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    Beats Of Radhe Shyam On UV Creations. Radhe Shyam is an upcoming Indian romantic drama film starring Rebel Star Prabhas and Pooja Hegde. Written and directed by Radha Krishna Kumar. Music by Justin Prabhakaran on T-Series, Sound design by Resul Pookutty. The film is presented by Krishnam Raju under Gopi Krishna Movies and produced by UV Creations and T-Series jointly. Movie is Shot simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. Also starring Sachin Khedekar, Priyadarsi Pulikonda, Bhagyashree, Murli Sharma, Kunaal Roy Kapoor, Riddhi Kumar, Sasha Chettri, Sathyan and many others.
    Motion Poster Creative Team: Anil Kumar Upadyaula, Kabilan Chellaiah and Ramesh Acharya.
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    1. Pradip karki


    2. B19 Nilesh Sahu

      Addictive ❤️❤️

    3. Naveen praba

      It's 10.7m 3 days lo 11m cheyari Sahre link in Twitter fb whatsapp insta

    4. Ravi Dhumala

      Trealer super prabhas anna

      1. raghu ram

        Trailer kadu bro, inka teaser ye release avvala..idi motion poster...

    5. Jaymin baraiya

      Movie should be great. Not should be like Saaho.

      1. raghu ram


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    7. Samantha Ruth Prabhu

      Best of luck prabhas sir To your radhe shyam😍

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    9. Nikhil Munagala

      This still copy

    10. Mahadeo simiriya Sikandra

      What a trailer Maine aisa first time dekha ❤️

      1. raghu ram

        It's not even teaser or trailer it is just motion poster😅teaser and trailer yet to release💝☺️... from?

    11. Yin Yin

      Loved prabhas face. so charming but the scarf is 😑😑😑

    12. Yin Yin

      Prabhas is so handsome that i forgot to see the heroine😁😁😁 the music is so soothing 😘

    13. Manu Manoj

      UV creations u will not leave any thing about Radhe shyam how many Days over you are not leavening any thing good news for prabhas fans😔

    14. rajeev mb

      ఐ లవ్ యూ డార్లింగ్

    15. ramu sambari

      Darling love ❤️

    16. Itz Status World RaviTeja New Movie n

    17. Rim Poche

      കേരളം റിപ്പോർട്ടിംഗ് സാർ

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    19. Novitha creations

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      Caller tune please ❤️

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      Super draling

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      Eagerly waiting for this ❤️

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      Jai prabhas Anna

    26. Shanmukh Gollapalli

      In this video 0:18 sec that music is on another movie

    27. palash halder


      1. Manideep ch

        It's motion poster bro don't worry they just showed us the story line of the movie

    28. Bhavya Kumar

      Jai prabhas anna

    29. Ratna Hazra

      Karachiwood tum se Na ho payga

    30. DEVIL MAKER 77


    31. Revanasiddesh Raghu

      ರಾಧೆ ಶ್ಯಾಮ

    32. Anju Reddy

      Tollywood has too much of nepotism. Im also a telugu audience . Only 3 or 4 heroes are outsides. But atleast heroins are not related to nepotism . So it is better

      1. Kiran Deep

        But with unlimited talent

    33. dalinaidu boddana

      Class ayina mass ayina prabhas annayya minchinodu evaru leru

    34. Chandrashekar

      బుట్టబొమ్మ నడుము చూసారా

    35. Rahul Kharwa

      Waiting this movie watch

    36. Udhaya Kumar

      After saaho another flop movie is coming from tree man Prabhas🤣🤣🤣

    37. Gopal Reddy

      Good remix♥

    38. Maheshwar Mahato

      I m waiting

    39. Medi Srinivas

      Radhe Shyam trailer super I'm big fan of Pooja hegde

    40. Dhannu Aayan


    41. Just another random stranger on the internet

      0:56 Bollywood will pee in their pants to even think about putting such lyrics. Because their master Dawood will not like it. Instead they will use ya maula for a hindu or sikh character.

    42. Ganesh Nvr

      Unsafe act

    43. DAD

      One day Dakshinapath Movies will rule World. Every second movie will cross $1B.

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    45. Devalla Mahesh

      Bhari hit avudhi ma prabhas dhi

    46. Trendy Tolly

      Prabhas fans waiting

    47. Delighted Soul

      And you promise yourself you will never fall so hard again, until you meet someone who makes the fall feel like flying. #DelightedSoul

    48. Pragya Ray

      movie nam 🤔

      1. raghu ram


    49. Vishal Singh

      Ye hai real Indian movies na ke Bollywood jaise🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🔥💪

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    51. Lakshmi Narayana

      Rebel star prabhas

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    53. rajyapal tembhurne

      Type of Hollywood level

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    58. Babafakrudin Babafakrudin

      Bahibali 2

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    60. Babafakrudin Babafakrudin

      Mr perfect

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      Ek niranjan

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      Adavi raMudu

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    72. High Zoned Launda

      Here is an educational channel, struggling to get views and subscribers. Please do show your love and thanks in advance Can't wait for the movie.....yeah darling prabhas.....

    73. Nisha Gond

      Bahubali is back❤️

    74. Sai Sriharsha Potta

      Hare Krishna

    75. shivashankar sangineni

      How many of you observed that prabhas holded pooja hegdes chunny but not train . At 0:48 so prabhas moved outside and pooja started moving inside How many of you observed this hit a like 👍👍

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      darling ur awesome,love u very much from pakistan

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      This is what calls creativity 😍😚

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      supper supper


      Love from Rajasthan We love your movies... You are such a superstar ....Tiger

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      South Indian movies ka level toh bardta hi ja rha hai👌


      Waiting 😍😍😍😍

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      Who can see repeatedly again and again 🤗🤗🤗

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      Music is amazing

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      Butiful love

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      Poster just like memory's ❤🌟.

    90. Prabhas-Bunny Mutual Jai Rebel Star anna🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Music Lover Little Lucky Creations

        Jai Bunny ❤️ Jai Darling ❤️

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      Love of South indian movie #Bangladesh


      Who is best Vijay-like Prabhas-comment

      1. skull breaker

        Prabhas always king

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      Movi kove ayga

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      No 1.

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      I hope it will be awesome . Feeling something very very very different . 💕

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      Power of prabhass👍👇

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      Wah Goosebumps 😇😇👌👌👌👌

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      Radhe shyam poster is quite interesting