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    1. joker ultron

      i am a small PApromr so please support me for roasting video

    2. J2 Gamer07

      crry bhai savage newa furkan apko ko rost kiye jhost kag rahahai to youtube name savage news furkan

    3. LaseBrock

      Resident evil 8 will be the most ambitious entry yet to come

    4. Gemin Panggeng

      I am missing carri word' kasa ha appk lok'

    5. Dororo Anime


    6. Dororo Anime

      carry bro naya video kab aayega

    7. Navroz Razdan

      Man, when are you going to post a new video in carryminati? Please do, we're all waiting for it...🤗

    8. Naitik Rana

      Carry bhi yae kon se pubg hi🤣🤣🤣🤣 plz answers me

    9. Zombi traker Fighter mania

      Saari baate bhul jaa land pakad kae bhul jaa

    10. A. J.

      अरे भाई कैरी मी नाटी चैनल का क्या सीन है ???🤔🤔🤔🤔

    11. Aarchie

      33:50 Does he realise what he is saying? Does he know how sensitive this topic is? He is an influencer and saying such things In front of millions of audience. I am sorry Carryminati I used to be your fan but no more now. RAPE IS A FUCKUNG CRIME NOT A JOKE. PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    12. Pavitra Jadhav


    13. Pavitra Jadhav



      When will carry remember that he has a roasting channel 🙄🙄

      1. DronziL OP

        Bro his grandma passed out so he wasn't active

    15. Badass gaming

      support luffpy op

    16. Ujjwal Gamerz - Fansclub

      Now Just Imagine........ How Many People...... Are here When you Watching This Video.......... 🙏💖💖

    17. carry minati

      Bhai sakhsi Maharaj ko rost karo we need help . please 😷


      Please bhai please please please bhai big boss mea jao big boss15 mea


      Bhai please big boss 15 mea jao

    20. Prithvi Mirchandani

      Bro pls intro to kaise he aap log

    21. Saket Kumar

      Bhai aap roast kab kroge carryminati channel pe

    22. Sowjanya Jyothi


    23. Ujjwal Yadav

      bhai aap gaali bhoat dete ho main aap ki vidio like aur suscribe nahi karu ga

    24. Gaming Yt

      Carry minati free fire yalgar gameplay

    25. God Ayush YT


    26. Satya giri

      carry bhai yeme kya sun raha hu ye ladki vardaan gaane par ulta sida bol rahi hai palyan zone please roast kar karo

    27. Ram Krishna

      Abe carry Mar gya Kya kab aayaega sale live ya roast kuch toh kar lasan

    28. Sumesh

      Krk pose 3:20:38

    29. Yasir Sayeed

      Carry bhai big boss 14 par vedio banao pleas

    30. Ranvir Singh

      You are awesome bhai

    31. Random Videos 94

      "My dad is ill" "And I have not job and money' "PAprom not giving me views" "I want to handle my family" "Ya l am worse than other" .

    32. Random Videos 94

      C- Comedian😁 A- Actor🕴🎩 R-Rapper📣 R- Roster🎆🛂 Y- PApromr💎▶️💎

    33. Nerdy bro

      Carry bhai please ....please....please...please 🥺🥺🥺😓 make new videos in our main channel....we true fans want more exciting and entertaining videos from you...please because u have not uploaded any videos from last 1 month ....we want our Carryminati back....😊☺️🤗

      1. Nerdy bro

        Carrybhai grandmother RIP ..😥♥️♥️

    34. Maruf Uddin

      bai you must watch horror cooking chanal videos.and love you very much 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

    35. Gurwinder Singh

      Ya kon su game ha

    36. M. Akram M. Akram

      😱 omg carry bhai

    37. Talvinder Singh


    38. sam khan

      Who is here after Carryminati's grandmother passed? 😥😥

      1. Surender Singh


    39. Portal X Gaming

      Are bhai tume time nahi mill raha hai game khel ne ka😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 bahut bussy ho mere bhai tum to😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Portal X Gaming

        @Surender Singh oo😭😭

      2. Surender Singh

        Uski grandmother ki death ho gyi hai😭

    40. Rajveer Raj

      Kaha h chutiya online kyu nhi aata h

      1. Rajveer Raj

        @Surender Singh oh shit

      2. Surender Singh

        Bhai uski grandmother ki death ho gyi hai


      Paiso ke liye kitna girega carry

    42. chaitu bhatt

      Which game

    43. Ramesh Jat

      Carryis grand mother rip 😭😭


        Ooh really?? 😟😔

    44. M.S.MEHMOOD Sheikh

      Bhai minecraft kab kheloge

    45. aakansha singh


    46. Neetu Motwani


    47. Divya 173

      So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Sorry from all those (including me) who were trolling you ❤ RIP to ur grandma ❤

    48. Rohan Rane

      Carryminati's Grandmother passed few days ago So he was inactive since many days on Social media But Now everything is fine So he will be back again ~~~~ He said on Instagram

      1. Mehul Jangir

        RIP for grndma

      2. Bhavya Jain

        i know

    49. potatoaim

      r6 KHEL CARRY!!!!!

    50. Cheenu Rastogi

      Carry please start with ur roasting also ...... 😭

    51. Ujjwal Saini

      Please send any video on carryminati channel

    52. XEN HANABI

      I love the way he express himself

    53. Sarcasm Diaries

      You inspired us to start our own PAprom channel. U are one of the best creators ever❤️


      # Ganjo manjo

    55. bnti nain

      Bhai gali kam kyu kr de yaar 1week ho gaya tere video nhe deke yaar

    56. The MKS

      Majja Aa Gaya bhai

    57. AWM l PIKACHU

      Sir help me 😭😭😭😭

    58. HydraGamerYT

      Me bhi pubg pc khelta hu😁💪

    59. Kirti

      It's been 2 weeks and he has not come live yet and also he forget that he has a roasting channel coz he is not posting anything there and he is also inactive on social media now a days 😣 but anyway uski bhi galti nahi hai his dadi passed away few days ago now he will be active 🙂

      1. Kirti

        @Rohan Rane Yes I know he also tweeted the same today I feel bad for him but anyway now he will be active 🙂

      2. Rohan Rane

        Aarr His Grandmother passed Few days ago He said today on Instagram so He was inActive

      3. Dance with Richa


    60. Jasnoor Singh

      Carry bhai we miss you. If possible pls stream

      1. Apnu gamer

        my Saport video

    61. Radha Gaming Live

      Op game play🌸 👌

    62. Namish Gaming

      I luv Watching carry videos and I m a big fan plz don't take it like a hate comment but carry plz understand my words that u are not making fuuny videos in your roasting channel . Your older video was very funny and skits are OP but nowadays your video are Boring (sorry for the truth)Plz make your Golden videos again🙏🙏🙏

    63. 性感女孩Sexy Spot

      love you

    64. R

      Support students....aap ke kaafi followers h SSC aspirants.... please help us we want help.....25th ko digital protest h bhai twitter pr plz aap bhi aapki side se support karo🇮🇳☮️ kaffi bacho ke full me se full marks h cut off se kaafi aage h tb bhi list me naam nahi h.... please aas pass apke jo ssc aspirants h unse baat kare and puche kya chal raha h.......Gagan pratap Abhishek Sharma sir ki PAprom pr video dekho sb idea lag jaega....plz support us carry bro

    65. Dhruv Kashyap

      Carry live khb aanaa h

    66. Rishabh Chaudhry

      Bhai kb aayega online

    67. Ahnaf Hossain

      Give some video crr

    68. Sayema Abbasi Jublee

      O no carry

    69. V.G GAMING

      When will carry remember that he has a roasting channel 🙄🙄

      1. ashwani gupta

        @Bad1uck ok

      2. SAFIS


      3. ZereX


      4. ashwani gupta

        @Bad1uck how u know about him you are his Friend

      5. Chirag Chauhan

        😞😞😞😞 I'm very sad

    70. Gaming Tech

      How many years will your Mom Live ?? 1.) Ignore = 0 years 2.) 1 subscribe = 100 years

    71. Muskan Shaikh

      Sir apke doosre channel pe video kab aayegi???... sab wait kar rahe hain😒

    72. Subhash Knowledge TV

      Hello sir G mai aapki har video watch krta hu mere channel ko bhi Support kar do plzz


      shweta is that you your mic is on😂😂😂😂😂

    74. Competition School

      क्या करे बेरोजगार अबकी बार बेरोजगारी पार क्या हुआ हर साल 2 करोड़ रोजगार विश्वास किया जिस सरकार वहीं बेरोजगार बेच रही जनता का माल अब बताओ सरकार क्या आतमहत्या करे बेरोजगार कुछ तो सोचो मेरी जुमलो वाली सरकार क्या करे बेरोजगार

    75. Reynard Fernandes

      I think that he had a green bottle 😂😂😂

    76. H Ú Ñ T É 4

      Why are you not getting back

    77. Mr. Sweet 420

      Lund Y 600 Carry brother


      Hey I'm your big fan carry your my Idol inspiration😍❤️❤️ main aapko har video Ke Niche comment karta hun I love you it's ok Kya app Mera Kabhi reply Nahin dete 😔I don't mind I have a small PAprom channel just have 140 subscribers I am supporting you from your first video I don't comment because I know you never reply me😔 Jab main aapki video dekhta hun Mere Sare tension Dur Ho Jaati Hai so carry Bhai Agar aapko Kabhi Bhi Mera comment Dekhen Ek shot out de dena mera ki dream hai Ek Bada youtuber Banna Kyunki Main padhaai Nahin karta meri taraf se aapko big love ek din jab main Bada PApromr Ban Jaunga to main aapse contact karunga Aur Kisi Din Mein Lunga this is my dream regards love you carry last bad mein aapse a yah Kahana chahta hun kya aapke million views mein comments mein Mera Milna Mushkil Hai I wish ke aap mera Sasta channel result lol😍❤️😂

    79. prince official YT

      Legand 😍

    80. Adarsh Shriwastava

      1:54:40 lehra lehra 😂😂

    81. Harsh Kumar

      Bhai bigboss Khatam hogya tera video Kab aayega

      1. Sona


    82. Dragon Gamer

      Pubg lite?

    83. PRO

      Please play Minecraft ok

    84. Karan Godara

      Carry Bhai pubg mobile khelo na

    85. Devendra Ramnaval

      Hi bro 😄😁

    86. 亗Raazaa亗YT

      help me plz .... plz raid my stream

    87. Pranitha Joshi

      Ajay yaar you have the cutest smile😁😁😁

    88. Divyansh chauhan

      Kab karoge stream

    89. Sds Sharma

      Bhai tau ki aavaj nikal do yrr.

    90. Prabhat Verma

      Big fan sir

    91. Pro Khiladi


    92. Pro Khiladi

      Aapki yaad har raat satate gai

    93. Pro Khiladi

      Sir je jldi live aao na aab kitna din wait karwao gaay 🤒🤒

    94. The om Gaming

      Carry Bhai agali video



    96. noob

      👈🏻 🤯 ⃢🤯🤯 ⃢🤯

    97. crazy g vku


    98. Sagnik Mondal

      Hey Carry next time if you are free try to make a video on Payal Zone like the video. I think she needs to learn a lesson. Her bullshit speaking mouth needs a savage reply.


      Shabu khan

    100. Krish Patel

      Carry lover like