Abercrombie and Fitch Solunar Vintage Watch Restoration

Wristwatch Revival

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    Marshall finds and wins one of his grail watches on eBay, an Abercrombie & Fitch Solunar manufactured by Heuer in 1949! It's in pretty rough shape, come along and see how it comes out after Marshall is through with it.
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    1. David Robinson

      I find M8 nuts fiddly! I was totally absorbed by this. Thank you for producing a wonderful video.

    2. finlaysleep

      Hi, Marshall The video's totally captivating. Loved it. Like falling into the oddest meditative distant wonderful world where things can be rectified and made good and that in itself at the moment's, well ... it's beautiful. Love it that you give your pieces credit. That you don't try to iron out the wrinkles. Many, many thanks. Alex

    3. A Random Guy

      OneDip! The magical solution!

    4. Kamen L.

      That video reminded me - I love A&F!!! As a watch aficionado, though, 12K for a vintage, nope... 150€ for an unnamed quartz, nope...

    5. Geoffrey Gulley

      Deary me... One of my favourite watches of all time. So, so jealous.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I feel you! It took me a lot of years to find this one!

    6. youness kas

      it a cool watch

    7. R E

      Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    8. MidnightFUn12

      I love this so relaxing.

    9. patrick stack

      Love the watch and the video, thanks for sharing. Just a question and NOT intended to be critical, there was some staining that remained on the hands. I know you prefer minimal appearance work, and don't mind signs of use. Do you want the staining on the hands to reflect those signs of use, or is some refurbishment of them too difficult or risky?? I had seen a couple of the A&F watches over the years, but had no idea the works are that high end. I'll be watching your videos, thanks for taking the time.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        That to me is the defining line. I don't mind some light cleaning if there is dirt or rust on a part like a hand, but I would stop at refinishing them or replacing the lume. In this case I did go back and lightly clean up the rust that was on the hands to try to prevent future wear on them. The lume is so delicate though it's risky so I only did it a little.

    10. Andrew Jacks

      Looks like some nice radioactive RADIUM paint on the numbers & hands there? Proceed with caution...

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Yes I believe it is radium lume, and I am careful with this one. Thank you!

    11. sol star

      Are you a sailor or fisherman ? Due to tide indicator!

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I'm not, but I like to look at it and think of that stuff :)

    12. Anthony Wilson

      It is possible to use a battery and a sacrificial piece of iron in an electrolyte to remove rust. It removes it at an atomic level. It is used to clean classic car parts and is demonstrated on PAprom. It is simple.

    13. C G

      I love the videos but the frequency in which I am bombarded by commercials is too much. It is like every 2.5 minutes that I get to see a commercial. That is hefty.

    14. Graeme Hansell

      Why didn’t you put the winding stem into a watchmakers lathe and gently abrade off the pitting? Beautiful watch.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I don't have a lathe and if I did I don't know how to use one :(

    15. Ralph Wiggins

      M51 works well or evaporust

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I ended up getting some Evaporust, it works slowly but well in my experience.

    16. Ruben Rodriguez

      I need your help. How can you spot a fake Abercrombie & Fitch watch. I found one inside my mon closet but the watch looks so old the inprints in the back of the case are faded from scratches and cant read the model number.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Usually there is a model number in between the lugs. Also you can check the inside of the caseback for Heuer or A&F signing.

    17. WatchChris

      Gorgeous watch.. I have the 36mm Seafarer Chrono they are really special. It was amazing to see the before and after. Seriously great video!

    18. zaphbeeblebrox

      Can you electroplate the parts after cleaning the rust?

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I can put them in an utlrasonic cleaner, but I can't electroplate them because I don't know how and also because it does make them a bit thicker so I would be wary of that.

    19. Zac vaper

      I prefer to watch restorations...the fact that you only restore the inside is fine, if you want a crappy looking watch that tells time. I think you don't know how to restore the outside so you don't do it.

      1. Zac vaper

        @Wristwatch Revival The hands really needed restoration and re-lume. Rust isn't charming, nor is an unpolished case.

      2. Wristwatch Revival

        For vintage watches I hate polished or restored cases as it takes away from the charm. And also I am not very good at it (though I do have a basic polishing setup that I’ve used and been ok with)

    20. Jess Da Silva

      Beautiful work, any reason you didn't repair the watch hands?

      1. Jess Da Silva

        Wristwatch Revival makes sense, thank you

      2. Wristwatch Revival

        I like to keep things as original as possible generally. I did actually go in and get a little of the rust off, but the lume started to break off so I stopped. Also these hands likely have radium lume which can be dangerous to work with.

    21. Henry Collins

      I was bidding on a vintage Art Deco watch today and lost, very sad

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Ugh I hate when that happens.

    22. Jeff Dahl

      I would never have watched a whole video of a watch repair, but your passion and your work captured me and I loved it. Amazing. My interest stems from i just received a omega watch from my stepmother and it needs repair. I got a estimate of 450 bucks. I know nothing about watches but what I could find in my research is that even if its working its only worth a out 300 tops. I think anyway I could be totally wrong.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Depending on what kind of work it needs, 450 could be correct. Just for a basic service of the watch if it's not a chronograph, that's on the high end of what I've seen. (and thanks for the kind words!)

    23. Anthony Įødīçę

      Jesus that watch is like 10Gs

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Yeah these are hard to find

    24. Pappa Gino

      Marshall, I live in Seattle and would like to meet you. How can i get in touch with you?

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Well currently it's not possible, but after the pandemic might work? I am on instagram as this same name.

    25. calculusentropy

      Your every comment on A&F heritage resonates. Rugged adventuresome spirit embodied in a gentleman's timepiece.

    26. NotSoMiniGun

      Don't you need to put the tide dial in to match a specific time?

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        There is a pusher on the side that advances the tide function, you have to line it up withe Solunar tables for the region you are in.

    27. David Rasch

      Its the errors being corrected which are the best lesons.

    28. omgitzsteg

      Most guys use MC51, which is extremely safe and reusable, but I think if you use vinegar baking SODA, you should do vinegar first, then baking soda if it's steel then distilled and isopropyl alcohol.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I'll check that out thank you

    29. Bj Cundiff

      Just curious, how long does it normally take you start to finish when you are doing a watch like this in this condition?

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Not sure exactly as the sessions are kind of spread out waiting for parts and such, but I would guess 5-6 hours? Could be 4 or 10 depending on if it's something I've done before or if I have to figure it all out as I go though.

    30. Adrian Birkett

      Lovely job, well done. Adrian

    31. Apple El

      Where do you learn skills like this? i.e. fixing watches

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I took the online classes from the Watch Repair Channel here on youtube, you can get them at watchrepairlessons.com I recommend them!

    32. Jonathan Green

      I have one that’s actually branded Heuer. They are quite proud of the watch, as am I

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Awesome! I love that version too.

    33. Lewis Brown

      Never quite understand why when faced with rusty parts, people don’t try to clean them first to establish their condition. All that ends up happening is your cleaning fluid ends up contaminated and you ultimately have to order parts anyway. The cost of replacing the stem, winding and sliding pinion is probably relatively cheap, I’d be surprised if you were unable to source replacements.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Yeah I did actually find a new stem but it didn't fit right so I decided to use the original after de-rusting. I ordered a new Sliding pinion so the next time I have this watch apart I will replace it.

    34. Mr. Anderson

      I laugh when I hear some of these amateur watch "hobbiers", if you will, when they say: the amplitude looks alright or it's off a bit or by a lot, my question is Do these guys know exactly what amplitude means at all?

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        I feel like I know what it means I guess? lol

    35. Żorżyk

      Wonderful watch, excellent work.

    36. B Caligari

      I agree with not polishing the case. Ruins character.

    37. Vladislav Nekliaev

      Thank you! That was great! Took my mind off things.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        You're welcome, I'm glad to hear that, we all need it right now.

    38. Grant

      This guy is the voice twin for one of my favorite CCG commentators.

      1. sleem

        I can't tell if you are memeing or not

    39. But wait!

      As a collector of King Seiko/ Grand seiko, I value the original vision of the watch designer. So patina is a no go for me personally. It would have to be restored to new. But we all have our thing.

    40. For The Love Of Seattle

      With the clean up and new crystal this is a gorgeous watch and the strap matches the colors of the face of the watch also.. To think this was made to be work everyday when it was created. Watching you fix these watches give me a better understanding of the workmanship that goes into a higher end watch. I know when these watches came out they didn't cost that much compared to today's money dollar for dollar but to translate it into today's money it was a good amount of money. I think there is a few watches I would l check into. Vintage watches with a gold trim. I love the look of a "Tank" or rectangular for dress watches. I do have a Movado and a Caravelle by Bulova for dress watches but they are more fashion watches.

    41. For The Love Of Seattle

      It is nice to know that some people bought a watch because they needed what it offered instead of buying the watch just because it looked cool.

    42. Deeponion Lovechild

      Such an attractive watch. You did well on the cleanup. Surprised me the stem was not replaced. I saw the Bonhams model sold in 2018 with the same leather wristband. Now I have to find one.

    43. Juan Perez

      What a great video! I really enjoyed it. I am a "lume" guy, so I wished you had re-lumed it, if possible. But, regardless, what you did was truly artful. I am subscribing.

    44. Brien Berglund

      53:32 Good! Unpolished is the best!

    45. gary rendano

      isnt there a way to get the rust off the hands? or is it because of the Lume on the hands .. that you left it like that?

    46. Derek Murchinson

      Welp I’m convinced I’m learning how to do this.

    47. Stephen Land

      As a teenager, first getting into fishing (and then later, hunting) I was always skeptical about John Alden Knight and his 'Solunar Tables'. Five decades later, my personal experience says it is rubbish. Because these tables are printed in almost every fishing and hunting magazine, set of regulations etc., I have more often than not looked up the so-called 'major and minor' time periods and found that they are meaningless. That aside, you do a great job restoring watches.

      1. Thali Venom

        for ocean and estuary fishing, it definitely makes a difference to know the tides. the fish are more active, but also, some areas basically drain on low tide, which can be an issue, if youre on a boat haha i doubt deer follow the tide, but.. perhaps weredeer?

    48. steve g

      I’ve always been into watches and clocks, but never really dove into the mechanics. Your videos are great for learning the ins and outs and also have great entertainment value. Cool that you still get excited when the balance gets dropped in and he movement comes to life. Hope you continue with your passion and hope to see more videos. I have a question about what type of crystal press you use. I could only see two letters of the brand name. Is it Rover, Rober, Roper??? I haven’t found a single one on line. Just curious. Thanks.

    49. Fin22 R7

      This comment isn’t fully directed at this watch, more all watches. I find myself truly fascinated with the fact that somewhere in time a mind or multiple human minds sat down and figured out how all these things work and will work. All those tiny parts all working together! I’ll be honest, I’m amazed to know we could machine such tiny parts even just that far back in history. I own a Illinois/Lincoln pocket watch, I don’t even know all the details of it I basic only know it’s 21 jewels and it belong to my great grandfather. It was made around 1920 or so, and looking into that watch I feel like I’m looking at something from the future, not the past. That’s absolutely amazing!

    50. deathvalleyalex

      Thank you for sharing such an interesting adventure into keeping things ticking . Back when I had the dexterity and the eye sight to tinker with such small machines I delved into such as my six dollar timex wind up when I was 12 years old . That old watch really got a licking and kept on ticking of course I only had singer sewing machine oil but from what I could tell from your fishing tide watch I used less than half the amount oil you did. I lost that watch in pleiku , Vietnam in 1971 .

    51. Sam Alpert

      1:04:46 - gneiss, watch!

    52. junior882

      Awesome video. Really interesting/beautiful watch, amazing movement, and great work by you! Thank you. Please keep doing these.

    53. realflight01


    54. Jamie Ellis

      I came to watch after hearing about this on Limited Resources, and man, you hooked me for the whole hour. Really relaxing and satisfying to see you pull everything apart and then watch it come back together better than before. You are a real Renaissance man, Marshall!

    55. Brian Booth

      I found the video instructive and detailed for the learner

    56. Tikaram Gotephode

      just love it. thank you for sharing such a lovely video with complete process.

    57. LA6UOA

      Fantastic! Thank you!!

    58. J B

      Very cool video. I enjoy learning about watches and seeing all the parts that go into the movement. You do a phenomenal job of explaining everything. I can't believe you consider yourself an amateur, lol. Excellent job and beautiful restore. Well done!

    59. David Norbury

      A Very Nice Job You Have Done Keep it up

    60. TheDood656

      I love you’re videos this is by far my favorite youtube channel. Keep them videos coming. :)

    61. Nick Nash

      Loved the video. My favorite part is when you put the watch back on the machine that measures the amplitude. I’m always curious to see how much it improves. Thanks for making this.

    62. Darran T

      Really nice!

    63. Stefan Infanger

      that watch is realy beautifull after you treating it with a bit of love.

    64. raymond noya

      Awesome hobby

    65. Tony Carthan

      I am not a watch maker but love viewing your videos. The rust build up I think could have easily been removed by using an automotive product called Matal Rescue. I imagine a one quart bottle would last you about 20 years. Just a suggestion you could look into. www.metalrescue.com/products/metal-rescue/

    66. Christopher King

      I use naval jelly by locktight to remove rust followed by a good washing... It's amazing stuff. I got it Lowes.

    67. Marcel Chagnon

      That shit on the hands isn't "petina" or faded lume, that's straight up rust.

    68. Enri Rodri

      Muy interesante e ilustrativo vídeo , buenos tips como lo del vinagre y bicarbonato. Saludos. Greetings !

    69. Jeremy Zee

      Love Wristwatch Resources! Great job on the videos. Very well produced!

    70. fig8man

      I very much appreciate that you went into the oils you use. lubrication of mechanics has always fascinated me.

    71. Catani

      no polish? a little bit of a letdown

    72. Myles Willis

      The watch itself is stunning. You have honored it. Yes, I also appreciate the beauty of patina. Perhaps the video could be titled vintage watch conservation?

    73. I digress

      This is excellent... I love the way there is a moment of stillness just after a bit pings off into infinity!!

    74. Michael Thompson

      It's definitely baking soda, not powder. I use it with vinegar to clean the battery terminals on my car. :-) As for the rust, your fisherman probably fell in the river while wearing it. BTW, I love the way you do voice over after filming.

    75. JPS JPS

      after clean--- 230 1.7 and the curve :::::-----_______----- __------_---______-____---------- lol

    76. JPS JPS

      there is a secret for rust you dont put oil in the fork shaft? it works million of times prt day|

    77. JPS JPS

      nice spring- piece of shit, even the chinese couldnt make so bad parts

    78. JPS JPS

      mechanically is a crappy piece of shit watch

    79. Michael Kahky

      Very lovely restoration. Nice work. I’m curious to know what power microscope you use to get a closeup on the smaller parts.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        The one I use has 20x and 40x magnification.

    80. Dave Lowey

      Really enjoyed watching you bring that lovely time piece back to working order, cheers.

    81. Dan Teahan

      Wow that was great. Thank you just stumbled across this video never watched anyone service a watch. If I saw that the screw came out I would have put it back on and be done with it. Watch work is truly amazing amazing job!

    82. Thomas Sand

      Can't believe I didn't come across your channel sooner. I've been following Mark for years and always wanted more content like his. I love how you explain parts and functions along the way instead of just adding soft elevator music like it's watch restoration porn. Keep up the good work, now its time for me to watch and re-watch the rest of your videos.

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Super glad you found me! I'm a huge fan of Mark and took all of his classes and everything.

    83. Mor Air

      This was a really fun watch!

    84. aflatminor

      Citric acid removes rust quite well! 👍 Years ago I owned a watch parts cleaner and was told by an old watchmaker to use white spirit as cleaning solution, I tried it on old parts and it actually removed the rust off an old top plate!! Great video by the way!! 😎😎

    85. Aleksandr Bezyzvestnykh

      Great job! Skillful fingers!

    86. horstb29

      Very nice watch indeed. Excellent job Marshall. Thanks again for the educational video on vintage watch repairs, and thank you for your time and effort to produce this video. Gary

      1. Wristwatch Revival

        Thanks Gary, appreciate it.

    87. Vocalpro International

      Dude you have 15 ad slots in this. You serious ?

    88. Deborah Duthie

      Sun and Moon. Sol=Sun, Luna=Moon. Solunar.

    89. Søren Beech

      It looks like this watch sold at Christiers 12/06/2016 for $1800. Do you know what happened to the watch?

    90. Mark Kubis

      Excellent video, I'm amazed you can put everything back together without having some 'left over' components

      1. Delta Fox

        I have this issue every time I make love to my wife - must learn to be more diligent, but she won't let me take a video...

    91. Forrest Rhoads

      Excellent video. Fabulous photography. Congratulations on the watch. Thank you for sharing the enterprise.

    92. austinhydroax

      Any chance of you cleaning up my seiko 5246 6020? Had it since I was a kid, local guys don't make me feel warm and fuzzy, factory service reviews are so bad, it shouldn't be so difficult to get a watch cleaned up. Your videos are pleasant to watch thanks for posting them.

    93. Cedar Canoe

      brilliant video, big thanks!

    94. CZ Period

      Nicely done. One thought: If you have to take off a pallet fork on a watch that still has power put something in the gear train to keep pressure off the fork when you remove the bridge. Even that sticky stuff we all use for holding things down, just a bit to hold the movement and keep the possibility of a pallet stone being knocked or the pallet pivot being broken. Then you can let it run down (also I'd put some temporary lubricant on as many jewels in the train as possible to minimize wear when you let it down through the train).

    95. G H

      Great video! I also really like vintage Heuer. May I ask where you acquired the knowledge for being able to even repair watches? Mainstream watch media does not really help in acquiring this knowledge I guess

    96. Claudio Saltara

      It’s fun taking it apart and putting it back together, but how did they machine all these tiny parts in the old days? I wold like to see that aspect of watch making.

    97. Cristobal Osuna

      great video

    98. oatbaa

      Just my recommendation, when cleaning just separate brass gears from other metal parts. Main plate must be separate, screw should be in one basket. This will avoid scratch while cleaning.

    99. Gary Lack

      I have seen videos using a lazer to remove rust .

    100. Saleh Mohamm

      لم لم يتم تنظيف العقارب؟