Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun | Official Trailer | Netflix


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    Zach, Broden and Mark are the comedy group Aunty Donna - and when it comes to their house, you never know who might drop by for a whacky little adventure. Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun, a new comedy series from Executive Producer Ed Helms, streams November 11th only on Netflix.
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    Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Australian comedy group Aunty Donna star in this hybrid of narrative and sketch comedy about three roommates making their way through an absurdist world.

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    1. OneUpdateataTime

      The show was great. I'd love for the theme to have an extended version on spotify to add to party playlists because it's sick

    2. RCorbzz

      I've always wonder if we should keep people who thinks this shit is funny on a register. If you find this funny you shouldn't have a drivers licence or produce children, seriously people how fking stupid do you have to be not to have though of all of these jokes before. This series is the tv version of KPop, lets use the simplest jokes and make a tv show fingers crossed it works. Cya in 6 months when this tanks and all the actors/actresses are fked because they wanted to become famous off a show that tanked.

    3. V K

      What a SHIT

    4. caspa7

      One hipster latte with Meth please.

    5. Sunscent lovely

      I am here from fairbairn film

    6. user

      just watched the show, very funny. i do not like australians generally but i thiught this was good

    7. damngary

      This is my favorite Netflix Show. I love the silliness.

    8. denzel arevalo


    9. Phore Skin

      Watched 2 minutes of an episode. Maybe if i was 9 i would laugh about this cringefest.

      1. NIBN CABC

        Watch more of it, the first two minutes are a set-up for a twist, which leads into the plot for the episode

    10. Tony Timonis

      “I’m haaavvvinng a midddnnniiggt snaaaaccck” - Me to my wife every night...

    11. D G

      Yes plz

    12. Siri Larsen

      Fairbairn Films brought me here!

    13. Imaginary-Unit

      My, haven't you done pretty well for yourselves

    14. Sandy Germain

      This looks too crazy I love it!😍🥰😂🤣

    15. Abyssus218

      This was by far the best thing to happen on Netflix in last months. Good lord, what a ride.

    16. PG 13Ish

      Was that homelander?

    17. Saiferus Hartwell

      Reminds me of Don't hug me Im Scared

    18. T V

      Omg the comments are solid gold. If only they were funny too!

    19. houseofleaves12

      People shrieking is always funny

    20. Vault

      Could not watch this for more than 10 minutes. Very heard of Aunty Donna before and won't be looking for them in the future

    21. Samuel Mraz

      It is just so stupid, that i like it

    22. QwertyWl

      now it's time to start calling Charlie day the American mark bananner

    23. Tekno Pathetic

      They call him Egg Helms in the trailer hahah

    24. Michael Soutar

      Looks like someone got a bit of Bjorn Ironside in their Big Ol' House

    25. Jonathan M

      Was the perfect show for my trip

    26. Man Balock

      this looks aggressively unfunny

    27. Craig Fulco

      Made it 10 minutes in. Pretty stupid. However I am sober at the moment. I'd assume this is for folks who are wildly drunk and stoned

    28. softyl

      What kind of DHMIS is this

    29. Teeveepicksures

      Jfc, it's awful. Seriously. I really tried and gave it two episodes but eeeeesh.

    30. Arcadio89

      Zack looks like the male version of Jessica jones

    31. Jewnas123

      Soyboy millennials: The Series

    32. AimFor TheBushes

      This cured the grumpy day I had at work

    33. Oliver Clothesoff

      This is literally the funniest greatest show I've seen in fkn years.

    34. crypto66

      Just watched the first ep, and I gotta say that it's hit-or-miss. I get it's supposed to be surrealistic, but sometimes they just string together random shit. The way the hipster and the long haired dude try to oversell some bits certainly don't help, although I do like the delivery of the guy.

      1. crypto66

        @Jade Nepia Back to that, huh? I could easily disprove that by actually liking my own replies right now and taking them away later, but I'm not as petty as you. Anyway, if you represent the fanbase then it shouldn't be allowed to grow. Unfortunately, all I can do is leave a big, fat thumbs down on netflix.

      2. Jade Nepia

        @crypto66 says you and your self likes

      3. crypto66

        @Jade Nepia First off; punctuation. Secondly: Nooooope... not if it's supposed to be absurdism. Gibberish is nonsense; surreal humor =/= nonsense. You have _no idea_ what absurdism is supposed to be if you think that. But the worst part of their act is how two of them oversell everything. That doesn't work for any joke, much less surreal humor.

      4. Jade Nepia

        @crypto66 yea....exactly, what its obviously supposed to be

      5. crypto66

        @Jade Nepia Kinda like their attempts at humor.

    35. Nick Neuharth

      Touché Netflix

    36. Cameron Thompson

      Just watched the first 10 minutes and I NEEDED THIS SHOW!! When dude said I left my wife I died..420 ready

    37. Miss Anthropissed

      I love this show, I need more please ❤️

    38. Kuben Blisk

      1:06 is that homelander?

    39. ERICK MELO

      The slot group is amazing!!!

    40. Liam Conroy

      This is the best thing i have ever watched

    41. Ricky Wellington

      Comedy sure is dying

    42. Poke Bowl

      A.K.A I Think you should Leave with Tim Robinson n•2 with Kool Aid and acid

    43. Amy Brantner

      Anyone think Mark kinda looks like Andy Samberg?

      1. Muodypapiesz

        yup, especially w/o beard

    44. Mr. Pink.

      did they say egg helms?

    45. Sehven

      Sir Tommy Nipple Tassels is arguably the greatest thespian of our generation.

    46. Artie Pedroza


    47. Weeble Lehmann

      Oh my god...finally. Paul F Thompkins AND Weird Al?! GOD, I can't WAIT to bump Fortnite off my gd television. Eat it, kids

    48. Matt Price

      Thanks Justin Robert Young from the Politics Politics Politics podcast/newsletter for the tip-off about this. Look hiLARious. :D

    49. Aaron McCann

      SEASON 2!! AND 3!! Please! We need more of this comedy... it's been a HARD YEAR! Fill it into our veins! More please!!

    50. Bob Robert

      bro the announcer says egg helms, big ups

    51. FTW Wolf

      Turned it off after 10 minutes. Manchildren should enjoy this soy infused cuckery.

    52. Алексей Воложанин

      Oh my god, they actually stick to "Egg Helms" joke in the trailer...

    53. Jason Perry


    54. Rabbie Burns

      This looks terrible. Just not my humour at all. Possibly if I was still a teenager smokin weed I would like it .. but, I still seriously doubt that. Nothing new, innovative or even funny in this clip or the Netflix clip .. two thumbs down for me (here & Netflix). Childish, derivative shite!

    55. HN

      Bird Up

    56. Emmalyn

      Whos the famous actor near the end? I cant think of his name or what hes played in for the life of me

    57. Here Football

      This word is full of stupidity

    58. Dean Dsouza

      touche ;)

    59. MarcoFriendino

      Probably the best aunty donna production EVER. Binge watched and and it was majestic.

    60. crisan anca

      what part of that was supposed to be funny?

    61. Shazib khan

      Homelander at 1:06

    62. Jada P


    63. Leather Pants Guy

      My haven't you boys done well!

    64. Zargas

      I managed 10 mins. This was horrible. When that guy who proclaimed to be Jerry arrived i gave up.

    65. Jachym Lukes

      Let's head to Bikie wars to prepare.

    66. Leide Keine Dummköpfe

      Are these the guys from Whitest Kids You Know doing Australian accents?

    67. Pat H

      Deconstructing Harry joke

    68. ReeceWithoutherspoon


    69. No Rush Theater

      Glad the world is catching up to the boys.

    70. Jason-Matthew Schmucker

      Mr. Sunday Movies brought me here.

    71. Ohtarus

      Mason and James got us into this. Can’t wait!

    72. Chris Valentine

      I’ve heard of Auntie Donna but not seen anything from them. This. This show I need to watch.👍👍👍👍

    73. Angela Fushtey

      Friday the 5th Movie Is Rated 7+

    74. Angela Fushtey

      People Can Even Subtitles Off While Watching Friday the 5th

    75. Mary Arya Isabel Slays

      Why am I sure I'll love this though

    76. Liuwie

      LOL is that homelander at 1:07

    77. Moth L

      Oh Netflix, haven't you done well

    78. Jervai B

      Believe it or not....A Tpain raid on twitch brought me here....I have no regrets lmao

    79. PyrozPlayground

      0:15! 😂🤣

    80. going to break down and cry at any moment


    81. The Joker

      Looks good, but since you promote child porn, refuse to remove it, and hide behind women empowerment to push your pedo filth. I openly encourage anyone reading this who hasn't canceled their Netflix to cancel, buy a quality VPN for less than a Netflix subscription costs anyways and PIRATE NETFLIX'S SHIT 🏴‍☠️🦜. Anything good they come out with that you personally want to see, without paying them a dime; till they remove the soft core child pornography from their servers, open season. Use this Netflix to find out when new things are coming out, or do nothing and in turn stand along side the Pedo's. Your choice

    82. Mathias Walker


    83. bluehornet632

      Every sketch show now is just absurd hipster nonsense. Tim and Eric opened pandora's box

    84. ToasterApple

      After this, they should make a Value Select show

    85. Shuri Zulu

      the Weekly Planet brought me here. looks great

    86. Oscar Doolan

      Why but?

    87. Kevin Wetzel

      Coffee shop hot girl is the funniest shit ever can’t wait to watch this

    88. Daniel Scott

      1:08 Aw yeah I love egg helms

    89. Howard Wolfsley

      He said "Egg Helms" ded

    90. George Skinner

      Best thing to happen this year

    91. Ol' sinbad

      I'm from Melbourne where I think these guy's are from definitely most excited for the Awesome Kong cameo

    92. Jordan Hall

      Haven't youuuuuuuuu done well

    93. Caitlin Sullivan


    94. Max Toons

      Yeah, this almost makes me forget about cuties. Almost

    95. Rachael

      I. am. so. flippin, excited!!!

    96. kjami93

      They've come so far I'm not crying you're crying

    97. Jesse Davies

      Homelander getting stabbed with a syringe at 1:05

    98. Paul Farruggia

      Funniest guys on the internet

    99. Cakeyx Cakey

      Nope.... can’t do it.

    100. The Wealth Spectrum

      Ah yes, classic Australians