10 Sanitary Pads in India Ranked from Worst to Best

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    Are Sanitary pads safe to use? Which Sanitary pad is the best in the Indian market? Sanitary napkins in India ranked from worst to best. Are Tampons safe? What about Menstrual cups? How to use it and what are its advantages over the commercial sanitary pads?
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    Every 28 days, a woman goes through what is called her period. But which sanitary pad do you use? Whisper, stayfree, sofy or carefree? Or something different. Do you know what goes in making your favourite sanitary pads? If you don’t then let me tell you that it’s scary. Apart from plastic, there are many toxic chemicals in them that are linked to Urinary tract infections, Rashes, toxic shock syndrome, infertility and even cancer. It is extremely important to use the right product which is not only safe but is also comfortable, practical and budget friendly. So what should you use to make your period, a happy period? Let us find out.
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    Disclaimer: Whatever I have spoken in this video is my honest opinion. I am not with or against any brand. I judge a product on the basis of it's merit.
    How to use a Menstrual Cup - In-depth Instructional Video
    Menstrual Cup: Use & Benefits | Dr. Tina and Dr. Shweta
    Expert Guide on Menstrual Cup: Dr Meenakshi Bharath
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    I wish you good health.
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      Hi Friends, Some parts of the video had to be removed due to the reasons which, unfortunately, I cannot disclose. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for the tremendous support.

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        @Dream Catcher yeah they are best...they contain lesser or no chemicals

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        @Madhusmita singhare biodegradable pads safe? No idea about it plz reply

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        BEST feminine hygiene wash products video please ... plus how to make it in home DIY

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      Glad theres better period options in India them getting the dollar store pads are the basics tgere

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      Wen we are upside down ,, does blood flows from cup to reverse side? I mean usually pain relieves wen we keep our legs at height

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      Menstrual cup is a blessing. I have been using it for 2 cycles and I was so happy that I gifted it to many of my friends and family. Try it ladies, you will love it.

    7. Arpita Chakraborty

      My comment is long, but it might help someone, after watching this video ,I booked sirona menstrual cup through the link given in description, as a first timer I purchased small size, after trying for few times, I was able to place the cup successfully on my third day of period, but after few hours , I could not find the stem and I could not feel the cup, I did not know how to get it out, if I don't feel a thing. Thus my horror story started , I watched numerous videos to how to get it out and also consulted a gynocologist via phone, after trying for torturous 2 hours , pushing, painfully I could pull it out with two fingers. Whoever is trying for the first time , put a thread on the stem ,in case you can't grip the stem inside or if it already went in too deep.

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      Thank you. But when are you going to do these on makeup products? Aren't they important? Almost every female uses makeup products loaded with toxic chemicals. Now many companies are producing fake organic makeup. We need some knowledge in these. Please. Please consider this vast area.

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      As for the some part of video being cut, I have seen the whole video before it. All the bloody brands you can think of with all the ads on tv are highly toxic and unhealthy to use as they have a toxin called dioxin. Vivek Mittal said to avoid them completely.👍


      I got courage to use menstrual cup by the facts provided about the pads, It's an awesome product, comfortable, reduces the no. Of days of bleeding, just doesn't feel at all ( even nights are not sleepless) and same as usual nights, thought of using reusable pads too just for safety, in case of any sudden leakage Thank you so much for the information and awareness, these things need to spread to the masses, I have done my part by sharing it with all my contacts Great job sir🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      But what i dont understnd is why we don't see any ads of menstrual cups. Lots of ppl dont even know it exist nd it's benefits

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      Menstrual cups r best. Personal experience.. M saving soooooo much money.. No smell.. No getting rid of pads.. So much easier

    54. Chidrupa Adibhatla

      I remember using pads all my life, a friend suggested menstrual cup, I brought it but I sat in my cupboard for 2 months, again my friend encouraged me to use it. It been 3 years and honestly no looking back, as soon as I using the menstrual cup I fell in love with it, I donated all my pads to my helper... Best product every designed for women and mother earth

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      What's your review of Nua pads?

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      1. Meghna Mohan

        No, you don't need gloves. Just wash your hands thoroughly before and after. There won't be any leakage as such when you get the knack of inserting it correctly. So, until you are confident, just wear a pad also. It took me 3 cycles to get rid of the pad completely. As for spotting, expect a drop or two everytime you empty the cup and insert it back. To avoid panty staining you could use a thin cloth pad or panty liners... The first time you use the cup you may feel weird and uncomfortable. But, please don't give up. Cos with time you'll get so used to it that you won't feel like going back to sanitary pads. All the best 👍

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