16 runs needed in 4 balls - Can Russell do it? | Dre vs Spinners KKR IPL 2021

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      E sala cup namde

    2. steven k


    3. Sortaz Newaz Afif

      24 runs by 6 ball, Against only kkr😄😃 Can do it only prithvi Shaw. Super hero Prithvi🧡

    4. K K

      Kuldeep Yadav ko toh ab nets mein bhi chance nahi de rahe!

    5. Harikrakhi kuzhikattu

      Get well soon Varun and Sandeep💜💛

    6. Monu Pandey

      my idel word's no one genius man and great Dr bishroop Roy chudhari ji ko dekhiye tab apko pata cgalega Rona Jaisa koi virus hai hi nahi

    7. Monu Pandey

      my idel word's no one genius man and great Dr bishroop Roy chudhari ji ko dekhiye tab apko pata cgalega Rona Jaisa koi virus hai hi nahi

    8. SHUBH ki TECH

      Dre Russ

    9. Vijayalakshmi Sivasu

      Hats of Dhoni. Who donated his entire ipl salary for Covid. But thank you pat Cummins. He is not an Indian but he also donated as he can

    10. Soham Khadye

      IPL Cancelled😔😔😔

    11. Tufan tv

      KKR haitayar

    12. Rishu Talks

      Oh Come on.... He can make 24 runs In 4 Balls if needed . Russell the muscle 💪

    13. Lesten D'souza

      RCB social media Team's interaction with fans is better.

    14. mahe prasanna

      Same to Bret lee who donated 1 bitcoin for India’s oxygen

    15. Suraiya Parveen

      We will pray that soon this disaster will go and soon ipl will begin please stay home


      This is same team which can't chase 30 runs in 31 ball and also lost match by 10 runs LoL

    17. LOVE PREET

      I watched after ipl suspend 😂😂😂😂😂


      Simply useless...Just here for the money....Shame on indian sports management authority , where younger people are looking for job, people are dying for inadequate oxygen and this bullshit IPL is commencing.. Though it is postponed now

    19. Durgesh chavande D.C

      pant cummins U turn !😂

    20. Ayush Pattnayak

      Hats off Varun CHakravarthy who donated Covid to IPL for postponing

    21. Samrat maity

      They took' harek ball aise khelo ki akhiri ho ' very seriously Now can't play important overs.

    22. AlyssPlayZ

      Once a legend said " if you are out you're out "

    23. Sushma Singh

      If u r out U r out Ah yes the floor is made outta floor

    24. Laajawab kitchen

      3 is enough for dre russ

    25. FLASH SKP

      Harbajan making russel to play spin with confidence hope beast will be back to track

    26. Shreshth Relan

      Who is here after Varun Chakravarty and Sandeep Warrior tested positive for Corona!!!

    27. Pratik 20-EE-55

      If i get a chance to meet the Russel , them will ask him how easily you mussle the ball into the park like a spark 🙄🙄🙄🙄🤘🤘🤘

    28. Jai Kishan Soni

      Bhai thora jada ka target ka bnao jitna ka practice kerwa rehe ho itna hi match me bna raha hai😂


      Pollard do it easily

    30. AB Devilliers

      Virat gave 21 crores for pm care fund

    31. Sarvesh Gawas

      Get well soon all the players who r covid positive

    32. Saquib ahmed

      Agar kolkata ka bowling line up ho to ho jaega😂😂

    33. Rahul Makker

      Pat c

    34. Silent Joker

      Bhai aaj KKR ko jutwana yar plz


        Bhaiya ji match postpaond ho gaya kai.russle na kai ka commons

    35. Faizan farooqui

      Sab match fix hai

    36. AJsVIEW

      00:12 God! Harbhajan is not just annoying, he is just as stupid too.

    37. Evin Jose

      How many rcbians here 😼

      1. Gaming with SP〽


    38. Carrom Master

      And its a super over!!!!

    39. Tuhin Roy

      Take out that Abhishek Nayar from that management..he is a dalla

    40. Veteran Programmer

      Comment box: Pat donated 50000, 40000 30000 3crore 30crore. Comment box after 200 years: Pat Cummins was known to donate 'Australia continent' for covid

    41. XxPD Turya'xX

      Even #SAKIB donated his all auction money of this season. just helping india 🥰🥰🥰 Hats off🙏😍😍😍 Love you boss....#BANGLADESH #IPL

    42. Abhishek Chatterjee

      Please shine Russel.

    43. Dehil

      I think you forget Nicholas pooran he donet 4.2 cr,he is donete him buying money of ipl

    44. Prince Kumar

      KKR hai taiyaar..... Haarne ke liye 😂

    45. Sharmistha Choudhury

      Plese play Ben cutting in the next game RCB vs KKR

    46. Prakruthi Creations

      Csk #yellove forever

    47. Prakruthi Creations

      Csk #yellove

    48. V Amogha Kashyap

      one common sense question the situation given is 4 balls 16 which is obviously the last over . no one will give last over to a spinner

      1. Gaming with SP〽

        Ur fool

    49. Abhiman Kher

      Russel-makes excuses in nets Meanwhile pollard in real match- hold my helmet

    50. Panna Islam

      What?Harbajand Singh was supposed to be a player of CSK🤔😂😑

    51. sunil khan

      Tm practice kro bs

    52. Tanveer Singh

      Bhajju paa ko khilao yaar

    53. pranab saha

      What's the use of this if you don't win matches. 🤔.. It's time to rethink and rebuild again

    54. Nature Speaks

      Ha aisa bakchodgiri karte raho...aur kuch asha nahi kar sakte is team se

    55. Arya Thorat

      No idea of russel but Pollard did it 😒

    56. saish chari

      u guys do show off only , ull not liable to play for ipl


      Pls take Lockie Furguson

    58. Abhyudaya Dash

      U wanna lose ur match From RCB❤❤

    59. Oisik Bhattacharjya

      What's the point of doing all the practise and the videos if they cannot execute the same in big matches...... So dissappointed this season....only 2 games won out of 7. We have alredy reached half of the season, this time also we won't be able to qualify

    60. Ajay Kumar

      Tomorrow pakka KKR win the match

    61. Sooraj Patil

      Pollard did this ..

    62. EssHaytch

      If he cant do it call pollard he show u how its done

    63. candy kng

      KKR have to win this IPL

    64. Kondannagari Keerthi reddy

      I came here to watch this when mi needed 16 off 6 against csk..

    65. LIVE Entertainment

      Na gundulodhi nets lo kotukotam a me gatii

    66. pratik das

      Bhajji is better coach than Brendan Mcullum 👍👍👍

    67. Sadhna Jain


    68. Prassanjeet Kumar

      No body ...think this he is earning 15 crore from india in 1 year ...without paying tax.....then this amount 38 ...lakh which he donate is of India only...😀

    69. Ahmad Raza Khan

      सब काम Russell hi karega तो दूसरे player किसलिए h team मे

    70. Imad Up haq

      If he can do then kkr should be table top

    71. Saibal Dutta

      Most worst team in this IPL, they don’t match up to the standard of teams like RCB, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennei...remove KKR and give a chance to a new team....


      It happens during practice match but during real it's a different story come on Russel we want to see your full potential In match lots of love to you .

    73. Md Iquebal Hussain

      Ish team ka opener hii thik nhi h

    74. Bikash Maity

      Vai jit vi liya karo

    75. Rajeshkumar Dharmalingam

      Take harbajan karun nair ferguson into the game

    76. suman howlader

      Yehi kro bass

    77. Shining Side

      Who knows it if it reaches the Right place !!!!

    78. Quamar raza

      KKR ko Sunil Ki jagah. Locky ko khelaye aur spinner Kuldeep ya bhajji ko

    79. Kushal Kumar Raul

      2021 toh gaya... 2022 me achhe se khelna.. Next year yeh dil tutna nehi chahiye❤❤❤❤

    80. Anurag Singh

      If bumrah will bowl he cant even hit the 10 runs in a over

    81. Shakeeel Khan

      Sirf net me batting thik karta hai match me nhi 😠

    82. arif mondal

      KKR should play only at nets..😂😂

    83. suman chakraborty

      KKR lost again next match

    84. Bishal Chakraborty

      Spinners don't ball last 4 balls in a real match ...lol kkr

    85. priyamjeet 07

      "if u are out u are out" Albert bhajju

    86. Nethra R

      And 💕Brent Lee💕 donoated one bet coin that equals 💕40 lakh💕 for India for covid


      Nice job sir

    88. Kolim Empire

      We need Tim seifeft in replace Subhman Gill , & need ben cutting in Narine replace

    89. Xposed BC k

      *Idhar maro Or match me marwao*

    90. Silver Stone

      Bs yahi match jeeto

    91. Saheb Dam

      Pehle bhajji ko team top 11 se nikalo aur Roadies me bhejo

    92. Arka Roy

      Kick out russell, he's not fit in the squad any more.

    93. Mirza Siraj

      mujhe lagta hai ki shubmam gill ki jagah karun nair ko mauka dena chahiye. and Sunil vnarine se aur k se aur karun na nair se opening karani chahiye and nistish Rana onedoun dinesh Karthik ki jagh.

    94. Jishnu Jishnu

      In this occasion we can assume that kkr bowlers are waste bowlers I see

    95. GW WASI YT

      Shakib ko chai

    96. Jigar Chaudhary

      This talent needs to apply on ground !!!!!!

    97. shubhankar biswas

      Sir sunil narin ke jagah ban cutting ko lelo Awer kuldeep ka bhi use karo

    98. Fraz Hashmi

      For God sake plz Consider"Ferguson" also instead of "Narine" why we keep playing with the same squad ?

    99. Biswadeep Saha

      This is my humbly request to u guys plz won the match which are left and go to the playoff and then also go to the final to bring the 3rd title Next match kkr vs Rcb Morgan u will release 2 players Dk and gill and choos karun nAir and iyer When is ipl 2022 Auction reply it fast as possible

    100. mohin pathan

      Need better skipper