460/- ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon Gadgets | 5 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 1000/- | Top 10 Tamil

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    460/- ரூபாய் முதல் Amazon Gadgets | 5 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 1000/- | Top 10 Tamil
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    In this video we see about 5 Unique Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs. 1000 each and every thing is very useful in your daily life also suggested by top 10 tamil.
    (Atomberg Energy Saving Ceiling Fan Brown)
    amzn.to/2QXS3zw Rs,4,140/
    amzn.to/3gET1vA Rs,450/
    (VPLLEX Atomic Light Angel Super Bright Stick)
    amzn.to/2RYDigh Rs,690/
    (Electric Hand Sewing Machine for Home Use)
    amzn.to/32PwiEE RS,839/
    (Laptop Stand Adjustable Computer stand)
    amzn.to/3aDmnXl Rs,849/
    (HOME 360 Cable Management Box )
    amzn.to/3gCMDEO Rs,1079/
    (Groz 2in1 Retractable High Output Light)
    Super Efficient BLDC Ceiling Fan, Consumes only 32W at highest speed.Save upto Rs. 1500/ Year on your electricity bill. Designer Look & Anti Dust Coating.Smart remote with features like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer modeFree installation by Atomberg (Only for Atomberg Studio+ Ceiling Fan).Runs 3 Times longer compared to an Induction fan on a Inverter Battery
    It runs consistently on the same speed from a voltage range of 140-285VAwarded by United Nations, WWF & Government of India for the Innovations
    Motion-activated, senses movement and comes on.Battery powered so no wires, no mess(Battery are not including )Weatherproof but can be used indoors too.Auto ON/OFF after 30 seconds of inactivity.Positional head moves up and down and rotates 360 degrees.
    Material: Plastic; Colour: White, Portable and Hand Held: Good for on-the-spot and quick repairs and basic stitching.This Mini Stitching Machine for Home is suitable for Jeans, Denim, Hem pants, Silk,Frock, Suits, Drapes, etc, Avoid stitching on 3 or more fold cloth, Does not work on Strechable Cloths like Women Legins.
    Multi-Angle Adjustable Design】laptop stand provides 6-speed adjustable height(5.5-15.5cm), adjust to comfortable operating angle based on your actual need; Ergonomic design makes for health working, relieving neck, shoulder, and spinal pain.
    LARGE CAPACITY : 33 x 13.5 x 13 cm large cable management box is ideal to store and manage most types of your power strips, outlets, USB Hubs, surge protectors etc, capacity is big enough for your cords, adapters. Please measure and check the dimension of your power strip, surge protector or power adapter before purchase, and make sure your power strip is suitable to place inside this box.
    Package Content: 1 Piece of 2 Watt Rechargeable Work Light COB.Specifications: Compact Retractable Flashlight, making these the most convenient lights to use at outdoor sites.Strength: Powerful 2W COB light produces super bright light upto 170 lumens with wide spread illumination and without any heat dispense.Material: High impact ABS body, polycarbonate lens & metal hook IK07 which makes it durable and reliable.Power Source: It Runs on 3 AAA Batteries with a run time of 7hrs.
    best top 5 gadgets on amazon that personally suggested from top 10 tamil channel.

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