he11 boy


    84. question everything

      Give us an early present release it a day before

    85. moonlight bae

      horny jay is my favorite omg

    86. EL Fabio

      "This part of my life, this little part... is called happiness."

    87. OGKendrickLamar Fuh

      seth rogen?

    88. Elliott O'Roarty


    89. 76 West

      Can't wait

    90. Maddy Plays

      Can we please just have one episode explaining coach Steve’s life, and all the terrors that come with it

    91. Gabriel Aguirre

      Future Andrew is a yikes Future Jay is HOT Future Lola glowed up Im hyped for this season!

    92. RunRickyRunIt

      now they’re gonna talk about anxiety ? ah yes more cringe

    93. RunRickyRunIt

      this shitty show still exists ?

    94. Ratchet_ricky


    95. Ana Dragos


    96. Grace Gomez

      This is the only thing I’m looking forward to this year

    97. Ollie T

      It’s ok Maurice is in the forth season. It shows him when Marty is forcing Andrew into camp just not in this trailer

    98. crash

      finalmente krai

    99. h k

      Omg yes!

    100. Ous_ on_XBL

      Boutta save 2020.