3rd T20I | South Africa Tour of Pakistan 2021 | Highlights | 14th February, 2021


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    The three-match T20I series was won by Pakistan as they defeated South Africa by four wickets in the final match of the tour. The visitors came in to bat first but lost too many wickets in quick succession and were reeling at 65 for seven. But a late 85-run carnage from David Miller took the Proteas to a score of 164 for eight after 20 overs. Pakistan stepped in to bat and Mohammad Rizwan partnered with skipper Babar Azam to take his side across the line in 18.4 overs. Hasan Ali put the final touches with a quickfire 20 runs.
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    1. Imran Hussin Chowdhury


    2. Sameen Sameen

      Super hagh

    3. Marcus Dangmei

      SA have weak in bowling department

    4. Tabish Bhat

      Sipamla 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. Shakeel Raja



      If there was abd in south africa team they will surely win this series by clean sheet.

      1. Sanjida Ferdousi

        If there was Afridi pak would hve thrashed sa more badly

    7. K K

      Really well done Pakistan

    8. Samarthak abhi bhi Aa rhe

      My fav rsa

    9. Gaurav Bharti

      Kabhi india balo se milo

    10. RAJNISH Singhania

      Where is the Sarfaraz Khan

    11. Instant Solution

      Pakistan : The home of terrorist

    12. Garry brunt

      Sipamla and phehlukwayo are not international standards bowler by any means.

    13. firoz Aansari

      Miller is back 😇😇😇😇😇

    14. Sunny Sharma

      If South Africa had scored 200 to 220 runs then they would have sealed the t20i series against Pakistan but unfortunately their batting,fielding and bowling was not up to their mark,the captain must take his responsibilities very seriously in order to overcome the losses.

    15. Shehbaz Qureshi


    16. Hunterr Gamer

      Ghar Me To Kutte Bhi Sher Hote Hai Ghar Se Bhar Aao Pehle


      Babar azam

    18. Chandrashekhar Azad


    19. Gyan ganga

      bacho ki team hai ye to

    20. amit dutta

      I'm a big big fan of Rizwan...well done Pakistan players... Hats off to ur hard work... Love for Pakistan from India...

    21. Love Humans

      Good highlights ❤️.

    22. Sangrami 9623808947 Sutar

      Milar nice bating

    23. Mohammad Ahmad

      Well done

    24. Mohammad Ahmad

      Congratulations team Pakistan

    25. Katil Inlive

      Pk ne aapni soch ke jaise baundry choti rkki hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thoko like

    26. RMC cricket

      Rmc cricket per ha

    27. Hemant Choudhary

      Killer the Miller , what an amazing player Welcome To RR

    28. Pankaj Saikia

      Where rabada 😠

    29. Anuj Gupta

      Nawaz is CHUCKING

    30. Manish Yadav


    31. Binod Kumar

      Miller kya marta hai

    32. mj khan

      Miller & Hassan sixes in finishing tym

      1. paras shah

        Hi profile photo beautiful

    33. sharukh shaikh

      Pakistan is winner 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥰🥰🤑🤑

    34. Sneh Dixit

      Yaar wel played Pakistan congratulations you desreve it 👌👌👌 but south Africa also played well ABB south Africa mein pehli wali baat nahi rah gayi mujhe Darr hai ki kahi iska hal bhi Zimbawe cricket jaisa na ho jaye

    35. Ujjwal Acharya

      Really disappointing to see South Africa struggling.😥 It was good to see miller in action.❤️ Well played Pakistan.👏 But as a South African fan I cannot believe what's happening to South African team. Really need to work hard guys. Once South Africa used to be the most feared T20 side and today we are easily beaten. Miss u Abd, Tahir, de-kock, steyn

    36. Vegeta

      DAVID MILLER SHOULD BE T20's captain not klassan and de kock

    37. Vegeta

      One of the worst players in history Klassan, Sipamla, phelukwayo these 3 don't deserve to in the RSA 11

    38. Sharad More

      All matches are f#x

    39. Parth Sharma

      Where is fakar Zaman the star of Pakistan 🙄

    40. Avinash Sansi

      Yeah sale Pakistani pase de kar jeet gae Match fix kiye hue thi Pehle se

      1. Avinash Sansi

        Pta nahi South Africa kase Pakistan chali gai Wha aadmi Kam or atakwadi Jada hai

      2. Avinash Sansi

        @Mohammad Ahmad Mohammad amir ke upper kyu ban lga tha kya Wo match fixing nahi Karta tha

      3. Mohammad Ahmad

        Jaise india paise dekar jitta hai 😁😁😁😁😁 india most match fixer in the world 😁😁😁😁😁

    41. sachin sahoo

      It look like the full match is fixed🙄🙄

    42. Damith Chathuranga

      one man show miller

    43. Damith Chathuranga

      welldone pak love fro sl my 2nd favarite team

      1. Damith Chathuranga

        @movie wala its your choice that my choice bro

      2. movie wala

        India is best and I hate this pak side

    44. Yoshobanta Bisoi

      wtf where is rabada,nortj , fap and nigidi and decock ?? bahi pk ke shat scam hu aa hai ese lag raha hai south africa pratice kar raha hai !!

    45. Navanith Rosh kittodiyil

      Too bad klaasen Idk y he's the skip!?.😂

    46. OWN records

      Rabada nortje ngidi where is this trio SA cant win wdout them

    47. suryavnshi vishnu sikarwar

      abe pak ke virat kohli bs Zimbabwe ke khilaf hi run bnaio 😂

    48. Manav singh

      Hasan Ali my fav pak bowler

      1. Rajusinh Solanki

        Chutiya bowler

    49. Sajal Tapadar

      Pakistan is terrorist country

    50. Raz Raz

      Killer miller wash them haha

    51. Santosh Kumar behera

      Morris 16 .25 cro

    52. pradeep sahu

      shamsi is good

    53. InFiNiTy Games

      After 2 minutes 30 second start the highlight because channel need to long video for advertising for PAprom income.

    54. Anuj Tiwari

      Most dangerous team of modern cricket struggling now. Amla decock abd fad du plessi duminy miller steyn morkel tahir rabada miss you all

      1. Stavya Sharma

        De kock has not retired, he has just been rested I guess, even Faf will still play T20s and ODIs for the next three years atleast. By then south African team will be back on track. They have a great balling line up with the likes of Lungi Nigdi, Kagiso Rabada and Nortje.

      2. Abhishek Gaur


    55. Jack Darby

      Wow Miller. Almost single handedly got SA to a defendable score

    56. alric_stochastic

      really feel sorry for miller. SA should have included some more experienced players.

    57. রাজিব দাস

      Wow miller❤️

    58. biswadeep mahato

      there should not be any reservation in sports

    59. biswadeep mahato

      du plesis aya nhi kya??

    60. Mohammad Saqib Mir

      Indias next series against Ireland

    61. Uttam Nayak

      India ke sath Muqabla karo Ek Bari Pakistani Ho is bar World Cup Mein Dekhenge Tumhari aukat

    62. Kim Duk

      Congratulations pakistan ❤️

    63. Lavelesh Soni

      Pakistan ko to hardik hi hra dega ouro ki jarurat hi nhi hai

    64. Aashif Khan

      Miller fans ❤

    65. Mrs. Shopna

      congrajulation pakistan team ,me bangladesh

    66. umesh sahu gaming chanal

      Ind se vs karna bhai

    67. raunak kumar

      Pak tum logo ki liye mera hit man kaafi hai

      1. Sameer Ghazi

        Champion ship kha gya rohit tumhare jo India all out ho gyi 153 par

    68. Munna Kumar

      South Africa ka match afgan se khelao

    69. Gulsan Kumar

      india se jit tb n jane tum sab inhi se khus rho

      1. Mohammad Ahmad

        India ki gand fathti hai pak se khelne se samjha chutiya 😁😁😁😁😁

    70. राव राव

      David miller

    71. Sharukh Khan

      Mohammed Hafeez or Mohammed amir umar akmal in teeno ko lana chahiyye

    72. ikka fouji ff

      Ind ke sath Mt khelna Vrna Rohit ... Pandya kafi marenge tumhare bowlers ko🇮🇳🇮🇳

    73. Sharma Sharma

      I am really happy Pakistan won the this series we hope will be continue I am from India in jammu

    74. Chandrashekhar Azad

      AZADAL260EF 💯 R

    75. Rafik Miya 880

      Very good Cricket team 👍

    76. My Sweet journey

      Rizwaan and babar Great cricketer mast team banayi hai

    77. Shahbaz khan

      Killer Miller

    78. Raees Alfaaz

      India wale ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Rajusinh Solanki

        Kya indiawake

    79. MS creation

      One of the dangerous team....strugling now

      1. Hollywood movie Production

        Dekock , faf ,rabada bhi nahi tha bhai

      2. MS creation

        @poonam rai 😢😣ya its right

      3. poonam rai

        Yes bcoz, divilliers is not present

    80. Karrish Singh

      Miller is ipl plyer

    81. Mohd aijaz Aijaz


    82. Mrinal Chetia

      Killer miler

    83. Tipu Sultan

      Hassan Ali Champion Cricketer

    84. Cadet Sumit

      I am here to see Pakistan cricket it is also very good like india

    85. Cadet Sumit

      If there is decock,rabada,nortje then sa can win

      1. [G] Nayan Jaiswal

        Ye sab hai kha abhi

    86. Kumar J

      SA spoils Miller great contributes.

      1. Arun Upadhyay


    87. Anish Ranjan

      Pkmkb by Killer miller

      1. Md Raaz

        Jali na😂😂

    88. Trupal296

      Babar Azam is not a good player kohli is far better than azam

    89. JAY DASH

      Yaar Kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai ki kahin #HasanAli ki Tatti na nikal jaaye ,itni zor se chikhta hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Mohammad Ahmad

        Tu khale jaake chutiye 😁😁😁😁😁

      2. Lion of Desert

        Tuze khaani hai kya

    90. BLK NOOB Gaming

      Babar ko 3number pe batting Krna chahiye


      Power hitter

    92. I love you sumona and Aysha

      Rizwan is very good batsmen.

      1. Sahid Khan

        I love you pak crickit

      2. Sahid Khan

        My Rashid Khan haryana mewat India pH 91+9991054453

      3. musafir upsc

        Baki sb thk h lkin aysha bhabhi h tumhri....hm mjk bardash nh krnge ye

    93. RanVeer GURJAR

      Welcome killer Miller in RR

    94. Faizan Khan

      Faheem khabhi boller nhi ban sakta

    95. Akheruzzaman Ovi

      Love you Pakistan Cricket

    96. Akheruzzaman Ovi

      Love you Pakistan Cricket

    97. Ansari Khalil

      Video quality very poor

    98. Aamil Ansari

      Great my team pak

    99. Manish Jethani

      Yai toh David Miller ne run bana liye nahi toh afrika 100 bhi nahi bana paati.

    100. Manish Jethani

      David Miller is good innings

      1. Prashu Tripathi

        @Shivam Chaudhary 1ppp

      2. Shivam Chaudhary

        @Sam Shaikh kisey

      3. Sam Shaikh

        Ye kya comment h bhai

      4. Shivam Chaudhary

        Kahan se aate hh ye log 😅