3 Episodes of Moesha You Have To Watch in 2020 | Netflix


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    It’s been 24 years since Moesha started airing, but the show is just as relevant today as it was then. These 3 episodes of Moesha are must-see TV in 2020.
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    3 Episodes of Moesha You Have To Watch in 2020 | Netflix

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    1. Robyne Hughes

      THATS MY VOICE AS THE NARRATOR!!! YAY!!! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👍🏾👍🏾✊🏾

    2. IAmShanitaMarie

      I think these episodes were great ones to watch especially this year. Moesha always had great episodes that tackled many current topics. Another great episode was the episode with the mural defacing which dealt with race relations and stereotypes amongst the students. In all, I'm happy to see the show back on a platform and hope more programming that can discuss similar topics plus more can use Moesha as inspiration to get the conversations started.

    3. Jasmeen Dhaliwal

      *Just started to watch Moesha now cuz it's on Netflix & I'm surprised by how much everyone loved this show tbh, I like it only cuz the show is black..but the show isn't good. As soon as I saw who Moesha was I knew they werent going to be able to play with her too much cuz they made her an already "well rounded" character in the beginning & kind of "Godly" among peers & her family gave off Bill Cosby vibes. I'm on the 16th birthday episode & very disappointed that they didnt take the opening to change Moesha's character. Like make her contemplate sex & wanting to do it, or something edgy.. but chose not to nor her friends, that change could've shaped her into a "growing" character & not "grounded" character already. Also a side story line is so IMPORTANT if you're going to make the main character already perfect can we focus on somebody who needs growing? Her friends could've had a side storyline or her parents, someone who needs to learn through the season? Anyways i still have hope*

      1. B Michelle

        @Jasmeen Dhaliwal Hang in there, until she meets Q (Quentin). It is all downhill for her good-girl image going forward. Perhaps they changed the narrative, because others had your initial thoughts about the character.

      2. Jasmeen Dhaliwal

        @B Michelle piece of work as in a "teenager" character who somehow always figures it out at the end? The writers didnt write her or her family properly but her friends perfectly but so far failed to give a side plot for them in S1..imma still watch but the hype was questionable

      3. B Michelle

        You obviously haven't watched too many episodes, because Moesha was a piece of work.

    4. Ground Ed

      She's back uk been blessed 🙌 🙏

    5. Dukes Calli

      These mfers get more full of themselves as the days go on

    6. Dukes Calli

      Dumbest show ever.

    7. kad33sha

      Make it available and I will

    8. Mr.Wolfchamp 1999

      Upn was relevant. Stuff like this and the Parkers and One on One. All on Netflix currently by the way.

    9. Brian Panlilio

      Super.. super.. I love her so much as my Fans!

    10. Matt Mosley

      Are we getting it on UK Netflix? (and can we have *SISTER, SISTER* and *HANGIN' WITH M. COOPER* also, please? :-)

    11. Rodrigo Japson

      Can you please add Naruto shippuden on Netflix please

    12. assassin

      Kobby Bryant [*] :(

    13. lushiousification

      What about the lunch room mural episode?

    14. Blaze14ZX

      Man it's been a minute since I've seen this show, I gotta do some binging.

    15. nnitesz !

      I seriously love this show, and their outfits n styles give me a lot of inspo!! 😌

    16. Vancouver ViKinG

      This video is about brainwashing women??

    17. brandon cannon

      I had to start watching this show the homophobia and transphobia was disgusting.

      1. XL B

        Homophobia and Transphobia in the comments or in the show?

    18. Full Moon

      Can you throw in some Martin Lawrence show too please

    19. cenaboyle

      What a great series

    20. Arasely Valdez

      Ola sussana torres this is larry valdez ilove you back

    21. Swirl

      They need to come back and resolve the cliff hanger they left everyone on. I need answers!!!

    22. Aukai Collins


    23. Amanda Darkness

      Remember that time Brandy killed a woman... I sure do.

    24. Dauda Kamagate

      The last episode they didn't finish in season 6 was miles being kidnapped and yeah 2020 really is a stressful 😑 year for us all

      1. Itz Jazzely

        @Kyla Malcolm right

      2. Kyla Malcolm

        I’m not even worried about miles.I just want to know if moesha is prego.after I learn that info then I can worry about miles🤪

    25. Gemma Stevens

      Get Moesha and Kenan an Kel on Netflix, I'm loving Sister Sistser again .

      1. Brian Elizalde

        Moesha is on Netflix!

    26. Heath Mccullar

      I would really love a season 2 of hilda.


      make this track even better, so excited feeling the atmosphere 😍

    28. Marvel Beyblade

      Netflix pls continue your work on wizards

    29. Yxng Laidin

      I'm up next in the music industry 🙏

      1. XL B

        Good luck! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧

    30. Khan Zaj


    31. HydroFlame20

      Good times 😭😁 Good memories .

    32. Over The Rainbow Edits

      netflix is always stealing shows this is a fuse show

      1. XL B

        Netflix buys and imports shows, nothing is truly their's.

      2. Over The Rainbow Edits

        @KC98 cool but it was never a netflix show

      3. KC98

        Actually, this was a UPN show (before the channel was called MyNetworkTV), then it got syndicated and aired on The N (now called TeenNick), then on BET/Centric, then Fuse.

    33. My People 1st William

      This shit lied immediately. Women don’t get ignored. Enough with the bs.

    34. Susanna J

      well, thanks for the insight Netflix, but you do not have it available in my Country.

    35. Ab T

      Is Netflix Thumbnails Playing With Perceptions By Forcing us to watch In the thumbnail it should be You 'should' watch not You 'have' to watch.... Btw No Offence !!

    36. serenityq26

      i saw the whole series (again) in 2020 after watching it live on tv as a kid so im good

    37. attah emmanuel

      I never knew *lyfe_hackersolution* @ ℹ️nsta-gram till today that he recovered my disabled Account through him...

    38. Yuri Shestov


    39. Duja Ali

      It’s not available here where I live and I am not ok 😒

    40. Allen Trice

      That '90s sitcom: Brandy is really here in her show! I can't believe her!

    41. Vee C

      I loved the show then and I love it now....can't wait to re watch it after all these years and after I rewatch Girlfriends.

    42. Deirdre Halliwell

      Love Moesha! Hope The Parkers is coming to Netflix too.

      1. Deirdre Halliwell

        Sorry, I meant on Netflix UK.

      2. Brian Elizalde

        It’s already there

      3. orlando febo

        It's on there already since October

    43. Friend Of The Show

      See Kids,That's Classic Black Ent Re-watching This With My Kids Has Been Full Circle 💯Thanks Fred Johnson & Netflix We Appreciate You🎯

    44. KEADA DOG

      So ugly damn

      1. KEADA DOG

        @Reaperguy 67 dont have a mirror, but shes a butterface

      2. Reaperguy 67

        You might have seen your reflection in the mirror

    45. Doris Alvarez Ch

      Eso me paso aorita

    46. Lay Royalty

      There's plenty of episodes that deals with race, weight, infidelity and also teen pregnancy

    47. STEVE P

      Brandy is so pretty.

    48. Regina Boone

      Kobe & Gianna 🖤 💜💛 24/8/2

      1. CPC

        Were they the only ones to die in the crash?

    49. stayhappylittle mermaid

      Having a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

    50. Lay Royalty

      I watched all of the episodes and watched this series literally 50 x

      1. Sarfaraz Hussein Merchant

        It holds up?

      2. Terrance Jones Jr.

        Me too.

    51. Meena singh

      Who is waiting for stranger things season 4 like

      1. XL B

        You can be patient, if I had to wait a whole year for new episodes of Steven Universe you can to with stranger things.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        I am. Also quit begging for likes

    52. Chris De Rey

      Didn’t they cancel this show a while back

      1. KC98

        I read that the ratings dropped during season 6. Season 6 literally ended on a cliffhanger.

      2. Tykel Williams

        @Chris De Rey Brandy got older she take the schedule at one point she passed on set then the fans couldn’t keep with because they made Frank be liar because he had an outside baby when married to Moesha mom

      3. Chris De Rey

        @Tykel Williams do u know why it was canceled

      4. Tykel Williams

        Yeah in 2001 but it got put on Netflix

    53. Raul Samperdro

      Can you get pokemon xy and xyz back on Netflix

      1. Tommy Criton

        There trying to get ALL Pokemon seasons on Netflix but saban and Hasbro will get rid of all power rangers if that happens

    54. Armando Diko

      thanks i needed

    55. 123Chinadoll

      They missed another important episode the date rape episode or the suicide attempt episode.

      1. Tia Shaw

        And the episode about Antonios art work, instead of the black students getting upset about it, they all come together and put all inspiration leaders on the wall. Unity was the key in that episode and was my second favorite episode

      2. Omyma

        🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 🇧🇷

      3. KC98

        Yeah, in season 6.

      4. Heather Kongira

        I agree, moesha tackled a lot of important topics, I don’t think their list even scratched the surface

      5. brooklyn love

        what episode was the suicide attempt??

    56. Chima4Realz

      Kobe 💛💜

    57. Southern Spidey

      Kobe 😭

    58. Felix Demiranda

      The show is nostalgic

    59. Tiktok Lite

      I have to watch this😍

      1. Adrienne C. McCullum

        It’s a great show, I’m almost near season 6 and feeling a bit sad

    60. Whatsuptraetrae Whatsuptraetrae

      One of the best African American Sitcoms 🔥💯

      1. You probably Suck

        African American is the wrong term. Any one can be African American. If you are born in Africa and then come to America you are there for African-American. I mean I still get the comment but anyone can be African American making it false to only act like black ppl can be African Americans

    61. Hos-للجميع

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      3. Dizi Editleri

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    64. Nicholas Alexander

      Omg 2

      1. XL B

        Your third.

      2. Reaperguy 67

        You are not second

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    66. garcia adrian

      November 15 is the anniversary of video game disneyland adventures

      1. XL B

        @garcia adrian your welcome! :)

      2. garcia adrian

        @XL B thank you

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        @garcia adrian Noice is slang for Nice!

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        Noice! ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧