Amazing Airtel 5G Speed Test ⚡⚡⚡ Check Download Speeds on Smartphone (Hyderabad Store)


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    In this Video #AmitBhawani shows you the #Airtel #5G speed test demoed at Airtel Store in Hyderabad, Telangana. Airtel 5G is dynamic spectrum sharing to seamlessly operated 5G and 4G connections from within the same spectrum block. This is the first time we were able to actually experience this 5G on a Smartphone & download files / play games like COD.
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    1. PhoneRadar

      This is the Crazy High Speed 5G Test we did here in Hyderabad. Hit the LIKE Button to Appreciate the Efforts!

      1. Music Nation

        Sahi kaha

      2. Shubham Kumar Tiwari

        good 5g speed


        @Chandrakant Rai 😁😁


        @Gaming Rage bhai 4 g mobile me 3 g sim chaltahe esliye bola😂😂


        @Gaming Rage 😂😂

    2. Vikas Yadav

      Airtel is indian proudly

    3. SAITAMA xzx

      Sab se pahale main apna 2year purana Router bahar phakunga..

    4. S H A B B E R .S H A I k

      Pehale 4g ka speed badao😂

    5. ziphy

      It is the true 4g speed not 5g

    6. Manish Prajapat

      Vi takes 25 seconds to download 1 gb file which is only 4 g then I think I will throw my phone after watching these video

    7. Fanlight Gaming

      Airtel madarc*od h bhen ki l*di🙂

    8. Barsha Das

      show downloading file with stopwatch 😁

    9. Menuvil

      Phele tho jio sim tor dunga

    10. Menuvil

      Mere jio 2mbps detahe

    11. modak riba

      We don't need 5g we need wifi

    12. darker cc

      sanka naku

    13. Z K

      This is the original 4G speed but still, we will not get this speed even if it is named 5G.

    14. Ajay Pachade

      First launch 4g properly then talk about 5g

    15. Swapnil Chilveri

      I am a Airtel user m facing so much error in network while callin I had even complaint dey took a 2week tym to solve the issue ...the end result is voice braking n then to with full network for both connection.... seriously airtel have a network issue alot ......I so pissed of this network feel like to change ...but hoping for the best that dey ll solve few days

    16. Himanshu Soni

      The Upload Speed is my Download Speed in Jio.

    17. M A

      Not needed by Kashmiris at all ..Here 2G plays hide and seek 🤣..But yah GOI recently restored 4G actually 3G (max speed goes upto 1.3 Mb /s only)..👍

    18. Sameer Bajpayee

      Maa chod do environment ki apne bas ghatiya se shok hor ghatiya se 5G k liye.. Har jagah wifi signals. Nitrogen se zara air me radio waves hain.. we need landline just only for communication. 🙄🙄

    19. Candy crush

      Abhi 300 mbps ki speed h kyoki ye akela use krra h 5g ko jb pura india use krega na to 30 mbps ki bhi speed nhi rhegi

    20. Qazi Muhammad 636

      I am from hyderabad

    21. Pramod Kumar 333

      *:- How to complete your 1.5gb daily data in less than a minute.. 😂

    22. Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya

      Airtel kese chalae

    23. Mr.Kamlesh Dangoliya

      Sir hamare gav me sirf jio tabar he

    24. Aarkestra Club

      5G sim kha milega airtel ka....

    25. mayank vaghela 19-9027

      Are 5G valo pele network issues to solve karo pehle

    26. Ferdinand

      It’s 2021 and still people are happy with megabit instead of gigabit speed.

    27. ojas bansal.c

      Vi Vodafone Idea is the best

    28. OyeCadburry

      there is no use of 5G when there are no 5G supported phones & Budget Phones in market

    29. Fact Hain

      Sala mene abhu hal hi me realme 6 liya ab mera baap 10 saal tak koi phone leke nhi dega. Chahe 5g aaye ya 6g

    30. Fact Hain

      Kon kon chahta he sabse aage jio nikle

    31. Recalled Gamer

      If you are thinking that this is the actual 5g speed in India when you got this 5g network. You are going to disappointed my friend

    32. Amit

      It's a original speed of 4g india mey ise 5g bol kar chalaya jyega jese 4g mey hame 3g speed milta hey

    33. shoaib khan Gaming

      Bhai idar 4G seeda nai aara 5g kya khaak aaye g

    34. ashwani singh

      Yaha sahi se 2g ki speed to dete na 5g ka koi matlb v hai

    35. Abhishek Bhamare

      Finally 4g is coming 😂

    36. rahulsingh23in

      Ishliye ab 4g kaam nahin Kar Raha hain

    37. Vikas

      I am sure jio will crush every one in 5g...

    38. DarkSnow OP

      I diss like cuz he has oudi make sure next time don't show yr oudi in next video

    39. Souradip Banerjee

      4G bhi thik se kar nehi paya aur 5G bechne aaye hain airtel wale

    40. BEAST OP

      My 4g speed 1.3Mb

    41. Leopard 2A7

      5g meh 4g haha

    42. Lost Dir

      U said faug lol🙏💩💩

    43. Aditya Kumar

      Airtel 4g ka to thekana hi nahi air 5g aa raha hai!

    44. All About Amazing

      4G is enough

    45. PATEL JI

      Uploading speed badhao downloading se matlab nahi hai 200 kaphi hai downloading uploading kam se kam 100+ karo note,take my suggestions,

    46. PATEL JI

      Jaldi lao be hamare area's mai bsnl wiFi ne gnd maar rakhi hai wifi ka ishko downloading speed nahi uploading speed badhao

    47. Kmr Aftab

      Jio is best

    48. Gagan

      20-30 Mb/s mile tab maja ayega...

    49. Naitik Khurana

      Yoohooo Airtel is very good

    50. rahul singh

      4g ke network toh thik se aate nhi or ye 5g la rhe h

    51. Supravat Kar

      We don't need 5g

    52. Pritam Suryawanshi

      Kya fir Airtel 4g ki speed badhegi

    53. Saddam Saddam

      I don't like airtel

    54. Rahul Negi

      Sab speed acchi hoti hai jab tk kam log usa use karte hain..baad mai wo bas "G" rehai jata hai...😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    55. Kamal

      Bahi India m 4G ki range too Sahi Nahi atti 5G Ka kya kre ge

    56. AKHIL FF

      Uploading speed kitna deta h


      Abhi comments likhte likhte 4 bar internet ana jana kar chuka hai


      The best internet is simple buy wifi is last choice for me


      Bhai kuch bhi kya mere idhar jab dekho tab H ya fir E dikhane lagta hai jhoot sab mile hue hai



    61. Soumen Paik

      Waiting for Vi😍

    62. Sairam J

      Not getting stable 10 Mbps with 4G...what these guys are saying here! Aahh...

    63. Saurabh kumar

      Abhi 4g to 2500 mhz tak chal rha hai Gov ko kam se kam 3500 mhz ka spectrum lana chahiye

    64. M ꕔ S T E R

      1gb/day one month Only 1000rs😂

    65. M ꕔ S T E R

      There is a huge shock behind jio silence🔥🔥🔥

    66. Anonymous Writer

      At 3:21 271 Mbps = 33.8 MB/sec (Download) 60.6 Mbps = 7.5 MB/sec (Upload) Edit: Mbps = Mega bit per second MB/sec = Mega Byte per second


      Very slow


      It's still a bit slow it should 500 mbps

    69. syed masood ahmad

      Kuchh samajh to nahi aaya lekin speed shandaar hai...4g finally launch ho gaya😂😂



    71. Vikas Pise

      5G is Scam.

    72. 06 Bhoj Abhishek

      5:52 best part

    73. shubhadeep dutta

      i liked your this jio video

    74. Gurzent Singh

      You was the single user sir, when cush speed will be distributed among many it becomes low latency workgroup and will get speed like 4g only. Like we get in 4g right now, which is 4 g for name only but in reality it is actual 3g

    75. iit delhi

      Airtel ka swag hi alag hai

    76. Sandeep Bhuiya

      Pahele airtel ka 4g speed tho improve karo ... Fir 5g jana airtel.

    77. Super knight

      Bro very informative but why are you shaking so much while review 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. shrey harsh Gautam

      Jio baap hai inka just wait for launch .🙃 Before talking bullshit in COMMENT BOX , think bez jio u guy early see nd experience the 4G in india, bez jio these dominant companies which looting us for plans nd recharge for around 1gb data of 3g cost ₹800+ 🙄, bez of jio u came across digital platform like streaming nd playing online games like pubg 💖, there r end numbers of set of explains which we all should thanks jio at first place no matter wht situation

      1. Nitin

        Jio was revolutionary but ek time pr wo bhi bekar ban gya

    79. Kantilal Parmar


    80. Happy Always

      Lanch date ?

    81. Robot女V2 Gaming

      Jaise 4G 1-2 mbps de rha waise 5G 10-12 mbps dega or kya 230+ mbps to 8G k baad hi milega sayad


      Mera toh 4g network aur wi fi se sahi kaam chal jaata hai 5g sasta hua 4g ki tarah ya usse thoda mehenga hoga fir bhi chalega agar 2000-3000 rupees ke monthly packs honge toh bohot kam log lenge kyuki 4g ki speed buri nhi hai PAprom, browsing , uploading sab shi ho jaata hai😁.

    83. Jubair Molla

      Bhai airtel to 4g bol ka 3g data ha.mana vodafone pa switch kiya bhai jo mast net chalta ha na kya bolu.

    84. Baby.s Shirekar

      5G bekar hai mere ghar main broadband laga hai uska speed 500mbps hai aur ping 6ms aata hai muje 5G ka koyi jarurat nahi

    85. Baby.s Shirekar

      Call of duty warzone ka download test karo call of dutu warzone ka download size 80 GB plus hai

    86. Ayush Chaudhary

      Dhang se pehle 4G toh chala do...🙄Iski hi speed kabhi 15 MBPS+ nhi jaati aur Morning mai toh bss 1 ya 2 MBPS rehti h


      My jio 4g gives around 50mbs averagly 5g gives only 250 mbs I was expecting around 1 gbs or more That was very disapriatable 😔😔

    88. Sabir Rajad

      Are bhai kuch dikhayga ya faltu bakwash krta rahega

    89. Adithya Vijay

      It's only applicable in some specific areas only

    90. Sanjith Keshavmurthy

      These speeds are good but even 4G was hyped up in ideal conditions testing should be done in multiple connection and realistic conditions to identify flaws and fix them before a mass roll out cuz 5G may have connectivity problems cuz the waves have less frequency so where the number of towers are less signal strength falls flat

    91. S Sharif

      The is original 4G Speed 😂😂

    92. :-C ZONA

      I will watch mia Khalifa video on 8k

    93. Baljeet Singh

      5g ki real speed 1gb se bhi zada h ye 4g ko hi relaunch kar rhe speed bada ke

    94. Baljeet Singh

      Pure india me lunch hote hi speed slow ho jayegi

    95. Charan Raj

      And here I'm using bsnl 3g.

    96. Md Shahid Raza

      4 g to chalta hi nahi hai 5g le ke gand mare ge kya

    97. siddharth Gupta

      gta 5 i do have a wifi network but it is only 50 mb/s

    98. indra jit

      My broadband speed is far better than this -900Mb+

    99. All in One

      WiFi mein net chalakar 5g ki baat kar rha hai. Pura upar screen blur hai.

    100. kashif sheikh

      In my area 22.7kb 😂Noob